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ESS Wakefern is the sign-in portal of Oracle PeopleSoft. Wakefern Food Corp is the Online Employee Self Service Manager and related staff. The site has a high level of trust and users have not recently reported current threats.

ESS Wakefern

Wakefern Website

Founded in 1946, Wakefern Food Corporation is the 74th largest privately-owned non-governmental enterprise in the world, the largest cooperative grocery retailer and the fourth largest cooperative in the United States, and is New Jersey’s largest private employer in 2017(39,500 workers). By 2020, Wakefern had 50 and one member companies which have owned and operated 359 supermarkets in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hamburg, Rhode Island, and Virginia and which operate under ShopRite, Price Rite Marketplace, Fresh Grocer, Dearborn, Gourmet Garage, and the Fairway Market.

Wakefern is the fourth largest cooperative in the United States, owning one of the largest trucking fleets in the North-East. Revenues for fiscal 2016 were 16 billion USD and for 2017 16.3 billion USD. In 2011, Supermarket News awarded the “Retailer Excellence Award” to Wakefern and the “Retailer of the Year” to the “Griffin Report and progressive grocer.” In 2012, NJBIZ Magazine named this company one of N.J.'s best places to work. Wakefern was 17th among supermarket operators in the United States in 2011, in terms of sales.

Wakefern offers the ShopRite and Dearborn Market to all of its member stores as do Price Rite and Fresh Grocer networks. In July 2007, it stated that, for the première time in the US and elsewhere, it will sell its wholesale services to third parties grocery operators. Wakefern has since announced deals in the New York City and the Heinen Fine Foods chain in Ohio as well as in Bermuda’s The Market Place to supply Grisettes and Morton Williams grocery chains.

Company Name ESS Wakefern
Business with Shop-rite
Address 23 Marshall Hill Road West Milford​, NJ, 07480-2144 United States
Phone (973) 728-3458
Company Description In Western Milford, NJ, USA, Wakefern Food Corp. is a member of the food & food industry. The staff of Wakefern Food Corp. is 89. The Wakefern Food Corp. business family has 428 businesses.
Industry Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

Food Corporation Webite

What is ESS?

The self-service employee, or ESS, is the most contemporary HRIS function available. ESS enables employees to carry out a wide range of duties relating to human resources and work, otherwise performed by staff or management. Self-service employees can enable several firms to save time and efficiency. However, for any organization, the option may not be right.

It is part of the program that all your staff access, not just human resources specialists, but also ESS a self-service site. Employees can access information about their payrolls, timetables, benefits, updates, and more. But why is this element of your HRIS so important? Developing business cultures also involve the development of HR systems. While it may seem like a brainer, HR systems have been evolving over decades from the patchwork manual approach. The HRIS landscape makes fast steps towards a more rational and efficient system with the advent of self-service HRIS.

ESS Common Characteristics

Most self-service systems of employees allow employees to modify personal information such as addresses, contact information, and banking information - if authorization is required. Some ESS systems allow employees to examine information about schedules and payrolls. In general, even the rudimentary self-service systems enable staff to make requests for delays and enable supervisors to approve such requests.

Employers, managers, and employers often have open self-service choices for registration. All parties will save time and many companies will be prevented from disrupting open registration. The application procedure may also be easier and the information provided more comprehensive due to the interactive format, depending on the HRIS and the insurance carrier.

ESS Advantages

Once ESS has been implemented properly, productivity and efficiency benefits can occur immediately. Managers and workers can save hours and irritation every day if they do not deal with planning concerns, deadlines, and open enrollment questions. Employees can obtain the schedule and other home information that saves their employees time and helps them feel empowered.

Furthermore, entry problems and other problems may be avoided by enabling staff to enter their information. Recruitment and onboarding via the HRIS can be avoided as long as it is possible to immediately link to the self-service portal. The possibility of incorrect information may be considerably reduced by eliminating the necessity for double entry and allowing employees to assess their data.

ESS Disadvantages

The main disadvantage in investing in ESS solutions is the amount that each employee needs to grasp how the system is to be utilized. The process of deployment might cost a corporation a lot of time and money and hence remove these resources from routine operations. For a business to perceive the value of using the system, ESS must also often be used by employees.

