Oil Rig Accident Today

Oil rig accident today are estimated in a way that of the 22 workers present on the oil platform, 9 should be injured in the accident. It means that injury rate is high in the work of Oil rig.

Oil rig industry

Oil rigs jobs are dangerous and those who work on offshores for their living know this fact. The time of serious and life threatening accidents make the job dangerous an they knew it. These accidents occur during the course of their work. The work environment of an oil rig is the one that is full of hazards because it contains constant proximity of highly combustible material, heavy equipment and slippery decks.

1. Oil Rig Accident’s and your Rights

Employees are entitled to work in a safe environment and in those conditions which do not impose serious risks on their live according to the Federal Law. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statics, if you are working in oil rig or jack-up rig then you are avail the most dangerous job of world. More than 100 people die per year working in oil rig with countless people being injured.

You have the right to reach out to OSHA and submit your request for inspection without the fear of retaliation if an accident happened with you.

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:mag_right: Struck by/Caught-in/Caught-between

In the oil and gas extraction industries, three of every five working on the site are at risk of accidents which is the result of struck by/caught-in/caught-between hazards according to OSHA. Working under suspended loads and around unguarded and moving parts of the machine, these accidents are more likely to happen. Risk of accidents is still there when you are working with pipes, casing, elevators, tongs and spinning chain machines.

:mag_right: Falls

The frequency of fall is high in the work of Oil rig and that’s why it is considered too dangerous. Due to the traces of water and oil on the tank or equipment, falls occur often because of slips. A lack of proper guardrail, improper use of ladder and tripling may lead to fall. Installation of Guardrail and complete training of anti-skidding deck and in last the use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) offers full protection from falling.

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:mag_right: Electrocution

Common onboard oil rig issues includes electrocution and several other energy matters also lead to serious hazards. Extension cords and specially those without ground prongs arise these electrocution issues. In condition of inadequate assistance electronic equipment and failed result in following of procedure may lead to these hazards which ends in damages.

:mag_right: Explosions

Explosions are often deadly specially on the offshore of drilling rigs. It is compulsory for the safety of working employees that they should consider all maritime precautionary measures seriously because oil rigs contain highly combustible material. It increases the chance of explosions. When the fuel is improperly contained, then explosions are known to occur. In case that oil rig struck by a vessel or any other things, then explosions occur suddenly.

2. Cranes and Other Weighty Equipment’s

Heavy machines accidents and other hazards occur hand in hand. Crane is the mist notorious type of heavy machine or equipment for causing injuries. If a person with improper training is operating crane, then it is very dangerous because cranes carry very heavy loads and things. If the cranes have not received proper maintenance, there is still chances of accidents.

:mag_right: Helicopter Accidents

The question why oil rig jobs are dangerous is because of sensitivity of job and Helicopter accidents are included in the list. Oil rig employees must visit oil rig platforms and the visit should be through helicopter and travel the whole place. That’s because helicopter accidents are mostly deadly and the employee should know the sensitivity of work.

:mag_right: How common are oil rig accidents?

There are high injury rates of oil and gas industries according to Oil and Gas Accident Statics. These statics are not associated with one country but all over the world. There were 148.9 injuries per 100,000 employees and now you can estimate the danger and risk in oil rig jobs and that’s why accidents are common in the working.

:mag_right: How many oil rigs have blown up?

According to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), 33 offshore oil rigs exploded during the year between 2007- 2018 in the United States. The ratio of blown oil rigs is more than normal which shows the risky nature of the job and people must consider all these facts before joining the employee team of oil rigs.

Large ocean oil rig

:mag_right: How much do oil rig workers get paid?

Oil Rig Worker Salary

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $131,000 $2,600
75th Percentile $92,000 $1,830
Average $74,511 $1,552
25th Percentile $33,200 $715

3. Which oil rig catches fire?

In the History, the destruction of Deepwater Horizon is one of the most horrible and worst offshore disaster of memory. The offshore rig is owned by Transocean company and is drilling for BP. On April 20, 2010 the rig exploded and burnt in Louisiana Coast. In the end, the rig ■■■■■■■■■ was precede by red flags in large amount.

:mag_right: How long do you stay on an oil rig?

