Accidental Death And Dismemberment Coverage

Accidental Death And Dismemberment Coverage,

Accidental Death And Dismemberment Coverage Definition:

Accidental Death And Dismemberment Coverage means: Insurance coverage that pays a certain amount of death due to certain accidents and injuries, to the extent of insurance. This protection applies when you are driving or have been hit by a car.

Literal Meanings of Accidental Death And Dismemberment Coverage


Meanings of Accidental:
  1. It happened accidentally, accidentally or unexpectedly.

  2. Subsidiary

  3. (In Aristotle's thought) about or designating features that are not important to the nature of something.

  4. Note that indicating a temporary deviation of the melody by increasing or decreasing the note.

  5. Another term to climb

Sentences of Accidental
  1. Accidental death sentence

  2. The location is random and does not add to the tension between the characters in the poem

  3. In everyday conversation and in philosophical conversation, it is common to distinguish between the essential nature of things and opportunities.

  4. The horn section is usually written without a key, any changes that need to be added

Synonyms of Accidental

extraneous, peripheral, coincidental, casual, parenthetical, by the way, by the by, fluky, minor, incidental, subordinate, irrelevant, adventitious, marginal, lesser, chance, tangential, non-essential, subsidiary, occurring by chance, fortuitous, unnecessary, of little account


Meanings of Death:
  1. The act of killing or maiming a person or organization at the end of life.

Synonyms of Death

departure from life, final exit, loss of life, eternal rest, passing, demise, passing on, expiration, passing away, expiry, dying, end


Meanings of And:
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Sentences of And
  1. If it was an option and it was the worst, he would have left his parents

Synonyms of And

in addition to, with, also, coupled with, including, together with, not to mention, added to, as well as, besides, too, and, along with


Meanings of Dismemberment:
  1. Cutting off members of a person or animal.

  2. The act of dividing or subdividing an area or organization.

Sentences of Dismemberment
  1. Graphic images of torture and cutting

  2. Dissolution and fragmentation of Britain