Definition of Clostridium:

  1. The genus consists mainly of bacteria that form Gram-positive seeds of the Bacillus family that can survive in the absence of boiling water and oxygen (they are anaerobic). Commonly found in the soil and intestines of animals and humans, these pathogenic microorganisms cause botulism, food poisoning, gas burns, wound infections and convulsions. Its name comes from the Greek word cluster, spindle, due to its shape during the formation of the sphincter.

  2. Anaerobic bacteria of a large genus that includes many types of pathogens, ie, for example, those that cause convulsions, gas burns, botulism and other types of food poisoning.

How to use Clostridium in a sentence?

  1. Clostridium bacteria kill more wild birds each year than any other bacterium.

Meaning of Clostridium & Clostridium Definition