Fedex at destination sort facility

Destination Sort Facility means, the final and nearest Service Centre of FedEx in your area, from where the shipment will finally be conducted for delivery at your place. So the package is about to reach the sorting facility and will be attempted for the delivery post.

What does sorting facility mean?

Sorting facilities are large centrally located offices usually dedicated to receiving mail in from surrounding offices. The mail is then processed by employees and a variety of machines. Once processed the mail is labeled for the delivery office or the next sorting facility in the journey to the final destination.

5 things to know about FedEx

The pandemic has pushed FedEx to make several changes, including adding a fee for large shippers and capping the amount some retailers can send each day.

FedEx also pulled its economic forecast in March due to uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are five things to know about FedEx:

1. it’s a major player in the industry

FedEx is the second-largest package/courier carrier behind only UPS, according to industry news website Transport Topics.

Last year, FedEx brought in $69.7 billion in revenue. The company employs 475,000 people and operates in more than 220 countries.

2. It offers more than just shipping

FedEx Express accounts for more than half of the company’s revenue, $37.3 billion in 2019. FedEx’s ground shipping and freight services were the next largest segments of its business.

FedEx offers more than just shipping services. The company provides a variety of document and business services under its FedEx Office segment and supply chain management, e-commerce technology and customs brokerage under its FedEx Logistics branch.

Some of the company’s more surprising offerings include electronics repair and 3D printing.

3. It has thousands of locations

FedEx has 13 major transportation hubs, including seven in the U.S. They include Anchorage, Greensboro, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Memphis, Newark, and Memphis.

The company’s FedEx Office segment has more than 2,100 locations, drop-off, and pickup at more than 11,400 retailers and 34,000 drop boxes across the U.S.

4. FedEx claims to have invented express transportation

FedEx, then known as Federal Express, was founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971. The company delivered 186 packages overnight during its first night of continuous operation in 1973.

Today, FedEx moves an average of more than 15 million shipments each business day.

Smith remains FedEx’s CEO and board chair. He’s held the role of CEO since 1998 and chair of FedEx Express since 1975. He was also the president of FedEx from 1998 until 2017. Smith earned a degree from Yale University and is a Marine Corps veteran.

5. The company is looking toward the future

FedEx has been working on several futuristic innovations.

It is testing a delivery robot called Roxo that can carry 100 pounds of payloads and can even navigate stairs.

FedEx is also working with Volvo to develop technology to help it “platoon” autonomous trucks close together in order to save fuel and reduce traffic congestion.

Problem with a delivery issue

FedEx and other delivery services are making more online presence. If a customer faces one day delay in delivery of the package- this creates a negative impact. A delay is caused due to:

  • The package gets stuck if the address and the document issued by the provider are not cleared in logistics.
  • You are not present at home to collect the package. Even a neighbor’s address is not given to drop the package in your absence.
  • A national holiday, mainly New Year, is celebrated in FedEx. Thus, delivery is delayed.
  • Package documents are not mentioned as per the request from FedEx’s end.
  • Package delivery is delayed due to extreme weather conditions.

These delays are not always FedEx’s fault. Thus, simply concluding FedEx to be bad is injustice over here.

The issue with the driver of FedEx

The customer gets angry if the delivery boy didn’t reach on time. FedEx can’t be blamed directly for this. The responsible drivers always make sure that the packages are delivered to the person concerned. They never put down the parcel at the doorstep without anyone collecting it. The employees are allowed to take prompt decisions if no one is there to collect the package. The address of the neighbor must be mentioned in your package so that they can deliver it.

Not every driver is genuine or sincere. Even if the package is told to be delivered, it didn’t! You can get in touch with the customer care of FedEx. This will help you to know where it went wrong and why!

Package is delayed

This is one of the top reasons for every customer to comment that FedEx is bad and irresponsible. The package is delayed due to ample reasons. The customs are not cleared due to a lack of notable documents. The delivery boy does not identify the package number. The parcel originated at the shippers’ usual location, where FedEx holds it for clear documentation.

The aim of FedEx is to resolve any issue related to the package. FedEx receives missing information on the parcel. This delays the verification process. Unless the details are perfect, FedEx cannot release any parcel out of their store. The verification clearance procedure is secured. It imports duty and VAT.

If you aren’t receiving your FedEx package, you can log in online using your respective online details. There is an option of ‘Estimated Delivery’ where you can track your package delivery date. It often happens that FedEx doesn’t update the tracking details online. The number of the packages shipped is still in transit, and waiting for clearance. Once the shipping is done through the USPS, if you aren’t getting any track of your parcel- reach out to the FedEx customer care services at 80033339.

