Family Travel Insurance

Family travel insurance covers one or two parents and up to eight children, all of whom must reside with you and be under the age of 18.

Family Travel Insurance

How Family Members Are Covered by Travel Insurance

For every cherished, irreplaceable family vacation memory, there are at least one or two that you can joke about now but were complete catastrophes at the time.

Three generations of your family swam with dolphins in the Florida Keys in one recollection. In another, your conversion van broke down during a blizzard while travelling through the Poconos. And on Christmas Eve, you dined on gas station hotdogs while waiting for a tow truck.

A travel insurance policy from Allianz Global Assistance may save family trip memories that are in jeopardy, whether it reimburses you for expenses spent during a flight delay or gives emergency medical coverage after a terrible Haggis meal.

Different plans have varying advantages, so you’ll want to carefully research yours. Additionally, you should familiarise yourself with who is protected and what they are covered for, which is precisely what you will discover in this article.

First Things First: TravelSmart

Before we go into the specifics of who is covered and for what, let’s briefly discuss something you can do right now to make travel insurance work hard and smart for your family.

You know that incredibly resourceful family member you travel with — the one with an uncanny sense of direction, sophisticated language talents, and an uncanny ability to maintain composure in the face of adversity? In our metaphor, you are the travel insurance, and your well-traveled family member is the well-traveled family member.

The Allianz Global Assistance TravelSmart App enables you to quickly check on claims, benefit information, and more from your smartphone. And if an unforeseen speed bump or worse occurs during your family trip, features such as fast access to local emergency phone numbers and 24-hour Hotline Assistance may help you get back on track.

How Does Travel Insurance Define “Family”?

Allianz Global Assistance defines family members as follows for the purposes of your travel insurance policy:

  • Spouse (whether legally married, common law, in a domestic partnership, or through a civil union);

  • Cohabitants (An individual with whom you presently reside and have resided for at least 12 continuous months and who is at least 18 years of age. You must be able to demonstrate that you lived together for a period of 12 consecutive months.)

  • Parental and stepparental relationships;

  • Children, stepchildren, foster children, adoptive children, or children whose adoption is now pending; Siblings;

  • The following in-laws: mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, and grandmother;

  • Uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews;

  • Guardians and wards of the law; Live-in caretakers who are compensated;

  • Assistance animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act)

When Family Members Are Traveling With You, What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Children 17 and younger are covered for free while travelling with a parent or grandparent under several of our most popular plans, the OneTrip Prime Plan and the OneTrip Premier Plan.

If your family member is also your travelling companion — someone travelling with you whose name appears on the same trip arrangement as yours and who will join you on your journey — further travel insurance benefits may apply. For instance:

If your travelling companion contracts a covered illness, injury, or develops a medical condition; is quarantined; is involved in a traffic accident on the departure date and requires medical assistance and/or critical vehicle repair; gets divorced; loses their job; or is deployed for military service, these may be covered reasons for trip cancellation.

If your travelling partner cancels or stops their trip for a covered cause, trip interruption benefits may reimburse you for extra lodging expenses, such as a single supplement charge from a cruise company, if you pre-paid for shared accommodations.

If your travelling partner becomes ill during your vacation, trip interruption benefits may pay additional lodging and transportation costs up to the limitations specified in your plan.

When Family Members Aren’t Traveling With You, What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Even the most meticulously planned excursions might be interrupted by a domestic issue. That is why having travel insurance that covers trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage is critical.

These benefits may pay nonrefundable travel fees if you are forced to cancel or stop your vacation due to a family member’s covered severe sickness or injury (among other covered reasons).

  • A physician must deem the accident, disease, or medical condition to be life threatening or necessitate hospitalization.

  • Consider yourself travelling Tokyo when you learn about your sister’s tragic and terrible accident. Stay interruption benefits may compensate you (up to the limitations of your plan) for your last-minute travel home, as well as for any nonrefundable prepaid expenditures you incur as a result of shortening your trip.

  • Alternatively, if you are forced to cancel an anniversary trip to Paris due to your son’s injury, trip cancellation benefits may cover nonrefundable booked charges.

  • Attending the birth of a family member’s child is also a covered cause for trip cancellation under some Allianz Travel Insurance policies.

  • At times, you may be the one in need of family assistance. If you get hospitalised during your vacation, your emergency medical transportation benefits may cover the cost of round-way transportation for one friend or family member to join you.

