Cheap auto insurance

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Auto insurance in the USA

It has long been itching to write a small “guide” on this topic with clearly spelled out specifics for beginners. Basically, I see many different people and what common problems they have, but in my opinion, from the outside. I would like to see the insurance problemsinsurance problems through the eyes of a beginner and for this I need help from those present who can share their personal experience or the experience of friends. We are interested in PAIN POINTS. What’s troubling? Where are the misunderstandings? What are we plunging into against our will? Who offends us and how exactly? Is there any point at all in car insurance other than the inevitable obligation? Are you interested in anything other than price?

Do you need an agent at all or is it better to just insure online?

Thanks in advance to everyone who speaks out. And I will sculpt a “brick” taking into account the people’s painpeople’s pain and post it on the forum. Then the members of the forum chase him from all sides and, with modifications, there will be a worthy and useful collective project.

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InsuranceInsurance plays an extremely important role both in the life of the entire American society and in the life of an individual family. We will talk about car insurance simply because every person faces this almost immediately upon arrival in the country. The need for other types of insurance arises later, as income rises, real estate emerges, prepares for retirement, etc. We will talk about this elsewhere.

The main attention will be paid to the following issues:

  1. Why you need to insure

  2. Coverage: what exactly we need and to what extent

  3. What affects the cost of insurance. What can and cannot be saved on.

  4. How insurance companies sell insurance policies

  5. Where and how to buy insurance - agents, brokers, direct (online, by phone, etc.)

  6. ■■■■■■■■ - Myths and reality of auto insurance and American life in general

  7. Kidalovo and how not to become a victim of crooks

  8. What to do in typical problem situations

  9. Why you need to insure
    Insurance is regulated by law at th

e state level, not at the federal level. From this follows a very simple and important
Conclusion # 1 - You can only trust the information received from an insurance specialist in your state. Any information for other states may be completely inapplicable outside of these states.


Our story will be conducted in relation to the state of California, and which the author of these lines is a licensed insurance agent. In almost all states (there are exceptions), car insurance is mandatory in terms of LIABILITYLIABILITY (civil liability), that is, if a stranger is injured by us. The amount of coverage required varies from state to state. For example, in California this amounts to up to $ 15,000 bodily injury for one victim and up to $ 30,000 for more than one. In addition, liability for damage to someone else’s property is