Complaints about the holiday second package fraud

The number of the package volumes up, when it is near to the holiday season or month. The increased number of items is because someone is buying it, using a stolen identity. For example, a customer buying a leather jacket or similar items- paying dollars. They receive a message ‘failed to deliver.’ This means something is wrong with the parcel or it is stolen.

FedEx, in a similar situation, acts to be more conscious. They will get your delivery item two days before the estimated delivery date. Still, if you face a similar issue, get in touch with FedEx immediately!

Tracking Options of FedEx

FedEx Tracking, the tool at the top of your page gives you shipment updates in just one click. A tool built for speed, simplicity, and convenience. Save your shipments straight to our homepage, so you don’t have to log in to find out where your packages are.

FedEx Mobile Tracking

FedEx Tracking for mobile is our most convenient tracking tool, giving you updates while you’re on the go so you can stay on top of your shipments 24/7 and from any location. It offers all the power of FedEx Tracking in the palm of your hand.

Track by Reference

When creating a shipment, you can assign a reference like a purchase order number or customer number (up to 35 characters) to help track shipments without entering tracking numbers.

Tracking History

Log in to a account to view up to 75 of your most recently tracked shipments. You can store up to 50 tracking numbers in your Tracking History table for easy access. This is also the place to add or change a shipment description for a quick, at-a-glance reference.

I tracked my shipment online and there wasn’t any update. What should I do?

Packages in the FedEx system are scanned at various points between pickup and delivery. It is not unusual for a package to go for more than 24 hours without a scan while in transit – your package may still be traveling as intended. For more information please contact FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339).

When I first tracked my shipment online, it had an estimated delivery date, which is not there anymore. What does this mean?

When a shipment encounters a delay or an exception in handling, we may not be able to accurately state when we expect the package to be delivered. Delivery commitment changes based on the type of delays and our effort to mitigate the delay. For more information on your shipment, please call FedEx Customer Service.

Can I change the delivery address for my shipment?

Yes, you can change the delivery address only if the requested change is in the same country and if the shipment is still at its origin. Please note that rerouting a shipment attracts a correction surcharge. For further information, please contact FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339).

FedEx Pakistan Customer service number:

Call Customer Service at Tel: 111 811 111 to get a shipping quote and transit times. * Transit times and delivery commitments may vary depending on origin and destination. Find the delivery time for your shipment or contact Customer Service for further details.

12 Secrets of FedEx Delivery Drivers


According to Ian, a former driver in Ohio, FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are actually two separate entities. “Most of the routes for Ground are contracted out to save money,” he says. “People can purchase the routes [from FedEx] and then hire their own drivers.” While that shouldn’t affect the consumer all that much, Ian says that he sometimes encountered people who were upset that, as an Express employee, he couldn’t pick up Ground packages. Ground drivers also tend to handle the larger, heavier items that aren’t being sent overnight. “Express can be more business and paperwork,” he says.

Another key difference: FedEx Express drivers often get sleek Mercedes Sprinter vans, while Ground has to settle for whatever their contractor wants them to use. Ian drove for both, but when he was a Ground driver, “I didn’t have any heat or air conditioning. In winter, it was like driving a giant freezer.”


Although Express trucks are fancy, they’re not loaded with GPS or other high-tech distractions. According to Tony, an Express driver based in Georgia, the company frowns on having electronic devices of any kind in the cab. “None of the trucks even have radios,” he says. “You’re supposed to leave your phone in the back with the packages.” Headphones and earbuds are also prohibited, although Tony says some drivers use a wireless Bluetooth speaker upfront to stream music from their phone in the back. For directions, drivers use map books—but most know their route well enough to not need the help.


Despite the occasional security camera footage of FedEx and UPS drivers tossing packages over fences or otherwise trying their best to use boxes as footballs, the reality is that drivers have no desire to mishandle your goods—just the opposite. "If a driver does throw packages [or] break stuff he’ll be cut very quickly,” says James, a Ground driver from Washington. “My contractor has a bonus every month. It’s like $50 to $100 for doing good. It’s an equation [based] on how many mis-deliveries and late pickups I have. If I come clean with nothing wrong for the month, I get the full bonus.”