All around the year, rigs are operating 24 hours a day means that there is no time when rigs are closed. The standard timetable and schedule of working is two weeks -on and two weeks-off. In some high level rigs, two weeks-on and three weeks-off policy is implemented. Time table or shifts are 12 hours on and 12 hours off daily. So, you can stay as long as you want or your duty time is.

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:mag_right: Do oil rigs move?

Yes, oil rigs are completely mobile. They are also rotational like other normal ships floating. Oil rigs are simple able to move and nice. But if we make their comparison with large ocean rigs , then they’re no where. The choice of current drilling companies is the Water Jack-up rigs because it is large and moveable and gives more product.

:mag_right: Do oil rigs ever sink?

In the start of 2013, during the installation in Persian gulf, a $40 million brand new oil rig platform sank in seconds. The oil rig sank before workers got a proper chance to save their life. The rig belongs to Iran’s Oil Pars Oil and Gas company. So, rigs can sink but these incidents are not so common.

:mag_right: Do oil rigs have gyms?

As we discussed all the danger and hazardous facts of oil rigs. But despite it there are some facilities on the oil rig platform like gyms, pools, TVs, cinemas and even casinos. Proper food on time is provided to the works and they are given the time to unwind and relax for regaining energy. So, oil rigs are also rich with facilities and comforts of employees.

:writing_hand: Summary

Oil rig accident today are almost estimated by the rate of accidents on oil rig platforms per year. There are 148.9 people injured in accidents on oil rigs platforms annually out of 100,000 workers which means accident ratio is high in the oil drilling work. Oil rig platform which are operating for drilling companies are also facilitated with comforts and ease for workers who work while risking their lives.

:aries: Frequently Asked Questions

Oil rigs accidents are most common and risky too because they are often deadly. Oil rig accidents are severe because of heavy loads and equipment’s. People often ask several questions about it. Some of them are;

:one: How many oil rig workers died a year?

As told before, according to an estimate between 2003 to 2016, 1485 workers died every year while working on Oil and gas platforms. This makes the fatality rate 6 time more than any other job of the world. In the United States, there is no work or job more deadly than it. If all the job categories put together, then it will be on the top of deadly jobs and those who work have big hearts.

Oil Rig ■■■■■■■■■

:two: What happens when someone falls off an oil rig?

As the falls and escapes are common from oil rigs so, they don’t make headlines like gas ■■■■■■■■■ or fire burnt. Slips and falls from drilling oil rigs are considered common but they are still dangerous because they cause severe injuries and sometimes even lead to death. Injuries may be temporary or permanent and may cause several body physical and mental disorders after falling. This case falls in the category of Injury Attorney Fighting for Gas and Oil workers.

:three: Is there WIFI on oil rigs?

WIFI service is available at the rig platform because the workers need to maintain data and to send it back to office for approval. That’s why internet connection is necessary for oil rigs. All rigs need internet in need of information from google and other browsers. Although, the service is given to workers or employees totally depends upon the manager or instructor of the rig.

:four: What is the highest paying job on a oil rig?

What are listed 5 Best Paying Related Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in the U.S?

:heavy_check_mark: The answer to this question is briefly described in the table discussed below. Have a look at the table and you can understand the pay level of Rig Jobs.

Job Title Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Offshore Drilling Engineer $126,517 $2,313
Drilling Rig Manager $125,517 $3,266
Offshore Drilling Supervisor $121,659 $3,147
Oil Drilling Engineer $126,280 $2,310

:five: How do you stop an oil rig fire?

In case the rig is caught by fire, use explosives to ■■■■ out the fire. Create a shockwave that pushes the fuel and oxygen far away from well. Cap the wellhead completely to stop the flow of oil. But you can understand that extinguishing a fire on offshore rig is more challenging to handle. You can all stop fire by taking precautionary measures and by taking care in work.

:trackball: Conclusion

Oil Rig Accident Today and its number depend upon the ratio of annually incidents take place. As we know, it is a risky and a deadly job and injuries are normal and common in the work of oil rig drilling. Because of sensitivity and nature of job, a lot of people get severe and life-time injuries and often people die in accidents. Accidents are also hazardous because equipment’s are loaded heavily. So, sometimes companies did not share the report of common and casual accidents because it is normal for them.

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