Definition of Supermarket:

  1. A large store that sells a variety of food and household items to customers.

  2. A large self-service store selling foods and household goods.

Synonyms of Supermarket

Store, Retail store, Outlet, Retail outlet, Reseller, Cash and carry, Appetizing store, Bakery, Bakeshop, Bodega, Boutique, Butcher shop, Chain store, Co-op, Concession, Cooperative, Countinghouse, Country store, Creamery, Dairy, Deli, Delicatessen, Department store, Dime store, Discount house, Discount store, Emporium, Establishment, Five-and-ten, Food shop, Food store, Fruit stand, General store, Grocery, Grocery store, Groceteria, Health food store, House, Magasin, Mail-order house, Market, Mart, Meat market, Pork store, Post, Retail store, Salon, Shop, Store, Superette, Trading post, Variety shop, Variety store, Vegetable store, Warehouse, Wareroom, Wholesale house

How to use Supermarket in a sentence?

  1. Annabelle went to the supermarket with her reusable shopping bags to pick up tomatoes, bread crumbs, pasta sauce and oregano for the dinner, and more toothpaste to replace her empty tube.
  2. The supermarket was closed for the day, so we had to go somewhere else that night to get what we needed.
  3. You may want to put your product out at a supermarket because they have many locations and people always go there.
  4. Very little food at shops, supermarkets, and restaurants is local or sustainable.

Meaning of Supermarket & Supermarket Definition

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