People tend to try and cloak more valuable shipments by using a little misdirection: Ian says he’s seen a number of packages sent along in diaper boxes to throw people off the value of their contents. “They can weigh something like 80 pounds, or as little as five ounces, but it’s never actual diapers,” he says. He can also tell if people are shipping ammo—it rattles—or blood, but the latter is a bit of a cheat: Biohazards are clearly marked (or should be). “And no one wants to spill them.”


For packages where the sender doesn’t require a signature, FedEx employees are left to use their own discretion on whether to leave a package unattended or reserve delivery for another day. If the address or neighborhood seems to run down or otherwise at a higher risk of theft, they may opt for the latter. If not, they’ll do their best to make the delivery discreet. “I go out of my way to keep packages secure and out of sight from the public,” James says. “For instance, many houses have pillars, so I try to conceal the package behind them so it’s hard to see from the street.”


One of the top reasons your package might be delayed? Because the driver doesn’t know which house is yours. “People are bad about not putting numbers on their house,” Tony says. “I’ll wind up driving up and down the road, trying to figure out which house I need or which entrance to use.”


While FedEx sorting facilities get visits from DEA agents and their drug-sniffing canines, Ian says that drivers can often tell when someone is trying to make them inadvertent drug couriers. “People will wrap packages of weed in tons of duct tape or use some kind of fragrance to mask the smell,” he says. “It’s all a giveaway.” Sometimes, agents will let the drivers deliver the package so recipients can get delivered to a jail cell.


Package volume obviously goes up during the holidays, but Tony says that there’s also an increase in items bought using someone’s stolen identity. “People will order something, maybe thousands of dollars worth of leather jackets, and then say they’ll pick it up at the sorting facility,” he says. “That way, they can avoid having it delivered to the address on file with the [stolen] card.” But there’s a wrinkle: FedEx is often so efficient during this time of the year that items they expect to arrive in three days might get there in two. “Then you get people calling up asking who ordered all these jackets.”


Dogs and delivery people have a rich, occasionally ■■■■■■ history. If you have a time-sensitive delivery coming, you may want to rethink letting your canine roam the front yard. “Some dog owners don’t seem to understand that if your dog is roaming loose I won’t try and get into your property,” James says. “I know some drivers who know specific dogs and refuse to leave their trucks if the dog is there. If the dog walks up to me I’ll pet him and leave the package. But if he gets hostile, I’ll try again the next day.”


When driving, Ian would sometimes notice a tail behind him. That’s because some thieves have been known to follow delivery drivers and scoop up packages as they’re being dropped off. “We were taught to keep an eye out for familiar vehicles following us,” he says. “They knew people weren’t at home during the day, would wait until we were around the corner, and then pick up the package.” If you’re ordering something expensive like a TV, this is a good reason to request a signature. “It blows my mind how many people wouldn’t bother paying the extra $2.50 to make the signature required.”


When Tony sees packages arrive from freight trucks looking like they’ve been beaten with baseball bats, chances are it’s due in part because the shipper has re-used a box too often. The weakened cardboard is giving out, forcing employees to label it damaged upon arrival and hope nothing is broken. “We never want to deliver something broken,” he says. “Sometimes we’ll repackage it.”


Drivers don’t usually have set shifts. Instead, their day ends when all packages have been delivered, so being efficient with their time is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What does delivered at sort facility mean?

Arrived at Sort Facility means the package has arrived at a sort Facility, your package is still in transit.

2- Can I pickup my FedEx package at Destination sort facility?

If by a “destination sort” facility you mean end shipment point prior to delivery to the customer, then if you call the 800 for FedEx and request that your package be held for pick-up, they will do this.

3- What does it mean when a parcel has been sorted?

Generally means that it’s sitting waiting to move to the next point on the route to the final destination.

4- Does in transit mean it will be delivered today FedEx?

If the tracking status of your shipment is “In Transit”, it means that your package is on its way to its final destination. It does not necessarily mean that your package is in a moving vehicle such as an aircraft of truck, it may be at a FedEx facility. FedEx can reroute a shipment if it is authorized by the sender.

5- Does FedEx steal packages?

FedEx generally covers the first $100 of value of a package unless you purchase additional insurance or can prove that they damaged an item worth more than that. FedEx coverage extends to lost and damaged packages, but there may not be anything that they can do if the package was successfully delivered and then stolen.

6- Does FedEx intentionally hold packages?

They intentionally hold packages coming in from other countries until Customs, and any other concerned government agencies can do their clearance inspections. If a plane can’t take off due to weather conditions, the packages are intentionally held.

