What is cheap full coverage auto insurance

When buying a new “iron friend” every motorist asks himself the question: “What is the best way to insure a car?” Chat with friends and surf the Internet. The solution would be the idea - to insure the car. But where is it better to issue a CASCO and why do it, because there is already an OSAGO policy.

Cheap full coverage auto insurance

However, in case of a road traffic accident, only the culprit in the accident will be able to use the CTP policy. No compensation is provided for the victim. He will have to pay out of his own pocket. To obtain information on how much a CASCO insurance policy costs, you can use the services of the Capital company on its official website.

To insure a CASCO car - make the right choice

Where to get CASCO?

It is necessary first to inquire about the definition and features of this concept.

The advantages of this type of insurance

Insurance of a wide range of risks:
o Traffic accidents (no matter who is to blame, the company will pay the insurance anyway)
o Natural disasters
o Theft
. Fast payments
. Possibility to insure equipment (alarm, radio)
. The amount is agreed, it is written in the contract and is not reduced until the expiration of the policy
. The right to choose the method of compensation:
o Service repair
o Cash
. The cost of the policy is always less than the cost of a simple repair
. No need for certificates from the traffic police and compensation for damage in case of minor damage to vehicles
. A number of additional services:
o Roadside assistance
o Vehicle evacuation

Where is the best place to insure a car under CASCO?


Varieties of CASCO insurance

This insurance can be full or partial.

The first type is characterized by compulsory payments for the following types of damage:

. ■■■■■■■■■
. Natural disasters
. Fall
. Illegal actions of third parties
. Rollover
. An accident
. Fire
. Falling property

Partial insurance is characterized by a narrow choice of the most basic. Most often it is theft and damage from an accident.

Package of documents

You already know where it is better to do CASCO. It’s time to get familiar with the required documentation.


. Transport registration certificate
. Driver’s license


Certificate of the passed technical inspection
. Documents on the cost of additional equipment
. Previous policy (if available and renewed)
. Power of attorney (when owning a third party’s funds)
. A copy of the document on gratuitous use
. Power of attorney for a third party who is allowed to transport

Stages of registration of the CASCO policy

The speed of issuing a policy for companies is different. This can be done in one day.

The procedure for obtaining a pole in stages:

Providing basic and additional documents
. Vehicle inspection. The procedure is required when purchasing from an unauthorized dealer
. Calculating the cost of insurance
. Issuance of a policy: the original of the policy itself, a list of insurance rules and a receipt for payment

How best to insure a car: policy terms and special offers

The standard term is one year.

However, companies provide other CASCO opportunities:

Weekends (human use of the car on weekends only)
. Until the first insurance case (the contract is valid until the first insurance situation occurs, and after that it becomes invalid)
. Seasonal / half a year (operation of transport in certain seasons or not all year round)

Dependence of the cost of the CASCO policy, what it depends on and how to save

It’s difficult to answer right away. The price depends on the coefficients of the company, the age of the car, its brand and other criteria. It fluctuates from 50 thousand to 3 million rubles. You can calculate the cost online. Where to do CASCO to save money?

How many types of insurance

There are three types of insurance companies

. Average
. Branded

Each company has its own merits. You’d better compare their offers and examine the level of reliability.

In order not to waste money in vain, you must:

Choose an insurance company wisely
. Select the main services and remove unnecessary ones
. Make payment in a single payment
. Take advantage of the franchise whenever possible and necessary


Now you know where it is better to insure a car, the features of CASCO, how to calculate the cost of insurance and how not to spend more money than necessary. In the end, a little advice: the policy leaves 5-10% of the cost of transport. Does the firm offer less than 5%? Forget about her. Such savings can result in a large loss of money.

What is CASCO insurance?

CASCO is a type of insurance that allows you to protect your car from various types of damage. Without a doubt, the benefits of such a policy are enormous. But there is one thing that scares car owners: such insurance is very expensive.