If staff does not fully comprehend the use of ESS options, communication gaps can be created. Moreover, some employees can seek to use the new system while others use older manual systems and processes for workarounds. If a company decides to use self-service options for joint HR activities, it is essential that all staff are on the same page and will be ready to proceed.

ShopRite wakefern

Shoprite Wakefern

For 40 years, Shoprite promised lower prices. It was founded to help and develop the largest food store in Africa. Africa. More than 500 sales outlets and 22 million buyers are currently available. At very low prices, Shoprite assures products.

Not all have time to shop at the store for some reason. So Shoprite buys fresh items and clients can buy new items from home effortlessly. Every day there is a new household item. Cash market services also help pay bills, remittances, tickets for airlines, and more. The alcohol shop and the MediRite pharmacy can also be used at the same place.

Advantages of Shoprite Wakefern

Shoprite has some of the most popular advantages. These advantages make work for the staff considerably easier. Consequently, several benefits are listed below and any staff can promote employment.

  1. Staff can conveniently manage their purchase lists
  2. Your daily job report can be updated
  3. Manage all customers with payments and returns.
  4. Check online complaints and give yourself remedies
  5. Update your stock every day

The ess wakefern Shoprite portal offers you the most straightforward and fundamental advantages. Let us now grasp the login method, but let me tell you first of all the factors needed for the login procedure.

Important Facts about Login to Shoprite Wakefern

Two factors are needed in the Shoprite login process. The two are listed in the next section.

  1. User username created
  2. The password for this user and the user-generated

These are the two essential factors needed for the login process, as explained earlier. No user can log in to Shoprite without the following (ess wakefern login). Afterward, let us start to discuss the login process after it becomes evident.

Login Procedure

You wish to complete the registration process on ess wakefern and just follow the following guidelines. Then you may connect to Shoprite effortlessly.

  1. Visit member wakefern to begin the login procedure
  2. Enter your username after accessing this page.
  3. Enter the password you like.
  4. Click the “Login” button after you have entered both.
  5. You are then routed to the homepage of ShopRite, such as Wakefern website.

These methods are really simple and anyone may use the Shoprite Portal effortlessly. You cannot log in to the portal if any entered data is wrong. You can also address this problem if you forget your password. Read the following for answers.

Change Password

Any user can quickly forget his default password by 90 percent. Then, if you use extremely simple logic, you can quickly change your password. To change your password again, follow the steps below.

  1. Portal of ShopRite Have I forgotten my Click Change Password?
  2. Then you will go to a new page.
  3. You are asked to name a user.
  4. Enter your password or email registration if you remember
  5. Your firm will send you an email with a link.
  6. Click this link.
  7. Then create and enter your new password twice
  8. Click Sign In when finished.
  9. Your password has successfully been changed

You may then quickly change your password if you follow the procedures above. Then you may quickly log in with your new password after the process is finished.

Troubleshooting in Signing In

Problem resolution at all sites is a very prevalent issue. However, some technicians still labor ceaselessly to remedy the problem. A computer system problem can be one of the reasons behind that. As a consequence, some of them continue to work hard to overcome it.

You may have problems with logging in to online services without high-speed Internet. Get a decent and decent link to web speed and face comparable problems. Then make sure you use a good internet connection to utilize the ShopRite portal before commencing the login process.

Another difficulty is that your web browser, such as the ShopRite portal, is not stable enough. Therefore, log in with an important web browser to Northern Health online. So only high-quality browsers with additional functionality can be used. This helps you to easily complete the login process.


1. How do I acquire my wakefern W2?

Click on ‘Current Year-End Statements Access’ from the Year-End Tax Statements option to purchase your current W2 Form.

2. How do I access Oracle’s paystub?

Click on ‘My Job Information’ to check your salary or employment history. Click “My Paystub” to view a current or past paystub.

