Definition of Accommodation:

  1. Resolve conflicts by focusing on people's concerns. These responses are considered appropriate when the risks are relatively low and long-term relationships and partnerships are most important. See also accommodation.

Synonyms of Accommodation

Unsecured loan, Conformity, Deal, Evening up, Violent change, Subsistence, Correspondence, Transition, Advance, Tonnage, Turn, Rooms, Contribution, Limit, Remaking, Appurtenance, Conformation, Reconciliation, Line, Giving, Conferral, Traditionalism, Content, Upheaval, Understanding, Premises, Revolution, Long-term loan, Amelioration, Agreement, Naturalization, Modification, Secured loan, Lodgings, Melioration, Delivery, Offer, Adaption, Case hardening, Assimilation, Attunement, Signing, Quantity, Degenerative change, Redesign, Investiture, Stowage, Conformance, Conditioning, Alignment, Revival, Gradual change, Integration, Bed and board, Obedience, Harmonization, Synchronization, Volume, Call money, Mitigation, Coordination, Adjustment, Familiarization, Bestowment, Presentation, Grant-in-aid, Diversity, Convenience, Accord, Shift, Poundage, Yielding, Evasion of responsibility, Variety, Capacity, Alteration, Lend, Worsening, Mutual concession, Demand loan, Resolution, Reconcilement, Equilibration, Re-creation, Acclimation, Congruity, Accustoming, Board and room, Domestication, Impartation, Inurement, Deliverance, Change, Realignment, Supplying, Housing, Shelter, Impartment, Facility, Conversion, Settlement, Orientation, Diversification, Keep, Switch, About-face, Revivification, Wall Street loan, Bargain, Taming, Squaring, Space, Amenity, Financial assistance, Concession, Deviation, Strictness, Timing, Appliance, Deterioration, Compromise, Modulation, Renewal, Desertion of principle, Radical change, Call loan, Bestowal, Accommodations, Training, Changeableness, Breaking, Uniformity, Malleability, Digs, External loan, Composition, Restructuring, Awarding, Breaking-in, Divergence, Betterment, Closing, Cop-out, Constructive change, Pliancy, Fitting, Abatement of differences, Seasoning, Grant, Variation, Qualification, Granting, Provision, Overthrow, Furnishment, Composition of differences, Subscription, Adaptation, Liberality, Vouchsafement, Continuity, Degeneration, Housebreaking, Giving way, Orthodoxy, Bearings, Solemnization, Surrender, Collateral loan, Conformation other-direction, Equalization, Improvement, Board, Consistency, Reformation, Compliance, Regulation, Treaty, Reversal, Disorientation, Reform, Acquiescence, Donation, Discontinuity, Gifting, Award, Apostasy, Sealing, Defection, Difference, Conclusion, Keeping, Terms, Conferment, Change of heart, Advantage, Cordage, Short-term loan, Bed, Facilities, Equalizing, Signature, Flip-flop, Room, Break, Favor, Measure, Time loan, Observance, Hardening, Evening, Sudden change, Conventionality, Arrangement, Equating, Coaptation, Acclimatization, Diversion, Presentment, Flexibility, Total change, Accordance, Habituation, Policy loan, Foreign loan, Equation, Harmony, Endowment, Reshaping, Turnabout, Quarters, Give-and-take, Burden, Communication, Loan

How to use Accommodation in a sentence?

  1. The office should gain widespread acceptance from organizations that have partnered with existing major competitors to accommodate more employees and change new policies.
  2. The seller said he would make various arrangements for the property and surrounding buildings, if it would ensure immediate sale of houses and properties and relocation.
  3. By taking appropriate action on an employee's formal requests, management can improve the morale, productivity and safety of everyone in the workplace.

Meaning of Accommodation & Accommodation Definition