Definition of Destruction:

  1. Condition of a thing in which it is rendered entirely unfit for its intended use, but is not necessarily demolished or obliterated.

  2. The action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

Synonyms of Destruction

Waterloo, Abomination, Abscission, Amputation, Annihilation, Assassination, Atrocity, Bad, Bane, Bankruptcy, Beating, Befoulment, Bereavement, Blight, Blood, Bloodletting, Bloodshed, Braining, Breakage, Breakdown, Breaking down, Breaking up, Breakup, Collapse, Confusion, Conquering, Conquest, Corruption, Cost, Crack-up, Crash, Crippling, Crying evil, Damage, Dead loss, Dealing death, Deathblow, Debacle, Debit, Defeat, Defilement, Demolition, Denial, Denudation, Deprivation, Despoilment, Despoliation, Destroyer, Destruction of life, Detriment, Devastation, Dilapidation, Disablement, Dispatch, Dispossession, Disrepair, Divestment, Downfall, Drubbing, Elimination, Encroachment, End, Eradication, Euthanasia, Evil, Excision, Exclusion, Execution, Expense, Extermination, Extinction, Extirpation, Failure, Fall, Flow of blood, Forfeit, Forfeiture, Genocide, Gore, Grievance, Harm, Havoc, Hiding, Hobbling, Holocaust, Hurt, Hurting, Ill, Immolation, Impairment, Incapacitation, Infection, Infringement, Injury, Inroad, Kill, Killing, Lambasting, Lapidation, Lathering, Laying waste, Licking, Liquidation, Loser, Losing, Losing streak, Loss, Maiming, Martyrdom, Martyrization, Massacre, Mastery, Mayhem, Mercy killing, Mischief, Murder, Mutilation, Outrage, Overcoming, Overthrow, Overturn, Perdition, Poison, Poisoning, Pollution, Privation, Putting away, Quietus, Ravagement, Razing, Rescission, Ritual killing, Ritual murder, Robbery, Ruin, Ruination, Ruining, Ruinousness, Sabotage, Sacrifice, Scathe, Shooting, Sickening, Slaughter, Slaying, Smash, Spoiling, Spoliation, Stoning, Stripping, Subdual, Subduing, Subjugation, Taking away, Taking of life, Tearing down, Termination, The worst, Thrashing, Total loss, Toxin, Trimming, Trouncing, Undoing, Vanquishment, Venom, Vexation, Weakening, Whipping, Wiping out, Woe, Wrecking, Wrong, Demolition, Knocking down, Pulling down, Tearing down, Levelling, Razing, Razing to the ground, Felling, Dismantling, Breaking up, Wrecking, Ruination, Smashing, Shattering, Blasting, Blowing up, Dynamiting, Bombing, Carpet bombing, Torpedoing

How to use Destruction in a sentence?

  1. Information from the study show that aemolytic anemia may be treated by removing the spleen where most of the red cell destruction occurs.
  2. Sometimes when a project just isnt working it is time for total destruction and to start anew with a better idea.
  3. The destruction of the library in Alexandria.
  4. The destruction of the warehouse by the fire was a considerable factor in deciding to change locations of the headquarters.

Meaning of Destruction & Destruction Definition