Definition of Arrangement:

  1. The process, action or result of an organization or organization

  2. Resolve disputes or claims.

  3. Bank: This is a personal or court agreement between the lender and the lender without a guarantee, in which the lender is obliged to pay a portion of the outstanding amount through the lender.

    If it is a voluntary agreement, you have the right to talk about the agreement and are subject to the common law of the agreement. In contrast (in the case of bankruptcy of the debtor), this agreement is subject to applicable law. The main purpose of business is to avoid bankruptcy. See also free letter.

  4. Plan or prepare for upcoming events.

  5. A soundtrack suitable for presenting with the sound or sound of the instruments in addition to the ones originally assigned.

Synonyms of Arrangement

Consortium, Bargain, Adjustment, Affair, Sonatina, Suspension, Proportion, Spadework, Deployment, Pretreatment, Ordering, Garniture, Mobilization, Preparation, Surrender, Covenant of salt, Date, Peace, Piece, Contract quasi, Indenture, Idea, Hymnal, Harmony, Fabric, Balance, Variation, Preliminary step, Short score, Readying, Device, Setting, Structure, Aleatory music, Dicker, Covenant of indemnity, Sonata allegro, Yielding, Version, Double date, Mutual concession, Getup, Music paper, Placement, Mutual agreement, Sonata, Chamber orchestra, Policy, Interpretation, Opus, Format, Copy, Intention, Patterning, Trimming, Hymnbook, Employment contract, Text, Accommodation, Codification, Familiarization, Constitution, Orchestral score, Etude, Blueprint, Grading, Parol contract, String orchestra, Categorization, Music, Schematization, Enterprise, Window dressing, Game, Pigeonholing, Mapping, Making ready, Trio, Protocol, Conclusion, Legal agreement, Reduction, Modulation, Adjunct, Conception, Procedure, Songster, Systematization, Ordering, Binding agreement, Marshalling, Provision, Contract, Draftsmanship, Regularity, Guidelines, Harmonization, Songbook, Construction, Tablature, Deed poll, Trim, Invention, Adaptation, Implied contract, Evasion of responsibility, The big picture, Quietude, Ground plan, Planning function, Envisagement, Ranging, Building, Classification, Study, Adaptation, Promissory note, Tissue, Intonation, Stratification, Contrivance, Lineup, Distribution, Accord, Terms, Instrumental music, Canon form, Ornamentation, Ranging, Closing, Insurance policy, Giving way, Structuring, Trial, Shaping, Build, Symphonic form, Preliminary act, Forethought, Plan, Toccata form, Method, Mold, Tactics, Contract by deed, Mortgage deed, Sorting, Opera score, Strategic plan, Scheme, Concession, Uniformity, Filing, Charting, Gearing up, Garnishment, Processing, Texture, Conformation, Preparatory measures, Preliminaries, Scoring, Resolution, Alignment, Special contract, Program music, Composition, Emblazonment, Legal contract, Written music, Clearing the decks, Values, Tectonics, Piano score, Composition of differences, Paction, Engagement book, Production, Symmetry, Deed of trust, Engagement, Debenture bond, Sealing, Appointment, Shading, Figuring, Pact, Plans, Incidental music, Musical score, Strategy, Electronic music, Ranking, Setup, Elaboration, Aleatory, Concord, Briefing, Furniture arrangement, Transcript, Fabrication, Architectonics, Lute tablature, Prepping, Rondo form, Foundation, Orchestration, Compact, Combination, Libretto, Color patterns, Methodology, Basic training, Scheme of arrangement, Title deed, Recognizance, Necessary steps, Program of action, Organism, Sheet music, Covenant, Prearrangement, Design, Prep, Interview, Tactical plan, Attack, Flourish, Cop-out, Give-and-take, Prerequisite, Spadework, Notation, Compromise, Array, Line, Arrangements, Technique, Sequence, Creation, Equipment, Indent, Preliminary, Ornament, Shadow, Edition, Descant, Embellishment, Tabulation, Foundation, Organic structure, Planning, Warp and woof, Fashioning, Primary form, Foresight, Warm-up, Anatomy, Theme and variations, Flower arrangement, Abatement of differences, Specialty, Adornment, Model, Decoration, Understanding, Order, Agreement, Transcription, Valid contract, Perspective, Routine, Part, Bond, Training, Fashion, Planning, Graphing, Exercise, Subdivision, Signature, System, Disposition, Arrangements, Operations research, Deal, Working plan, Opera, Solemnization, Emblazonry, Promise, Lied form, Blind date, Schematism, Set-up, Schedule, Division, Illumination, Fixing, Embroidery, Setting, Make, Disposal, Manufacture, Decor, The picture, Chamber music, Vocal score, Convention, Typology, Draft, Color, Quiet, Groundwork, Atmosphere, Debenture, Tranquillity, Master plan, Work, Signing, Stipulation, Analysis, Groundwork, Display, Provision, Orchestration, Layout, Fugue form, Web, Formation, Specialty contract, Garnish, Arrangement, Music roll, Disposition, Plans, Indexing, Makeready, Marshaling, Brushwork, Sonata form, Positioning, Forging, Group policy, Rationalization, Wage contract, Organization, Formal agreement, Nachtmusik, Program, Musical notation, Treatment, Air varie, Cartel, Schema, Cataloging, Approach, Preliminaries, Shape, Physique, Taxonomy, Score, Transaction, Frame, Rating, Calculation, Blueprinting, Desertion of principle, Pattern, Solution, Settlement, Molding, Preparing, Form, Deed, Makeup, Instrumental score, Harmonization, Weave, String quartet, Propaedeutic, Collective agreement, Grouping, Formal contract, Union contract, Way, Contract of record, Tone painting, Making, Ricercar, Tryout, Phrasing, Painterliness, Long-range plan, Instrumentation, Nocturne, Absolute music, Ironclad agreement, Instrumentation, Tone, Architecture

How to use Arrangement in a sentence?

  1. Agreements between lenders and lenders are clearly defined in many different agreements that we have access to.
  2. Mozart's symphony on cellar and piano management.
  3. Arranging furniture in the room.
  4. We have arrangements to meet at a certain place at a certain time and other people do not show up and this is driving me crazy.
  5. All preparations for the wedding have been made.
  6. If you accept the agreement, you will have to defend your last business in order to maintain your business reputation.

Meaning of Arrangement & Arrangement Definition