The price of aCASCO insurance policy is determined primarily by the cost of the car. Usually insurance companies set the rate at about 10% of the price of the car. That is why many people think that saving on CASCO is not realistic. But this is not the case. Knowing some of the features of insurance and skillfully applying them, you can significantly reduce the price of the policy.

Is there any way to make CASCO cheaper?

Four ways to make CASCO cheaper
There are several ways to reduce the price of a CASCO insurance policy. Naturally, each insurance company offers different ways to get a discount. Let’s consider the most common options for getting a cheap hull insurance.

Franchise application

The deductible is the amount of damage for which the insurance company is not responsible. In other words, the insurer will not have to pay for minor damage.

For a car owner, a franchise is convenient not only because it allows you to issue a comprehensive insurance policy at a lower price. Its use allows, in case of small, inexpensive damages, not to waste time waiting for the arrival of the traffic police to register the damage.

The client can choose one of two types of franchise - expressed as a percentage or in a fixed amount.

Policy Of CASCO

CASCO policy 50/50

If the car owner is experienced enough and sure that he will not get into an accident, he can insure the car under CASCO profitably using the preferential policy program - 50/50. In this case, only half of the insurance price is paid first. The second part is paid by the car owner only if an insured event occurs. Most insurers offer such a program only to those drivers who have reached a certain age and have an established driving experience.

Safety of the car

Ensuring the safety of the car
It is possible to make CASCO cheaper even if it is possible to prove to the insurer that the car is carefully protected from theft. This can be confirmed by the following facts:

availability of high-quality reliable alarm;

an anti-theft system is installed on the machine;

the ability to store a car in the garage;

a contract with a parking lot.

The insurer has the right to request documents that confirm the presence of these factors.

Selection of insurance claims

Most often, the CASCO policy provides for the payment of compensation in the event of the following situations:


natural disasters;

illegal actions of a third party.

The insurance company may provide for waiver of some cases. In this case, the price of the policy may be reduced.

TOP-5 insurance companies with cheap hull insurance in 2019

In addition to the various options that can reduce the cost of the policy, its price can vary significantly from different providers. Therefore, it is important to choose an insurance company that will combine low rates with a high degree of reliability. To make it easier for you to decide, we have compiled the TOP-5 of the best insurers, where CASCO is cheaper than in other companies in 2019.

Tinkoff Insurance - CASCO with a monthly payment from 2000 rubles

The advantage of the Tinkoff company is that here you can buy a CASCO policy online, completely remotely. The client does not need to go to the office, sit in lines. The policy will be brought to him by agreement at any place at a convenient time. In addition, remote organization of activities allows Tinkoff to significantly reduce tariffs. You can also reduce the cost of insurance if you simultaneously issue CASCO and OSAGO. The discount will be 5%.

You can calculate the cost of insurance using the CASCO calculator on the website. It is not necessary to make the entire payment at once, you can do it in installments in installments - every month. If an insured event occurs, it will be possible to receive compensation in a short time from three days.

Now the Tinkoff company is holding a special offer “Cashback 20% for the CASCO policy”, which implies a return of 20% of the cost of the CASCO policy to the Tinkoff card. If you do not yet have a debit or, then we recommend ordering a card before issuing a policy. For example, if the cost of CASCO is 50 thousand rubles, you can get 10 thousand rubles on the card! This will significantly reduce the cost of car insurance

Calculate the cost of CASCO on the Tinkoff website and online application for the promotion

Cheap CASCO insurance

Rosgosstrakh offers to buy CASCO in one of the following ways:

online on the Rosgosstrakh website;

by calling the short number 0530 from a mobile (available for subscribers of MTS, Tele2, Megafon, Beeline);

at the nearest office.

At the same time, right on the company’s website there are tips on how to choose a profitable CASCO, depending on the requests of each car owner. In addition, for the convenience of customers, it is proposed to issue a policy in installments, use a franchise. Also for those who can boast of accident-free driving, Rosgosstrakh provides a discount when concluding an insurance contract.

InTouch - a profitable CASCO policy in installments for 12 months

What are the Varieties?