7- Is UPS more reliable than FedEx?

UPS is the most popular service for large packages and overnight deliveries. When something is time-sensitive and you need it to arrive on time, UPS has the best track record. Reliability: The UPS and FedEx services are much more stable and therefore, preferred for businesses and their time-critical shipments.

8- Is DHL better than FedEx?

Both DHL and FedEx have their own unique service options and pros and cons, with FedEx typically being a better option for rapid deliveries in the U.S. and DHL rates generally working better for cross-border shipments. Ultimately, the choice between the two couriers comes down to your own specific business needs.

9- Is UPS or FedEx more expensive?

FedEx Home Delivery has the same delivery time and costs as FedEx Ground, so it’s still more expensive than UPS Ground. Both services deliver on Saturdays; only FedEx has standard Sunday delivery. And, while busy UPS drivers often work into the evenings, only FedEx has pre-arranged evening delivery options.

10- Which mail carrier is fastest?

Priority Mail Express is the fastest mail service offered by the Postal Service. It provides guaranteed 1-Day or 2-Day expedited service by 3 p.m. for any mail-able matter and includes $100 of insurance coverage. Priority Mail Express delivery is offered 365 days a year in many locations.


Destination Sort Facility mean, the final and nearest Service Centre of FedEx in your area, from where the shipment will finally be conducted for delivery at your place. So the package is about to reach the sort facility and will be attempted for delivery post.

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FedEx at destination sort facility is referred to the final and closest FedEx Service Center in your area, from which the shipment will be conducted for delivery to your location. As a result, the package is on its way to the sorting facility, where it will be sorted.

FedEx at destination sort facility

Suppose it is not arrived by chance. However, if you have a shipment that requires a signature, they have made three visits to your home. Then you must either return to the location and retrieve it or call them to come back out.

Surprising Facts About FedEx

Sr Facts
1 Invented express transportation
2 It has thousands of locations
3 Varifeid by Customers
4 Major player in the industry

When a package arrives at the destination’s sort facility, it has typically come to the city to which it is being delivered and is awaiting sorting and placement on the appropriate delivery vehicle.

This implies you will receive your delivery the same day - as soon as they can load it onto the vehicle traveling to your neighborhood. If that day is a non-business or non-working day, you should receive it the next business or non-working day. If that is the case, you should receive it on Monday.

A Comprehensive Guide to FedEx Delivery Vehicles


The term “FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” refers to the FedEx vehicle that will deliver the package to its destination. It is completed by 8 p.m. on business days. FedEx typically provides messages the same day they arrive.

If there is any doubt about the delivery of your shipment, you will receive a delay warning a few days sooner. In technical terms, this indicates that FedEx’s status on the parcel’s delivery will depart from the original region.

The FedEx Parcel’s current status

Numerous considerations must be made when FedEx delivers your package. A few additional terms must be understood on your end while handling FedEx delivery items.

Arrive at the desired location

This indicates that the cargo is in scanning mode and handled by the FedEx department. The status does not necessarily mean that your parcel is at your doorstep or on its way to you. Frequently, packages entering the shipment arrive at an intermediate state, such as a cargo redistribution center.

At the final sorting facility

This statement indicates that the parcel is in the recipient’s immediate vicinity. The shipment must be arranged once more in the FedEx facility before it is delivered to the recipient.

FedEx’s local facility

This indicates that your package will be stored at a FedEx freight facility. It will be processed promptly and delivered to the specified location.

Deliver to the specified location

The package is delivered to the intended recipient or someone in the same area as the intended recipient. The name implied that collection would occur in the beneficiaries’ absence.


Frequently, an unexpected event occurs that prevents FedEx parcels from being delivered.


Sorting facilities at the destination. It’s being sorted at the depot closest to your area in preparation for loading onto the delivery vehicle. Delivery is expected today or on the next regularly scheduled delivery day.

FedEx Call Centers


Each day, more than 500,000 telephone calls are handled by 46 call centers situated throughout the world. The Internet site for FedEx Russia is another technical innovation that enhances customer comfort and removes the need to contact Customer Care.

Customers can log in and track their packages at their leisure. While these technological advancements enable Federal Express to deliver rapid and convenient service, customers who prefer the “human touch” or seek additional information can still connect with a contact center agent.

An Ultimate Guide to FedEx

  • FedEx unveiled the APEC Tariff Database in May 1997, a new Internet-based customs and trade database aimed at facilitating global commerce.

