Employee engagement

Employee engagement,

Definition of Employee engagement:

  1. Employee engagement can be critical to a company's success given its clear links to job satisfaction and employee morale. Communication is a big part of creating and maintaining employee engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and higher performing and they may display a greater commitment to a company's values and goals.

  2. Emotional connection an employee feels toward his or her employment organization, which tends to influence his or her behaviors and level of effort in work related activities. The more engagement an employee has with his or her company, the more effort they put forth. Employee engagement also involves the nature of the job itself - if the employee feels mentally stimulated; the trust and communication between employees and management; ability of an employee to see how their own work contributes to the overall company performance; the opportunity of growth within the organization; and the level of pride an employee has about working or being associated with the company.

  3. Employee engagement is a human resources concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. Engaged employee cares their work and about the performance of the company, and feels that their efforts make a difference. An engaged employee is in it for more than a paycheck and may consider their well-being linked to their performance, and therefore instrumental in their company's success.

How to use Employee engagement in a sentence?

  1. The employee engagement was critical to ensuring a successful project on all fronts as this was a huge business project for us.
  2. The company needed to practice more employee engagement , so workers did not feel as though no one cared about them and their duties.
  3. Trying to keep up a high level of employee engagement will always have your workers ready for what comes next.

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