Do Travel Insurance Exclusions Apply To Family Members?

When going over the documentation for your travel insurance policy, pay close attention to the section entitled “Exclusions.” Certain specific exclusions apply to family members – even if they are not accompanying you on your trip.

As with other forms of insurance, our policies have exclusions that limit coverage and benefits. Each plan is unique, therefore please read the documentation we provide you about your plan.

What About Pre-existing Medical Conditions?

Compensation for losses incurred as a result of a family member’s pre-existing medical condition is only available if you have pre-existing medical condition coverage.

Several Allianz Travel Insurance policies feature coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, subject to certain restrictions. Here is a more extensive description of how pre-existing medical issues may be covered by travel insurance.

To Summarize
If your family’s vacation plans are in jeopardy, consider purchasing travel insurance. You’ll want to do your homework before making a decision on a plan. Quick access to claim and benefit information is provided through the TravelSmart App

Benefits Of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance may seem to be a tedious and superfluous item on your pre-travel to-do list However, costly vacation catastrophes like as cancellation, medical issues, or misplaced belongings may happen at any moment, regardless of whether you’re visiting Europe for a long weekend or backpacking across the globe for two years.


This part of coverage starts the moment you pay your premium for a Single Trip insurance, or the date you choose for a Multi Trip policy.

Cancelable insurance may help cover pre-paid expenses such as hotel, transportation, and vehicle rental that you cannot collect from another source (such as your tour operator) if you are unable to go on your trip.

This section will discuss cancellation for a variety of reasons, however it is critical that you read your policy’s language in its whole for complete specifics.

Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation

Injury or sickness are annoying at the best of times, but picture need emergency medical care overseas - you may be unable to speak with physicians and will almost certainly have to pay for treatment.

This is where our medical expenditures section comes in in, as many plans will cover emergency medical expenses up to £10,000,000, including the cost of returning you to the UK if medically required.

Additionally, each Holidaysafe coverage includes access to our 24-hour emergency medical hotline, which is accessible every day of the year.

Personal Possessions, Travel Documents and Gadgets

Several of the most typical and vexing vacation mishaps involve personal belongings, such as delayed bags, misplaced passports, and broken devices.

These insurance sections may cover the expenses of these issues, but you should verify the policy’s limitations to ensure they are sufficient to cover the products you are carrying overseas.

If you need insurance for gadgets, check that it is included in the basic coverage of your selected policy; if not, you may add it as an extension on the choices page of the quotation process.

Activity Cover

While we’re abroad, the majority of us will engage in activities ranging from jet skiing and winter sports to bungee leaping and sky diving. You must guarantee that you are protected for these activities; otherwise, you may face large medical fees if you are hurt.

We cover 100 activities as standard and provide the opportunity to expand your coverage to include many more. Check out our activity lists and be sure to choose the appropriate activity pack on the quotation process’s choices page.

Legal Advice

In the event that you need legal advice or assistance in pursuing a legal claim relating to your trip, the majority of our plans contain a section devoted to legal insurance and counsel. We have partnered with Penningtons Manches LLP to ensure you get the assistance and advice you need - for further information, please refer to your policy wording.

Personal Accident

While contemplating what might go wrong on your trip is not the most pleasant pre-travel activity, it is critical that your travel insurance includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage, which will pay a set benefit if you die or become permanently disabled as a result of an accident while on your trip.

One last advantage of travel insurance is that it is affordable; you can safeguard your experiences and take advantage of all of the advantages discussed above for a fraction of the cost of your trips. Purchasing travel insurance may prove to be one of your wisest financial decisions if something does not go according to plan while on vacation.

At Holidaysafe, our insurance levels vary from very reasonable basic plans to highly protective platinum policies that include £10 million medical coverage and cancellation protection up to £7.5k. Additionally, you may update your coverage by visiting our website at this link.

If, after reading this, you believe that you would benefit from having these advantages for your planned trips, we would be delighted to supply you with the travel insurance coverage you need immediately.

What are the disadvantages?

While family travel insurance may be less expensive and less bother than purchasing individual travel insurance for each family member, it is not without flaws.

To begin, not all plans will cover family members who need to travel alone for a specific trip if you get yearly coverage. Additionally, even policies that do provide this choice may not extend it to children (whether they are travelling alone or with a non-family member). In this situation, you’ll need to purchase a separate coverage for under-18s.

