Technical Analyst

Technical Analyst,

Technical Analyst Definition:

A technical analyst, also called a chartist or market technician, is a securities researcher or broker who analyzes investments based on past prices and technical indicators. Technicians believe that short-term price movements are the result of supply and demand forces in the market for a particular security.

  • Technical analysts, also called graphists or technicians, use technical analysis in their discussions and research.
  • Technical analysis looks at price patterns and trends based on historical performance to identify signals based on sentiment and market psychology.
  • Technical analysts can complete their training and education with a Certified Market Technician (CMT) degree.

Meaning of Technical Analyst: A stock analyst who uses charts and computer programs to study investments, predict future stock prices, and more.

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Meanings of Technical:
  1. It refers to a particular subject, art, profession or technique.

  2. Used with and related to science and industry.

  3. Due to mechanical damage.

  4. Subject to the strict application or interpretation of any law or regulation.

Sentences of Technical
  1. Technical terms

  2. Great technical success

  3. Technical problem

  4. The arrest was a technical violation of the agreement

Synonyms of Technical

scientific, mechanical, non-theoretical, applied, applying science, practical


Sentences of Analyst
  1. Suggestions were made to increase the level and behavior of analysts.

  2. There are many reasons why most journalists, analysts, television analysts and even researchers are wrong.

  3. An analyst at Radikati published a response to the review under a pseudonym.

  4. Hong Kong Disneyland has also hired a business systems analyst, tax analyst and service engineer for the Disneyland Hotel.

  5. John L. Kane is an environmental analyst for public water and electricity systems in the Phoenix area.

  6. Recent analysts' comments suggest that the industry will be under severe pressure as global competition intensifies.

  7. Protests by analysts, critics and many students are expected to openly oppose the new fuel price policy.

  8. Private security analysts say there is a high risk of attacks on mansions in the country, which has been hit by gunfire.

  9. Analysts and critics have commented on why the West Indies left the game by such a wide margin.

  10. The first time many Pemberkshire farmers found out that the pipe could cross their land was when surveyors and analysts arrived abruptly.

Synonyms of Analyst

exponent, evaluator, blogger, commenter, monitor, analyst, expounder, interpreter, judge, pundit, observer