Advance Premium

Advance Premium,

What Does Advance Premium Mean?

  1. Advance Premium means, Advances are payments made by the insurer before the respective dates of payment by the insurer. It may also refer to the first payment in a policy for which the premium has not been calculated.

  2. The definition of Advance Premium is: Most companies give the policyholder the right to pay a premium in advance.

Literal Meanings of Advance Premium


Meanings of Advance:
  1. Especially move on.

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  3. Current (theory or proposal)

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Sentences of Advance
  1. The troops advanced on the capital

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Synonyms of Advance

cultivate, lend, deposit, money up front, introduce, make progress, sent on ahead, quantum leap, credit, benefit, headway, invention, moves, development, promote, explorative, forward, proceed, further, preliminary, draw nearer, approach, near, suggest, put up


Sentences of Premium
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of a pensionable worker includes the premiums that must be paid to the insurance company in addition to his salary to get equal rights.

Synonyms of Premium

insurance charge, extra amount, regular payment, additional payment, remuneration, prize, insurance payment, instalment, extra, percentage, reward, bonus, surcharge, perk, additional fee, extra charge, recompense