3. How can I update the password of my wakefern?

You need to connect to our services with a User ID and Password. A secure link provides services. Click the Forgot your password link, call the Wakefern Federal Credit Union (908-527-3749 opt. 2 or 877-211-6999) for difficulties in logging in.

4. What is the salary of ESS?

The self-service employee or ESS has the most modern HRIS functionality. ESS is a software gateway that all your employees, not only HR specialists, have access to. Employees can obtain information on salaries, scheduling, and benefits, update their information, and more.

5. How can I get online with my W2?

By visiting our Get Transcript page, you can receive the salary and income transcript, which contains your employer’s federal tax data sent to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Forms 4506-T, Tax Return Request may also be used.

6. Does Oracle have Payroll?

A completely integrated solution with your HR process is Oracle Payroll (part of Oracles Cloud HCM), which enables the payroll to be compliant and adaptable worldwide, regardless of the industry, the size of your organization, or the kind of worker. Oracle simplifies the payroll process and provides a greater alignment between human resources, finance, and business.

7. Does ShopRite own wakefern?

Currently, 50 members of the Cooperative own more than 250 Supermarkets in Wakefern in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Additionally, the fully owned subsidiary, Wakefern Food Corp, is ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.

8. What is the objective of ESS?

An ESS software enables users to transform company data into rapidly accessible reporting at the executive level such as those used by the departments for billing, accounts, and staffing. An ESS improves executive decision-making. ESS is also known as Executive ITS.

9. Does Shoprite belong to one person?

ShopRite has evolved into the United States’ largest retail cooperative and New Jersey’s largest employer. The cooperative consists of 50 members who own and run supermarkets individually under the umbrella of ShopRite.

10. Does PeopleSoft make a salary?

PeopleSoft Payroll is the engine for calculating gross income, deductions, and related fees for North America. General Ledger, projects, recruiting, and compensation apps are integrated with PeopleSoft HR, Time, and Labor to organize the variety of payments for salaries, awards, and expenses.


Self-Service Oracle PeopleSoft (wakefern website) is an electronically distributed staff report portal that enables staff to access and amend information about their work with the Wakefern Group (shop rite, price rite, the fresh grocer, Dearborn, Readington, wholesome ■■■■■, and shop rite kitchen). You can print your current and history pay stubs with the oracle PeopleSoft self-service, but your recent pay Stubs won’t show until the payroll process is finished. Deductions, yearly, sick and personal leave, changes to the residence, telephone number, and contact information will also be displayed.

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Employee Self Service (ESS)

Shoprite pay stub login

Shoprite pay stub login allows you to sign in using username and password you have created during sign up. Open the website, fill in the credentials and enjoy!

Wakefern portal login

Wakefern portal login requires User ID and password to log in. Each user who sign up is given a user id which he/she can use for signing in.

How do i get my w2 from shoprite?

To view the W-2 excerpt from the Tax Form Management website, go to and enter ShopRite’s employer code: 10410 and log in with your Social Security number and PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How do you check my salary slip? If I work at ShopRite?

ShopRite, Price Rite, DearBorn, Fresh Grocer, and Wakefern employees can quickly and easily verify online access to pay stubs and tax statement forms by logging into their employee self-service system. The self-service portal can be accessed through

Q: What is ESS in Peoplesoft?

Fluid ESS’s personal data enables access to transactions on the left-hand side of the navigation to which the user has not been granted access via the security. The user can select any transaction and perform updates without security access to that transaction. This contains change of address, contact details etc.

Q: How do I view the pay stub in Oracle?

To view your salary or employment history, click on “My Employment Information.” To view your current or past paystub, click on “My Paystub.” “My Bank Information”.

Q: Does Oracle handle payroll?

Oracle Payroll (part of Oracle Cloud HCM) is a completely unified solution with your HR process that enables compliant and configurable payroll accounting around the world - regardless of industry, company size or employee type. Oracle streamlines the payroll process and gives you better alignment between HR, finance and operations.

Q: Who is the CEO of Wakefern?

Joseph Colalillo is the CEO of Wakefern.


Shoprite pay stub login allows you to sign in using username and password you have created during sign up. Open the website, fill in the credentials and enjoy!