Decision making

Decision making,

Definition of Decision making:

  1. The process or decision-making process, especially the most important.

  2. Thoughtful process of selecting a logical option from the available options.

    When trying to make good decisions, you need to understand the pros and cons of each option and all alternatives. In order to make effective decisions, one must be able to predict the outcome of each option and, based on all the options, decide which option is best for that particular situation.

How to use Decision making in a sentence?

  1. Without thinking much about my fellow lawyers' reaction to my new face tattoo, everyone questioned my ability to make decisions.
  2. This system encourages employee participation in company decision making.
  3. Board decision-making is complex in the company's high-level thinking and critical analysis.
  4. He has excellent decision-making skills and is capable of making decisions that benefit not only himself, but everyone around him.

Meaning of Decision making & Decision making Definition