Despite the fact that each is individual, voluntary comprehensive insurance is usually divided into the main ones:

full and partial;

aggregate and non-aggregate.

As in all systems, these insurance programs listed above have both positive and negative sides. Therefore, the car owner can choose a more suitable one for himself, depending on the conditions and financial capabilities.


Full CASCO, as the name implies, protects against all insurance claims provided for by comprehensive auto insurance.

It guarantees payments as a result of vehicle damage:

in an accident involving one or more drivers;

by the actions of third parties;

in case of fire;

in case of natural disasters;

When heavy objects fall

Also, the policyholder receives payments in case of theft of the insured car or its total loss.

The insurance company InTouch today is one of the most technologically advanced and reliable companies in the insurance market. She, like Tinkoff, focuses on saving clients’ time, a minimum of bureaucracy and maximum customer focus.
Due to the fact that the company sells most of its CASCO, OSAGO and other types of insurance through the Internet site, this allows it to save significant money on agents and managers, which in turn affects very favorable rates for customers.
The company has cheap insurance rates for cars with mileage up to 12 thousand, as well as smart insurance where you can save on unnecessary options.

InTouch belongs to the Blagosostoyanie insurance group, which is one of the most stable and reliable companies in Russia.

Life hack: how to buy an InTouch policy in installments for 12 months

Insurance Company InTouch is a partner of the Conscience credit card . This means that by paying for any InTouch policy (even CASCO, even MTPL) with the “Conscience” card, you will receive an installment plan on the card for your purchase for 12 months.

For those who don’t know, the installment card is a free card for purchases in installments from card partners. For example: You paid for CASCO at a cost of 50 thousand using an installment card. You need to deposit 4166 rubles on the card every month. And all this without interest and overpayment.

Renaissance Insurance is a popular insurance among motorists

Renaissance is a high-tech company. A program has been developed here - a CASCO policy with telematics. It allows young people under the age of 29 to save up to half the cost of the policy. The essence of the program is to install a special device on the car that communicates with the application on the smartphone. The young driver monitors and corrects his driving style. If in 3 months he learns to drive more accurately and receives the required number of points, the deductible under the CASCO agreement will significantly decrease.

In addition, the Renaissance company has favorable CASCO tariffs when issuing a policy for off-road vehicles, as well as used cars.

Cheap CASCO policy from Alfa Insurance

This company offers several profitable programs for obtaining a CASCO policy. The advantages of Alpha Insurance are:

you can issue a policy without leaving your home;

CASCO calculation is made directly on the website, the result can be saved and sent to a friend.

The Smart CASCO program for accurate drivers allows you to save up to 55%. In this case, a telematics device is installed on the vehicle. Any foreign-made car with a mileage of less than seven years can participate in the program.

For adults, experienced and family people, CASCO is cheaper in Ingosstrakh

In Ingosstrakh, the low cost of hull insurance is provided, first of all, for three categories of drivers:


with a lot of driving experience;

family citizens with children.

In addition, all drivers can get a discount in several cases:

if a tracking system is installed;

when switching from another insurance and accident-free driving experience;

when extending the policy;

when registering a franchise.

The biggest discount can be obtained if the vehicle is equipped with a high-quality anti-theft system.

Thus, it is quite possible to issue a cheap CASCO policy. To do this, it is enough to study the programs and discounts offered by various insurers. You can do easier - use the proposed list of the best companies.


CASCO insurance provides protection against damage to the car, total loss and theft. Also, voluntary insurance is a guarantee of peace of mind for the insured car owner, because in case of an accident or in other cases when money is needed for repairs, he does not need to worry, since the insurer company will compensate all damage.

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Despite this, CASCO insurance costs a lot, but there are various types of programs that allow the driver to save money when selecting them individually.


Now you know where it is better to insure a car, the features of CASCO, how to calculate the cost of insurance and how not to spend more money than necessary. In the end, a little advice: the policy leaves 5-10% of the cost of transport. Does the firm offer less than 5%? Forget about her. Such savings can result in a large loss of money.