E-enabled: What is the Meaning of E-enabled?

Able to communicate and / or do business on the Internet.

Literal Meanings of E-enabled


Meanings of E:
  1. Euro or Euro.

  2. An electron

  3. The transverse number, which is the basis of a natural logarithm, is approximately equal to 2.71828.

  4. The fifth letter of the alphabet.

  5. In the form of the capital letter E.

  6. The third note of the C major diatonic scale.

  7. Earth

  8. West east.

  9. Easter

  10. Ecstasy medications or ecstasy pills.

  11. Engineer or engineer

  12. English

  13. Electronically


Meanings of Enabled:
  1. Suitable for use with specific applications or systems.

Sentences of Enabled
  1. Bluetooth enabled device.