Cheap Liability Auto Insurance in Texas

Do you often search which companies are offering cheap liability auto insurance in Texas? Liability auto insurance is the insurance that is required by law in the state. It helps you to cover the damage of the person that is caused by your car.
Cheap car insruance

What is liability auto insurance?

Before starting the topic about liability auto insurance companies in Texas, you must know what is liability auto insurance? Liability auto insurance is the car insurance that covers the damage of the other’s property if you found at fault in an accident. If you have liability insurance, your insurer can quickly pay the damage you caused. So, it is significant for everyone to buy liability auto insurance. You may think that what are the requirements for liability auto insurance?

Summary: The above-discussed topic straightforward the liability auto insurance so that you can buy it easily.

Requirements for Liability auto insurance:

There are individual requirements for liability auto insurance; you must know about those requirements. Texas imposed a specific limit of insurance for all people. Drivers of Texas must satisfy those requirements, which are given below.

Drivers must calculate their assets and manage the liability mentioned above. After discussing the basics, you must be aware of the companies that are offering cheap auto insurance?

Cheap Liability Auto Insurance companies in Texas:

Although we recommend state farm, there are many other companies as well. Now, moving to the more critical part of the article, you will be aware of the companies offering cheap liability auto insurance in Texas. Let’s get started without delay.

No Name of Company Average annual premium
1 Fred Loya Insurance $979
2 State Farm $1458
3 Geico $2140
4 Chubb $2281
5 Nationwide $2481
6 USAA $1171
7 AAA $1458
8 Allstate $2140
9 Esurance $1055
10 Progressive $1132

Fred Loya Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance was created in 1974, and its website uses cookies to provide better service to users. You can easily get a quote online and pay accordingly. But the customer service is so awful. Customers are not satisfied with this company due to a lack of communication.

| Company | Full coverage|
| Fred Loya Insurance |$979|

State Farm:

State Farm was established in 1922 and is the best company in providing the cheap auto insurance liability to the people. As you can observe in the name of state farm that this is for farmers. In 1922, when the farming is not producing enough income, the Farmer created a State Farm. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1511, which is the cheapest among all.
State Farm
This company provides insurance to the automobile of farmers. The owner expands its business in many aspects. They add millions of insurance policies to the company policy.

| Company |Full coverage|
| State Farm |$1511|


Geico was established in 1936 and created for Government employees, as discussed above, that the USAA is for military people. Geico is for the civilians so they can get benefits from this company. In 1956, the student invested in the Geico. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1198, which is the cheapest among all.
Cheap Liability in Texas
The company focused on increasing the reach and increase the number of its users. This company also uses the famous slogan “15 minutes could save 15 percent or more.” This becomes more prominent and popular**.** This slogan means that life is important than anything else. After this step, the Geico became the second famous insurance company in the united states. It has the best customer service as compared to all and stood at the top of the list.
| Company | Full coverage|
| Geico | $1198|


Chubb was founded in 1882 and offered excellent customer service; its prices are high for many reasons. It rarely offers any premium auto insurance discounts that will be awarded to the lucky person. Chubb offers many discounts to valuable customers.


Nationwide is founded in 1925 and is providing insurance to rural farmers. The company first expanded to the west, then to the east and all over the world. It is also known as stock car racing. It is providing all the services to the client. Now, Nationwide is the largest company in financial status and providing services all across the world. It is providing services in cars, boats, motorcycles, and other economic issues.


USAA stands for the "United States Automobile Association" that gives cheap car insurance. It was founded in 1922 and considered the customer as the member. To get the membership, you need to qualify for the membership. For membership, you must be an active member of the military, retired veteran, a member spouse, and son or daughter. So we can say that it is only for military personnel. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1023, which is the cheapest among all.

Company Minimum Coverage Full coverage
USAA $415 $1023


Allstate was founded in 1931 and was the first company that uses the car’s age to provide insurance. It aims to offer cheap car insurance to the people. People are pleased with its services because of its claim, but the company does not have the highest rank. It gives insurance to the people and other civilians instead of military people, just like the USAA. You can get a quote in a blink of an eye. Your data is in protected hands. In case of any sudden accident, you can get the amount to survive in that condition.


AAA is founded in 1902 and at last because of its high cost, but it provides durability and other things. You can see the difference between the rates. However, its velocity is high but less than the qualities of the state. With 100 years of experience,

AAA drivers are better than the other drivers. It will help you to find the best coverage of life insurance. Go and explore more things about the company.


Esurance is founded in 1999 and is famous because of its financial ability to fulfill the auto insurance. At the same time, the complaint rate is above average. But it is offering cheap auto insurance in California. Esurance is better than many other insurance companies.


DairyLand was founded in 1953 and gave many perks to the people. It provides reasonable rates to the motorcyclists. If you are motorcyclists, then this is good for you. It focuses on high-risk insurance for the drivers. It covers personal liability, comprehensive liability, comprehensive liability, and much more.

Summary: As the above-discussed companies providing information about the companies, you can get the quotes from their sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?

Many companies offer the cheapest full coverage auto insurance is as follows.

No Name of Company Full coverage Amount
1 USAA $109
2 Erie $127
3 State Farm $145

What is a minimum liability in Texas?

Texas law requires $30,000 for injuries per person and $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 damage per property damage. You can get many things besides all the above mentioned. So, explore the companies offering cheap auto insurance in Texas.

Why is auto insurance is so expensive in Texas?

Car insurance is expensive because the state has three major cities and has the most significant population. As the cost of insurance increases, so there will be a rise in the rate of premium. But some companies are offering cheap auto insurance in Texas.

How much the full coverage costs in Michigan?

Auto insurance in Michigan is very expensive because it is too costly. The average cost of full coverage is $2610. But you can get the lower insurance policy as well.


That’s it, guys, and I hope you get the valuable information from the above article. Liability auto insurance is the car insurance that covers the damage of the other’s property if you found at fault in an accident. If you have liability insurance, your insurer can quickly pay the damage you caused. So, you can get detailed information about the companies. If there is any ambiguity, discuss it in the comment section.

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