Definition of Oil:

  1. A viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use as a fuel or lubricant.

  2. A hydrocarbon liquid substance that is greasy to the touch and is formed by natural resources or the breakdown of fats. Oil comes in many forms as diverse as crude oil and vegetable oil, which serve very different purposes. Products consisting of oil are insoluble when added to water, but will dissolve in organic substances such as those acquired from living organisms.

  3. Supply with oil as fuel.

  4. Oil paint.

  5. Lubricate, coat, or impregnate with oil.

Synonyms of Oil

Lubricate, Grease, Lubricant, Lubrication, Grease, Barbados tar, Haliver Oil, Macassar oil, Absinthe, Adipose tissue, Adulation, Aid, Alcohol, Animal oils, Anoint, Anthracene oil, Aquarelle, Asphalt-base oil, Avocado oil, Balm, Balsam, Bay oil, Beechnut oil, Beef tallow, Beeswax, Benzine, Blandishment, Blarney, Blubber, Bone oil, Bottlenose oil, Briquette, Bunker, Bunkum, Burnable, Butane, Butter, Butter up, Butterfat, Cajolement, Cajolery, Camphor, Candlenut oil, Canvas, Carapa oil, Carbon, Castor oil, Cater, Cedarwood oil, Cerate, Charcoal, Clear the way, Clove oil, Coal, Coal oil, Cocoa butter, Cod-liver oil, Coke, Collyrium, Combustible, Compliment, Copaiba, Copra oil, Corn oil, Creosote, Croton oil, Dab, Daub, Demulcent, Detonate, Doegling oil, Dope, Dose, Drag, Dress, Dripping, Drippings, Drug, Dub, Ease, Easel-picture, Edible oil, Electricity, Embrocate, Embrocation, Emollient, Equalize, Ethane, Ethanol, Eucalyptus oil, Even, Expedite, Explain, Explode, Eyewash, Eyewater, Facilitate, Fair words, Fat, Fawning, Feed, Fill up, Finger painting, Fireball, Firing, Fish oil, Flammable, Flammable material, Flatten, Flattery, Flaxseed oil, Forage, Fuel, Fuel additive, Fuel dope, Fuel oil, Fuel up, Fulminate, Furnace oil, Gas, Gas carbon, Gas oil, Gas up, Gasoline, Get around, Ghee, Glycerolate, Goose grease, Gouache, Grade, Grease, Grease the ways, Grease the wheels, Gum spirit, Harrow, Hasten, Help along, Hempseed oil, Heptane, Hexane, Honey, Honeyed phrases, Honeyed words, Illuminant, Illuminating gas, Incense, Inflammable, Inflammable material, Isooctane, Jet fuel, Jolly, Kekuna oil, Kerosene, Kid along, Lamp oil, Lanolin, Lard, Lard oil, Laurel butter, Lay, Lay it on, Lemon oil, Level, Light source, Liniment, Linseed oil, Lipid, Lipoma, Loose, Lotion, Lubricate, Luminant, Make clear, Make way for, Margarine, Medicate, Methane, Methanol, Mineral oil, Mineral seal oil, Mineral sperm oil, Mineral spirits, Mow, Mutton tallow, Naphthalene, Naphthene-base oil, Natural gas, Nut oil, Octane, Oil of almonds, Oil painting, Ointment, Oleo, Oleomargarine, Oleoresin, Olive oil, Open the way, Open up, Overdo it, Painting, Palaver, Palm oil, Palm-kernel oil, Paraffin, Pave the way, Peanut oil, Peat, Pentane, Perilla oil, Petrol, Petrolatum, Petroleum, Petroleum benzine, Pine oil, Pine tar, Pine-tar oil, Plane, Planish, Plaster, Play up to, Pomade, Poppyseed oil, Porpoise oil, Praise, Prepare the way, Pretty lies, Propane, Propellant, Provender, Provision, Purvey, Quicken, Rape oil, Refuel, Remove friction, Ricinus oil, Road oil, Rocket fuel, Rosin grease, Rosin oil, Run interference for, Salve, Saturating oil, Seal oil, Sell, Sesame oil, Shale naphtha, Shave, Shortening, Simplify, Slick, Slick on, Smear, Smooth, Smooth down, Smooth out, Smooth the way, Soap, Soap the ways, Soft soap, Soft-soap, Soften up, Soybean oil, Speed, Spikenard, Stoke, Stove oil, String along, Stroke, Suet, Sweet nothings, Sweet talk, Sweet words, Sycophancy, Tallow, Technical oil, Tempera, Top off, Turf, Turpentine, Unbar, Unblock, Unclog, Unction, Unguent, Unguentum, Unjam, Victual, Vulnerary, Wash, Wash drawing, Water, Wax, Whale oil, Wheedling, Wood oil, Wool fat

How to use Oil in a sentence?

  1. That competition is helping the world move away from carbon-rich fuels, like oil and coal.
  2. A portrait in oils.
  3. Ill oil that gate for you tomorrow.

Meaning of Oil & Oil Definition

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Underarm blackheads
French polish
Best drugstore makeup remover
Prevent stretch marks pregnancy
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Agricultural commodity prices today
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Highlights for dark skin
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Magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner
Enzc stock
Mold removal companies
Why is fracking good
How many carbs in salad
Do eyelashes grow
Orange oil for termites
Do vegans eat eggs
Best shampoo for fine oily hair
Citric acid for cleaning
Seabreeze hair
Best makeup remover
Hair gloss treatment
Gray paint for bedroom
Best drugstore sunscreen for face
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How to do nails
Good shampoo and conditioner for curly hair
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Best color to cover gray hair
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Pimple turned into hard lump under skin
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Endeavor stock
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Press and curl
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Water heater insulation
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Hair falling out stress
Womens razor subscription
Best hair oil for dry hair
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Natural deodorant
How to grow lashes
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Healthy shampoo
Microwave transformer
Supplement for skin
Homemade flea spray
How to remove wax
Lip gloss
Painting walls for beginners
Pressure treated wood for raised beds
Most durable flooring
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Products that help with acne scars
Prescription retinol cream
Deep cleansing shampoo
Basement concrete floor paint
Shampoo for thin oily hair
Anadarko petroleum
Mealybug treatment
Nars soft matte foundation
Service first automotive
Vinegar carpet cleaner
Henry hub natural gas price
Pimple in nose
Scalp massager for hair growth
Removing mold from walls
Stainless Steel Scratch Remover
Chest acne
Sunday riley tidal
Carbomer in skin care
Prevent stretch marks
How to fix cracks in concrete
Garlic mosquito spray
How to get oil out of carpet
Lip dermatitis
Essential oils brands
Castor oil hair mask
Oil drip lamp
Bunker fuel
Edible lubricant