Resource Curse

Resource Curse,

What Does Resource Curse Mean?

  1. Definition of Resource Curse: The resource curse is a term used to describe a situation of contradiction in which a country performs poorly despite its valuable natural resources. The curse of resources can also be called the contradiction of resource net or abundance.

    • The curse of resources refers to countries whose economic performance is below average, despite benefiting from natural resources.
    • This is especially true when a country concentrates all means of production in resource-dependent sectors.
    • This makes you rely heavily on the price of some products, making it difficult for the economy to grow.
    • Angola and Saudi Arabia are plagued by natural resources, although Saudi Arabia has managed to diversify in recent years.

Literal Meanings of Resource Curse


Meanings of Resource:
  1. Stocks or stockpiles of money, materials, personnel and other assets that an individual or organization is effectively running.

  2. An action or strategy that can be taken in adverse circumstances.

  3. Leisure work

  4. Provide the necessary equipment, money, personnel and other assets to run (a person or organization) effectively.

Sentences of Resource
  1. The local government complained of a lack of resources

  2. Sometimes, anger is the only way out.

  3. Make sure primary health workers have adequate resources

Synonyms of Resource

money, interest, leisure activity, amusement, hobby, divertissement, plot, deep pockets, scheme, riches, manoeuvre, course, pastime, measure, agency, recreation, means, way, trick, entertainment, wealth, resort, device, funds, pursuit, stratagem, tool, plan, machination, method


Meanings of Curse:
  1. Serious statements intended to arouse supernatural forces to harm or punish someone or something.

  2. A provocative word used to express anger

  3. Call or use the curse.

  4. When you are angry or angry, say offensive words.

Sentences of Curse
  1. Send a curse on him

  2. His mouth uttered cruel oaths and curses

  3. The family often looked cursed

  4. Drivers swear

Synonyms of Curse

take the Lord's name in vain, obscenity, four-letter word, swear word, utter profanities, blaspheme, imprecation, be blasphemous, vulgarity, dirty word, the evil eye, imprecate, hoodoo, oath, malediction, be foul-mouthed, put the evil eye on, expletive, swear like a trooper, blasphemy, profanity, use foul language, execrate, swear, utter oaths, voodoo, damn