Definition of Cooperative:

  1. Companies are owned, controlled and managed by a group of customers for their own interests. Each member contributes to the share capital and participates in the control of the company on the principle of "one member, one vote" (and not in proportion to their share in the share capital).

  2. Add mutual help to find common goals.

  3. Gardens, businesses or other organizations that jointly own and manage their members and share in the profits or profits.

Synonyms of Cooperative

Amicable, Unanimous, Meeting, Receptive, Coadjutant, Predisposed, Five-and-ten, Conformable, Confederacy, Warehouse, Customs union, Communalistic, Congruous, Coworking, College, Communal, Group, Pooled, Benevolent, Combined, Cooperating, Boutique, Coadjuvant, Coherent, Collaborative, In accord, Joint, Kindly-disposed, Pliant, Society, Synergistic, Proportionate, Unified, Interactive, United, Associated, Union, Synergetic, Combination, Well-meaning, Political machine, Band, Concurrent, Ready, Combining, Well-disposed, United, Synergic, Fellow, Coexistent, Variety store, Compatible, Of one mind, Ring, Concession, Council, Concurring, Disposed, Variety shop, Joint, Harmonious, Socialistic, Noncompetitive, Country store, Coadunate, Ecumenic, Public, Congruent, Prone, Concomitant, Cooperative society, Commensurate, Societal, Coactive, Saprophytic, Commutual, Unisonant, Discount house, Store, Consumer cooperative, Mart, Commensal, Willed, Benignant, Inaccordance, Market, Communalist, Body, Harmonious, Shop, Unisonous, General, Content, Affirmative, Coacting, Mail-order house, Communal, Like-minded, Magasin, Neighborly, Well-meant, Consenting, Accordant, Of a piece, Equivalent, Collaborative, Friendly, Associate, Accompanying, Coefficient, Machine, Harmonized, Uniting, Tractable, Consentaneous, Common, Willinghearted, Coordinated, Bloc, Gang, Inclined, Consonant, Conspiratorial, General store, Grouping, At one with, House, Mob, Favorably inclined, Kindly, Quick, Consentient, Synchronized, Common market, Favorable, Coalition, Emporium, Bund, Acquiescent, Concordant, Minded, In agreement, Parasitic, Department store, Reciprocal, League, Coordinate, Cooperant, Association, Credit union, Social, Ardent, Combined, Shared, Wareroom, Economic community, Concerted, Corps, Alacritous, Agreeing, Collectivist, Coincident, Propitious, Coexisting, Of like mind, Rochdale cooperative, Enthusiastic, Cross-party, Combine, Agreeable, Uniform, Retail store, Salon, Trading post, Ready and willing, Benign, Answerable, Establishment, Fain, Kind, In synchronization, Forward, Alliance, In the mind, Positive, Consilient, Post, Favorably disposed, Collective, Prompt, Symbiotic, Co-op, Common, In rapport, Popular, Well-affected, Willing, Chain store, Synchronous, Congenial, Conniving, At one, Unanimous, Responsive, Assemblage, Discount store, Consistent, Communistic, Axis, Free trade area, In sync, Inharmony, In common, Amenable, Uncompetitive, Eager, Zealous, Coinciding, Self-consistent, Corresponding, Mass, In the mood, En rapport, Well-intentioned, Countinghouse, Confederation, Game, Communitarian, Mutual, Collective, Beneficent, Collusive, Compliant, Partnership, On all fours, Supermarket, Mutual, Allied, Conjoint, Well-inclined, Collectivistic, Concerted, Dime store, Federation, Communist, Wholesale house, Correspondent, Docile, Reconcilable

How to use Cooperative in a sentence?

  1. We run an agency as a workers' cooperative.
  2. When I do something with a team, I try to work together to make sure everyone fits together.
  3. Each member of the cooperative has clearly defined the role.
  4. All the companies formed cooperatives to help each other and to defend most of this market which they will defend to eliminate the new opposition.
  5. As more and more parents want their children to be educated at home, an educational cooperative has been formed between like-minded mothers and fathers in close communities.

Meaning of Cooperative & Cooperative Definition

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What is Cooperative?

The definition of Cooperative is: An organization or company owned and managed by employees, customers and / or tenants whose profits are shared.

Meanings of Cooperative

  1. These include helping each other find common goals.

  2. Farm, business or other organization that is jointly owned and managed by its members and contributes to its profits.

Sentences of Cooperative

  1. Each member of the cooperative has clearly defined the role

  2. We run an agency as a workers' cooperative


Cooperative Definition:

Cooperative means, A country or company that will benefit from the management and management of its employees, customers and / or tenants.

Meanings of Cooperative

  1. This includes working together to achieve common goals.

  2. A farm, business or other organization that is jointly owned and managed by its members and which has a share in the profits or profits.

Sentences of Cooperative

  1. Each member has a clear role in the cooperative enterprise.


What is The Definition of Cooperative?

A country or company that is managed and administered by its employees, customers and / or tenants.

Sentences of Cooperative

  1. Every member has a clear job in the cooperative enterprise.