Definition of Delivery:

  1. Shipping: Transfer of a shipments title through transfer of an original copy of the bill of lading to the consignee.

  2. An act of throwing or bowling a ball or striking a blow.

  3. The manner or style of giving a speech.

  4. The action of delivering letters, packages, or ordered goods.

  5. Real estate: Final, unconditional, and absolute transfer of the deed to the buyer (the grantee) in such manner that it cannot be recalled by the seller (the grantor). Even a properly executed deed normally does not pass title until it is delivered to the grantee. See also livery.

  6. Futures trading: Transfer of a cash commodity from the seller of a futures contract to its buyer, in accordance with the rules of a particular futures exchange.

  7. The process of giving birth.

  8. General: Formal and voluntary transfer of possession by actual (physical) delivery, constructive delivery (by an agreement or understanding), or symbolic delivery (by documents) Also called presentation or presentment.

  9. The supply or provision of something.

Synonyms of Delivery

Birth, Childbirth, Manner of speaking, Speech, Pronunciation, Enunciation, Articulation, Intonation, Elocution, Emancipation Proclamation, Abalienation, Accommodation, Accordance, Accouchement, Affranchisement, Alienation, Amortization, Amortizement, Articulation, Assignation, Assignment, Attack, Award, Awarding, Bargain and sale, Barter, Bearing, Bequeathal, Bestowal, Bestowment, Birth, Birth throes, Birthing, Blessed event, Break, Breakout, Cession, Childbearing, Childbed, Childbirth, Communication, Concession, Conduction, Conferment, Conferral, Confinement, Consignation, Consignment, Contagion, Contribution, Convection, Conveyance, Conveyancing, Deeding, Deliverance, Demise, Deportation, Diapedesis, Diffusion, Disenthrallment, Disposal, Disposition, Dissemination, Distribution, Donation, Emancipation, Emergence, Endowment, Enfeoffment, Enfranchisement, Enunciation, Escape, Escapism, Evasion, Exchange, Execution, Export, Exportation, Expression, Expulsion, Extradition, Extrication, Flight, Freeing, Furnishment, Gay liberation, Genesis, Getaway, Gifting, Giving, Giving birth, Grant, Granting, Hatching, Having a baby, Impartation, Impartment, Import, Importation, Interchange, Investiture, Issuance, Issue, Jailbreak, Labor, Leak, Leakage, Lease and release, Liberality, Liberation, Lifesaving, Manumission, Metastasis, Metathesis, Metempsychosis, Migration, Multiparity, Mutual transfer, Nascency, Nativity, Offer, Osmosis, Outlet, Parturition, Passage, Passing over, Performance, Perfusion, Phonation, Presentation, Presentment, Prisonbreak, Pronunciation, Provision, Ransom, Recovery, Redemption, Release, Rescue, Retrieval, Riddance, Sale, Salvage, Salvation, Saving, Setting at liberty, Setting-free, Settlement, Settling, Spread, Spreading, Subscription, Supplying, Surrender, The Nativity, The stork, Trading, Transduction, Transfer, Transfer of property, Transference, Transfusion, Transit, Transition, Translation, Translocation, Transmigration, Transmigration of souls, Transmission, Transmittal, Transmittance, Transplacement, Transplantation, Transport, Transportation, Transposal, Transposition, Travail, Travel, Utterance, Vent, Vesting, Vocalization, Voicing, Vouchsafement, Supplying, Supply, Providing, Purveying, Delivery, Furnishing, Equipping, Giving, Donation, Allocation, Distribution, Presentation, Ball bowled, Throw, Bowl, Lob, Pitch, Conveyance, Carriage, Transportation, Transporting, Transport, Distribution

How to use Delivery in a sentence?

  1. I had to wait for the delivery man outside because our doorbell did not work and I did not want the dogs to bark.
  2. You may need to rush a delivery if you need some supplies fast because the demand on your product is high.
  3. Allow up to 28 days for delivery.
  4. A quick, compact delivery that sent the ball zinging.
  5. Her delivery was stilted.
  6. Delivery of electricity at a specified price.
  7. You may need to rush a delivery if you need some supplies fast because the demand on your product is high.
  8. Injuries sustained during delivery.

Meaning of Delivery & Delivery Definition

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Delivery Definition:

  1. Providing the original insurance policy in the hands of the insurer.

  2. Transfer of property or transfer of property from one person to another.

Meanings of Delivery

  1. Mailing Orders, Packages, or Goods Act.

  2. Throwing or throwing or hitting the ball.

  3. How to make a speech?

  4. Sending or distributing something.

Sentences of Delivery

  1. Please allow 28 days for delivery

  2. Injury during childbirth

  3. Fast, compact transmission that vibrates the ball

  4. Their work is compelling

  5. Power supply at fixed price


Delivery Meanings:

  1. Delivery of the original insurance policy to the insured

Meanings of Delivery

  1. Delivery of letter, package or goods.

  2. Throwing a ball, bowling or kicking, especially a cricket ball.

  3. Send or distribute something.

  4. An acknowledgment of the author's actions to which he wishes to be associated.

Sentences of Delivery

  1. Reached 59 races with only 42 entries.

  2. Procedure for rapid delivery of bile to the duodenum.

Synonyms of Delivery

fa├žon de parler, recital, remittance, haulage, freightage, portage, dispatch, shipment, recitation


What Does Delivery Mean?

Providing a genuine insurance policy in the hands of the insured.

Meanings of Delivery

  1. The act of throwing, bowling or kicking a ball, especially a cricket ball.

  2. The way you speak.

  3. An acknowledgment of an action by the author to which he wishes to be associated.

Sentences of Delivery

  1. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

  2. Their delivery was stopped