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Online teachers job is one of the best online education jobs. Online teachers, also known as online instructors are teachers who work with students online. Some online teachers work hundred percent online, only interacting with students on the Internet. Others work in a combine classroom that merge personal and online instruction.

online education jobs

What is online education?

Online education is a learning tool which is delivered and administered through the use of internet. Online education is a flexible instructional conveyance system that provides any kind of learning that takes place via the Internet. Online education gives educators an option to reach students who may not be able to enroll in a face to face classroom course and supports students who want to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Resources for Online Education

In general, when taking an online degree program we might go through resources like:

a. EBooks;
b. Journals;
c. Videos;
d. Recorded lectures;
e. Quizzes;
f. Discussion forums
g. Live Q&A sessions; and
h. Interviews.

The resources which are offered to us for online education will depend on the institution where we take our online program. Some online education degrees may require us to order physical textbooks in advance by in the mail, but these are generally being phased out in favor of eBooks and online-only methods of delivery.

For those institutions that have made the change to using 100% online resources, students can expect to study using a combination of cutting-edge technological resources with no need to go to campus to attend lectures, exams or in-person discussion sessions.

Institutions and course instructor will examine the format for each individual course and will select delivery methods that are best suited to the course or program. What a Biology major needs to learn successfully online will be different from what an Art History major needs.

Positive and Negative Effects of Online Education

Online education has both positive and negative effects as well:

Positive Effects of Online Education

Online education offers many positive advantages since students:

  • have easiness in taking online classes and working at their own pace and time
  • face no shuttle or parking inconvenience
  • learn to become responsible for their own education with information accessible at their fingertips
  • find the submission of assignments convenient and easy
  • are more suitable to voice their own view points and share and discuss issues with other students, as well as learn from other students during the group discussions

Negative Effects of Online Education

Possible negative effects of learning online are that some students:

  • may miss the traditional discussion with the teacher and among students
  • may select to attend face-to-face classes with an instructor who teaches and guides them through the course
  • find approach to the necessary technology challenging and the availability of technical support limited

The quantity of online education and online degrees in most fields is large and increasing rapidly. Schools and institutions that offer online education are also increasing in number. Students continuing degrees through the online access must be selective to ensure that their coursework is done through a respected and credentialed institution.

online education

Best Online Jobs

Here are best part time and full time online jobs:

1. Online Language Tutor

Here are mentioned the complete details for online language tutor job:

Job Details

  • Part-time

  • Salary $12 - $20 an hour


  • Teaching
  • Classroom experience

Job Description

Transparent Language is a prime source of best-practice language learning software for government agencies, consumers, educational institutions, and businesses. Transparent Language is now establishing the abilities to convey online, instructor-led, language instruction and tutoring services. As part of this program, Transparent Language is hiring part-time Online Language tutors.

Job Requirements:

Job requirements for online language tutor are following:

i. Fluency in English and at least one target language:

  • Chinese

  • Mandarin

  • Chinese

  • Danish

  • Dari

  • Dutch

  • Farsi

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

ii. Availability during evenings and/or weekends

This position can be based anywhere, but instructors must have a computer with a fast, reliable internet connection.

2. Online Adjunct Faculty – History General Education

Here is the complete Job details for online adjunct faculty

Job Details

  • Part-time job

  • Salary estimated: $39,000 - $49,000 a year


  • Teaching

  • History or a related field

  • Teaching experience in History

  • Teaching at the college level preferred

Job Description

Southern New Hampshire University is presently looking for faculty to teach in General Education program. Online faculty provide excellent academic experiences and support students as they work toward their educational achievements. Online faculty members work together in a encouraging academic environment, cooperating with student advising and the academic team to make sure that each student has support, tools and resources he or she need to be successful.

Work Hours:

The average weekly hours per section is 12-14 hours.


The standard compensation for most courses is $2,150 per 8-week undergraduate course, and $2,450 per 10-week graduate course.

3. Online Foreign Language Instructor/Government

Following are the complete details about online foreign language instructor job.

Job Details

  • Full-time

  • Salary estimated: $51,000 - $65,000 a year


  • Teaching
  • Master’s degree

Position Qualifications

  • Educated local orator of the target language or an educated, near-native foreign language capability in listening, speaking, and reading (language rating of ILR level 3/3/3)
  • Background must be strong in providing various levels of target language instruction through a virtual environment
  • Understanding of the social, cultural, and political environment of the target language
  • Experience in creating powerfully combined learning lessons and the ability to modify existing materials to fit the needs and expectations of customers.
  • American citizenship required

Preferred Education/Experience

  • Master’s Degree in teaching
  • At least two years of foreign language teaching experience supporting various Government Services sectors

Full Job Description

At Transparent Language, for learners, success is not optional. They must access a certain level of improvement in a set amount of time.

Language training technique combines technology and live instruction to vigorously engage professional learners and provide stronger results. They depend heavily on experienced, passionate teachers to support their technology and lead their combine teaching programs. They invite instructors interested in rising to this challenge to apply and help deliver these outcomes.

Work Location

  • Remote Office

4. Online Adjunct Faculty: First Year Experience

Here is mentioned the complete details and description of this job.

Job Details

  • Part-time

  • Salary: $36,000 - $53,000 a year


  • Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution

  • Evidence of online teaching experience

  • Evidence of 2 or more years of professional and practical teaching experience

  • Experience working with diverse and non-traditional learners

  • Military background (active duty or retired)

  • Master’s/Doctorate’s degree in Education

  • Evidence of online teaching experience in higher education

  • Evidence of strong research background

  • Designed and Developed higher education classes

Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this duty successfully, a person should be able to perform each job satisfactorily. Additional instructors will be required to teach from established curriculum all while adding personal experience and real-world experience to the course.