Check your options

Additionally, although family travel insurance may be less expensive for many families, if you are a couple travelling with just one kid, it may be more cost efficient to get couples travel insurance plus a child-specific coverage.

Before making a purchase, it is essential to compare both choices to see which gives the most value for money.

Additionally, keep in mind that all policyholders must reside at the same address. This means that if your children live with another parent as a result of a divorce or separation, they may be excluded from coverage. Take the time to review your insurance documentation or contact your insurer to get this information.

While family travel insurance may certainly give peace of mind for you and your loved ones while you’re away, it’s critical to choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Travel insurance for your family on an annual basis

According to a research by the Association of British Travel Agents, families with children in the United Kingdom took an average of 3.5 to 4 vacations in 2018. (ABTA).

While many tourists prefer to remain in the United Kingdom, families often go overseas. According to Direct Line data, more than 12 million parents have brought their children overseas before they reach the age of five.

Every parent wants to ensure that they and their children have a pleasant vacation, whether at home or abroad. However, if the worst-case scenario occurs, having the appropriate travel insurance for your family may bring important piece of mind.

Direct Line’s Annual Multi-trip policy is ideal for families that travel more than once a year. You may insure an unlimited number of individuals, and children are protected when they travel with an insured adult or on excursions organised by schools or recognised organisations that are overseen by adults.

You will all be covered in the event that you need emergency medical help as a result of an accident or sickness. Existing medical issues must be disclosed to us and accepted in order to be covered.

Additionally, you may get supplementary coverage for personal belongings, protecting them against loss, theft, or damage.

if your family members aren’t accompanying you on your trip, some rules apply to them. If you need emergency medical care, we’ll pay the costs up to £10,000,000, including the cost of bringing you back to the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask many questions about Family Travel Insurance. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Can you obtain 12-month travel insurance?

Annual multi-trip plans protect you for an unlimited number of travels throughout a 12-month period. Annual plans, on the other hand, restrict the amount of days you may travel each trip.

2. Is it possible to get travel insurance for a period of two years?

If you do some research, you’ll discover that some plans provide coverage for a longer period of time - up to 18 months to two years. Additionally, a few carriers will let you to extend your policy for a second year if your original yearly insurance has not yet expired.

3. Is travel insurance available for groups?

Even if you are paying for the full trip, each passenger must be insured to ensure their protection throughout the trip. If you all reside in the same state and travel on the same dates, most carriers will allow you to be on the same policy.

4. What does the term “Annual Trip” imply?

Annual trip refers to a circular travel between the post and the school that occurs once every twelve months. Each 12-month term, the round trip may be made at any time. Round travels or sections of round trips that are not taken over a 12-month period cannot be carried forward.

5. What is long-stay travel insurance and how does it work?

Long-stay travel insurance protects you on extended journeys. The majority of ordinary travel insurance cover vacations of up to 31 days — however some single-trip policies cover stays of up to three months. In most cases, long-stay travel insurance covers visits lasting up to 18 months.

6. What is group travel insurance and how does it work?

Group travel insurance policies can cover up to ten people. They are not limited to extended family members; as long as your group is travelling together, they can include anyone. This is frequently less expensive than insuring everyone separately.

7. Is Turkey covered by travel insurance in Europe?

Turkey is frequently included in discussions of Europe, but is not a member of the European Union. Turkey is covered by some travel insurance providers under a European policy, while others include it under a worldwide policy.

8. Is it possible to extend my travel insurance coverage while abroad?

It makes no difference if you are already on the road or if you purchased your original travel insurance from another provider; Big Cat can extend your travel insurance coverage up to a maximum of 24 months. Additionally, it can all be completed online in a matter of minutes.

9 Is travel insurance going to cover me if I have to cancel my vacation?

Cancellation coverage included in your travel insurance allows you to claim for the cost of your vacation – up to a predetermined amount – if you are forced to cancel your plans due to certain circumstances. These, as well as the maximum cover limit, vary between insurers, which is why it’s always a good idea to compare policies before you buy.

10. Which pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage?

Health insurers cannot charge you or your child more or deny coverage because of a pre-existing health condition such as asthma, diabetes, or cancer, or because you are pregnant. They also cannot restrict benefits for that condition.

More than 12 million parents have sent their children abroad before they are five years old, according to the Pew Research Center. When children are accompanied by an adult who is insured or on a school or recognized organization-sponsored trip, they are covered.

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