Definition of Ledger:

  1. A book or other collection of financial accounts of a particular type.

  2. A flat stone slab covering a grave.

  3. A horizontal scaffolding pole, parallel to the face of the building.

  4. Collection of an entire group of similar accounts in double-entry bookkeeping. Also called book of final entry, a ledger records classified and summarized financial information from journals (the books of first entry) as debits and credits, and shows their current balances. In manual accounting systems, a ledger is usually a loose leaf binder with a separate page for each ledger account. In computerized systems, it consists of interlinked digital files, but follows the same accounting principles as the manual system.

Synonyms of Ledger

Book, Account book, Record book, Register, Registry, Log, Domesday Book, Account, Account book, Accounts payable ledger, Accounts receivable ledger, Address book, Adversaria, Album, Annual, Appointment calendar, Appointment schedule, Balance sheet, Bank ledger, Bankbook, Bill, Bill of fare, Bill of lading, Blankbook, Blotter, Books, Calendar, Card ledger, Carte, Cashbook, Catalog, Classified catalog, Commonplace book, Cost card, Cost ledger, Cost sheet, Court calendar, Daybook, Desk calendar, Diary, Diptych, Docket, Engagement book, Factory ledger, Inventory, Invoice, Journal, Log, Logbook, Loose-leaf notebook, Manifest, Memo book, Memorandum book, Memory book, Menu, Notebook, Pad, Passbook, Petty cashbook, Pocket notebook, Pocketbook, Police blotter, Purchase ledger, Record book, Register, Registry, Sales journal, Sales ledger, Scrapbook, Scratch pad, Spiral notebook, Statement, Stock ledger, Stores ledger, Suspense ledger, Table, Tablet, Triptych, Workbook, Writing tablet, Yearbook

How to use Ledger in a sentence?

  1. It is important that you keep great records in your ledger so that you can always tell well your money is coming from and going to.
  2. The total balance of the purchases ledger.
  3. The ledger stone of William Averie.
  4. The small family hardware business hired an accountant to hand the companys expenses and ledger s during the busy summer season.
  5. The girder is in a position parallel to the ledger and supports the opposite end of the joists.
  6. The director of finance kept track of all our accounts in a master ledger , this master document allowed us to see the details of who owed us money and who we needed to issue checks to which helped us see how well we were doing.

Meaning of Ledger & Ledger Definition