5. Online Part-Time Faculty - Early Childhood Education

Here are complete job details of online part-time faculty-early childhood education

Job Details

  • Part-time

  • Salary estimated: $25,000 - $35,000 a year


Full Job Description

Part-Time – Early Childhood Education Online

Bryant & Stratton College is looking for a Part-Time teacher to teach early childhood education courses.
Requirements: Qualified candidate will possess a Master’s degree in any of the following disciplines: A Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Studies, Early Childhood Leadership.

best online jobs

Pros and Cons of online teaching job

Online teaching job not only provide with some schedule flexibility, but teachers also get to meet students from all over the world without having to go anywhere themselves.

Pros of Online Teaching

Following are the pros of online teaching job:

1. Job availability & flexible hours

The greatest benefit of teaching online is the schedule. Teachers can choose the time when they are available to teach, and it would not disturb their work schedule or social life. One of the restrictions to get more money on the side is usually the time restraint. Online teaching abolish this barrier almost completely. There are students all over the world who are seeking subject teachers, and teachers are bound to find students with schedules that match up to them.

2. It’s convenient!

It is much more convenient to use a video call or another online learning tool compared to standing face to face. In this method you have not to go anywhere to conduct the classes. You can teach your students from your bed.

3. The personal aspect

Online teaching offers that one on one interaction that both teachers and students need, and teachers will get to know each of their students on a personal level. Sizes of class for many online teaching companies start with one on one, but on occasion teachers will have two or three students.

4. The simplicity

No need for printing out practice quizzes, taking work home to grade, or crafting activities. Many online teaching companies provide course outline and materials for their teachers to use. After a quick review, they are ready to start the class. It is always best to be prepared, but there is no need to go out of way to create elaborate lessons.

Cons of online teaching

As we know there are still drawbacks to teaching online. Before you search through, keep in mind these cons and see if teaching online is right for you.

1. The inevitable disconnection

Where ever you live in the world, your internet connection can be speckled depending on the day. You will need to account for what was missed during a brief negligence of connection. It can also dampen your mood when you were on a roll teaching and you have to stop to reconnect and get the lecture back on way.

2. Interaction limits

When you are in front of a classroom, you can better judge what your students’ moods are. If they are coming from a long day and are not feeling fresh, you can adjust your plan to better match what they need at that time. This is much more difficult to do when you are observing someone through a video call. Facial expressions are not as noticeable and the call may lag.

3. Future job requirements

If you are looking to add a little something to your CV, any teaching experience is a great way to display your teaching ability. However, some schools do not count online teaching experience as ‘formal experience’. Schools like to see full-time, in-person positions when they are seeking teachers with ‘experience teaching’.

Sum up all
As you evaluate whether or not online teaching job is a good fit for you, it helps to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Some of these pros and cons will be more important to you than others, depending on your condition, so it is necessary to consider your own specific circumstances and your learning strengths and weaknesses.

online teaching job

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions related to online education jobs;

1. How do I get a job teaching online classes?

We may be able to land a position as an online adjunct professor for a company or technical college with a bachelor’s degree and some related teaching experience. However, for the wide majority of positions, we would be required to get our master’s degree in education or a related field.

2. How can I earn money by teaching online?

First of all we should sign up on websites like,, as an online tutor, create your profile write down the subjects or classes you want to teach, how much experience you have, what your qualifications are, etc.

3. Is Zoom good for online teaching?

Simultaneous online class sessions, where everyone joins a Zoom meeting at a decided time, is one way to create engagement when students are distant, but Zoom can also be used to support other teaching and learning schema.

4. How do I start teaching online work from home?

Here are some guidelines you will need to understand before starting your teaching business:

  1. In a company that competes with the online education industry, it is important to lay the foundation for determining your interest. It is good that you have already decided that you want to teach English.
  2. Understand your audience. What do they value most? Is it professional education or personal attention? Find out what they want because it will help you understand what you need to provide.
  3. Look around and check your competition. Highlight your unique marketing suggestion or USP. It’s the thing that separates your business that makes you stand out from the competition.
  4. Determine your payment model. There are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding on a payment model. The location, course technology, and qualifications, as well as the competitive price point will also shape your payment model.
  5. Complete the tools you need. At the very least, you will need video conferencing and software editing.

5. What is the best site to teach and earn online?

If you are a teacher who wants to earn more money for the comfort of your home, you should register as a teacher there. is a UK site with over 1800+ registered instructors. You can set your prices and schedule your classes at a time that suits you. One thing I don’t like about their site is that they take 25% of tuition fees. And they have a limited withdrawal limit. You cannot transfer money to your account unless you have $ 10 in your account.

BuddySchool is one of the cheapest platforms. You can create a profile on their platform for free. However, to start teaching, you will have to pay a certain amount to make it work. Activation fees are relatively inexpensive and start at $1 a month, $ 5 for six months, and $ 10 a year. You can set your levels. They have a community of over 90k + students. You can consider this if you want to reach a large number of students out there.

Vedantu has Grade 6 reading materials onwards. They offer small courses in a variety of subjects. For instruction on their site, you will need to fill out a form. Their team of experts will evaluate your application. If selected, you will have to provide one demo speech. And if you pass that up, you better go.

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