Definition of Lift:

  1. An act of lifting.

  2. A rise in the price of securities or other assets due to good news or positive economic events.

  3. Raise to a higher position or level.

  4. Raise (a persons spirits or confidence); encourage or cheer.

  5. A feeling of encouragement or increased cheerfulness.

  6. The act of carrying from a lower position to a higher position. For example, a helicopter can lift cargo from the ground into the air.

  7. Formally remove or end (a legal restriction, decision, or ban).

  8. Pick up and move to a different position.

  9. To remove. For example, an embargo can be lifted following peaceful negotiations between governments.

  10. Carry off or win (a prize or event).

  11. A device incorporating a moving cable for carrying people, typically skiers, up or down a mountain.

  12. A free ride in another persons vehicle.

Synonyms of Lift

Caelus, Great Leap Forward, Olympian heights, Sunday drive, A leg up, Abstract, Acculturate, Acme, Advance, Advancement, Aerial heights, Aerosphere, Aggrandize, Aid, Air, Airing, Ameliorate, Amelioration, Amend, Amendment, Amortize, And, Annex, Annul, Apex, Appropriate, Arise, Ascend, Ascent, Aspire, Assist, Assistance, Atmosphere, Azure, Bag, ■■■■, Be poised, Bear, Better, Bettering, Betterment, Billow, Biosphere, Blue sky, Boost, Boot, Bore, Borrow, Break, Breakers, Bring forward, Buoy up, Burglary, Caelum, Cancel, Canopy, Canopy of heaven, Caper, Carry, Cast up, Cerulean, Charge, Chop, Choppiness, Chopping sea, Civilize, Clear, Comb, Comber, Comfort, Conduct, Confiscate, Convey, Cop, Cope, Copy, Crab, Crane, Crash, Crib, Dash, Defraud, Deify, Derrick, Dignify, Dirty water, Disappear, Discharge, Discontinue, Dismantle, Dissipate, Dizzy heights, Drive, Dumbwaiter, Eagre, Ebb and flow, Ecosphere, Edify, Educate, Elate, Elevate, Elevation, Elevator, Embezzle, Emend, Eminence, Empyrean, Encouragement, End, Enhance, Enhancement, Enlighten, Ennoble, Enrich, Enrichment, Enshrine, ■■■■■, Erector, Escalate, Escalator, Ether, Eugenics, Euthenics, Exalt, Extort, Fatten, Favor, Filch, Firmament, Flush, Fly, Forklift, Forward, Foster, Freight, Furtherance, Gantry crane, Gaseous envelope, Go straight, Grab, Gravity wave, Ground swell, Hand, Headway, Heave, Heaven, Heavens, Heavy sea, Heavy swell, Heft, Height, Heighten, Heights, Heist, Helping hand, Hike, Hoick, Hoist, Hold up, Honor, ■■■■, Hyaline, Hydraulic tailgate, Immortalize, Improve, Improve upon, Improvement, Inducement, Inspiration, Jack, Jackscrew, ■■■■ up, Job, Jollies, Joyride, Kick, Knock up, Larceny, Lard, Leg, Leg up, Lever, Levitate, Liberate, Lift up, Lifter, Lifts, Liquidate, Lob, Loft, Lop, Lug, Magnify, Make accounts square, Make an improvement, Make off with, Manhandle, Meliorate, Melioration, Mend, Mending, Mount, Moving staircase, Nick, ■■■, Noosphere, Nurture, Pack, Palm, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay the bill, Pay the shot, Pay up, Peak, Perk up, Pick up, Pickup, Pilfer, Pinch, Plagiarize, Poach, Pocket, Popple, Preferment, Progress, Progression, Promote, Promotion, Purloin, Purloining, Quiver, Raise, Raise up, Rear, Rear up, Reassurance, Recall, Recovery, Redeem, Refine upon, Reform, Relief, Repeal, Rescind, Restoration, Retire, Reverse, Revival, Ride, Riffle, Rip-off, Ripple, Rise, Rise and fall, Rising ground, Robbery, Rocket, Roll, Roller, Rough water, Run away with, Rush, Rush of emotion, Rustle, Satisfy, Scend, Scrounge, Sea, Send, Sensation, Set up, Settle, Shiver, Shoplift, Shudder, Sky, Smash, Snare, Snatch, Snitch, Soar, Socialize, Spin, Square, Square accounts, Starry heaven, Steal, Stealage, Stealing, Steep, Stick up, Stimulus, Stop, Straighten out, Stratosphere, Strike a balance, Succor, Support, Surf, Surge, Surge of emotion, Swell, Swindle, Swipe, Tackle, Take, Take away, Take up, Terminate, The blue, The blue serene, Theft, Thieve, Thievery, Thieving, Thrill, Throw up, Tidal bore, Tidal wave, Tide wave, Tingle, Tingling, Titillation, Toss, Tote, Touch, Tower, Transfigure, Transform, Transport, Tremor, Tremor of excitement, Trough, Tsunami, Undulate, Undulation, Up, Upbeat, Upbuoy, Upcast, Upgrade, Upheave, Uphoist, Uphold, Uplift, Upping, Upraise, Uprear, Uprise, Upswing, Upthrow, Uptrend, Upward mobility, Vanish, Vantage ground, Vantage point, Vault, Vault of heaven, Void, Waft, Walk off with, Water wave, Wave, Wavelet, Welkin, Whirl, Whisk, White horses, Whitecaps, Windlass, Wing, Withdraw, Zenith, Boost, Raise, Buoy up, Elevate, Give a lift to, Cheer up, Perk up, Enliven, Uplift, Brighten up, Lighten, Ginger up, Gladden, Encourage, Stimulate, Arouse, Revive, Restore, Raise, Hoist, Heave, Haul up, Uplift, Heft, Boost, Raise aloft, Raise up, Upraise, Elevate, Thrust, Hold high, Bear aloft, Pick up, Grab, Scoop up, Gather up, Snatch up, Swoop up, Cancel, Raise, Remove, Withdraw, Revoke, Rescind, Annul, Void, Discontinue, Countermand, Relax, End, Stop, Terminate

How to use Lift in a sentence?

  1. The European Community lifted its oil embargo against South Africa.
  2. He lifted his trophy over his head.
  3. Winning this game has given everyone on the team a lift.
  4. He lifted her down from the ponys back.
  5. The year before, I had begun getting her used to the mountains by carrying her on lifts and skiing down gentle slopes, holding her in my arms like a baby kangaroo.
  6. We heard inspiring talks that lifted our spirits.
  7. Miss Green is giving me a lift back to school.
  8. Weightlifters attempting a particularly heavy lift.

Meaning of Lift & Lift Definition

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