  • The Australian Customs Service launched the tariff database project in 1994 in response to the demand for a single source of information detailing the various countries’ customs rules and taxes.

  • However, the APEC Tariff Database Task Force agreed in 1995 that, due to the demand for an accessible source of data, the information should be housed on a World Wide Web site.

  • The APEC Tariff Database is the only source of aggregated tariff and customs data for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s 18 member economies.

  • It exemplifies unprecedented intergovernmental and private sector cooperation and represents a significant step toward APEC’s goal of trade liberalization.



Federal Express uses COSMOS (Customer Operations Service Master On-line System) is a computerized package tracking system to monitor each stage of the delivery cycle. FedEx employees are constantly entering data into COSMOS using a variety of different approaches.


Between pickup andpickupry, handheld devices called SuperTrackers are utilized to scan the box an average of five times. At each stage of the delivery process, couriers scan the bar code on each waybill with their SuperTracker.

Scans are performed at pickup at the origin station, upon arrival at the destination station, placement on the courier’s route van, and delivery.

SuperTrackers securely store and send the following details: location, routing instructions, and service type requested.

Once a courier returns to the van, the information from the SuperTracker is downloaded to DADS, which updates the COSMOS system’s package location.

Thus, a customer may determine the actual location of their package and the estimated delivery date at any moment, whether they contact Customer Service or monitor the box themselves via the FedEx Website or FedEx Ship software.


Through computer terminals, customer service employees enter shipping information into COSMOS, alerting the dispatcher nearest to the pickup region. Dispatchers communicate with couriers via DADS, compact digitally aided dispatch computer networks found in all courier vans.


Following are the most common questions about FedEx destination facility:

1 - Is it possible for me to pick up a package at the FedEx destination facility?

Even after a shipment has been shipped, you can request that we hold it for collection at a nearby location. There is no need to wait for a delivery attempt when there are multiple shipments. Input the tracking number online or call 1.800 to obtain further information. 1.800 GoFedEx.

2 - What does it mean when a package is cleared for shipment mean?

By the time the jet reaches its destination, Customs has cleared a significant number of goods. While the plane is unloading, the Expressclear system identifies goods that require examination and generates “cleared” Customs labels for the other packages. Shipments that have been cleared are transferred to vehicles for rapid delivery.

3 - Will my package be delivered in one day through FedEx?

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday for home deliveries. If you received a message from FedEx indicating that your shipment will be delivered by the end of the day, this means that your package should arrive before 8 p.m. on the delivery date.

4 - Is FedEx available on Saturdays and Sundays to pick up packages?

FedEx will collect on Saturday and Sunday to deliver on Sunday or Monday. This enables you to outperform client expectations. Additionally, it might assist you in managing orders throughout the week.

5 - Can I intercept a FedEx package?

Maintain a secure location for your package. Request that a package already on its way to you be redirected to a secure FedEx site for pickup. To begin, input your tracking number.

6 - Is FedEx responsible for customs clearance?

FedEx provides average customs clearance for import goods at no additional price. FedEx Express services include expert customs brokerage. FedEx customs brokerage services include the calculation of duties and taxes.

7 - How can I increase the speed of FedEx delivery?

If you are the shipper and would want your shipment to arrive sooner than the allotted two days, log into your FedEx account or call 1.800. Go. FedEx 1.800. 463.3339 to adjust your shipping speed.

8 - Is FedEx vacation hold free?

Additionally, it is free. To place a temporary hold on your items, register for FedEx Delivery Manager®. We will retain FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages for a period of up to 14 days. Additionally, it is free.

9 - What should I do if I receive a FedEx package from someone else?

If FedEx delivered the package, please contact our customer care and explain the circumstances. They’ll arrange for a picpickupd pickupeliver the box to the intended recipient or return it to the sender.

10 - What is the cost of FedEx picpickup

pickup express Pickup is $4 per box when requested through or FedEx Customer Service.


To this day, FedEx Express is the industry leader in expedited delivery, thanks to its speedy and dependable service. More than 200 nations around the world are connected by time-definite shipping, connecting industries that together account for more than 99 percent of global GDPG.D.P

FedEx Express has delivered over 6.5 million packages and 29 million pounds of cargo each working day, making it the world’s largest express delivery firm.

FedEx Express also boasts unmatched air route administrations and transport systems, as well as cutting-edge information technology. In the FedEx Express enterprise segment’s quarterly results, FedEx Custom Critical,, and FedEx Cross Border are all active.

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