How Much is Renters Insurance for an Apartment?

After shifting into your apartment, you may ask yourself whether you take the renters insurance or not, although the question should be that can you manage not taking it? There are your belongings worth saving, therefore after deciding to take the insurance you should know how much is renters insurance for an apartment.

Renters Insurance for an Apartment

Renters Insurance for an Apartment

If you are searching for the cost of renters insurance, then do not confuse it with how much is home insurance? Because both of them are different. Home insurance do not cover your personal properties and for that you have to have the renters or tenants insurance.

In United States of America

In all the 50 states of USA, the cost for renters insurance varies widely. The cheapest and the most expensive states of the US with respect to the risk of being damaged are:

Sr. No. Names of the States Average Cost per Month
1 North Dakota $10
2 South Dakota $10
3 Minnesta $12
4 Nebraska $12
5 Iowa $12
6 Mississippi $22
7 Oklahoma $20
8 Louisiana $20
9 Texas $19
10 Georgia $18

But if the annual cost is estimated on the basis of $30,000 worth policy, and the best apartment insurance provider and of course the affordable one, then the data collected for the three major US countries is as follows:

Sr. No. Insurance Company New York Chicago Los Angeles
1 Lemonade $116 $114 $125
2 Traveler $125 $212 $218
3 Allstate $167 $245 $197
4 State Farm $125 $229 $304
5 GEICO $204 $264 $256
6 Progressive $270 $454 $215

In United Kingdom

According to the recent data, the average cost of insurance for a tenant is 59 Euro per month but it largely varies over the countries of UK. The prices in some of the places are:

Sr. No. Names of the Cities Monthly Premium
1 Northern Ireland £59
2 Scotland £55
3 London £80
4 West Midlands £56
5 Wales £56
6 Yorkshire & the Humber £58
7 East Midlands £57
8 North West England £59
9 South West England £56
10 Crown dependencies £68

In Australia

Australia is a very vast continent with different expensive and cheap insurance companies in it offering range of costs. Let’s say that two quotes are being considered one of $20,000 and other of $50,000, the average cost per month taken from different companies would be;

Sr. No. Insurance Company Average Monthly Cost for $20,000 Average Monthly Cost for $50,000
1 Budget Direct $38 $40
2 Virgin Money $39 $41
3 Youi $25 $25
4 ANZ $50 $59
5 Westpac $29 $33
6 St. George $29 $34
7 Coles Contents $27 $34
8 AAMI $42 $53
9 GIO $44 $53
10 ING $39 $41
Whereas as far as best renters insurance companies are concerned, the annual premium was recorded as;
Sr. No. States of Australia Annual Premium
1 North South Wales $431
2 North Queensland $798
3 Queensland $397
4 Victoria $377
5 South Australia $336
6 Tasmania $313
7 Western Australia $392

Summary: Rental insurance is available anywhere in this world with affordable prices. But before choosing a country to rent in, do survey all the companies there.

Factors Affecting Renters Insurance

Everything has a wide range of costs giving the customers variable options to choose from according to their own affordability. Similarly there are many factors that can help you to reduce the cost of your renters insurance:

Insuring a house needs money

1. Amount of coverage

The question is what does renters insurance cover? It covers all your personal belongings also the liabilty and additional loss coverage too. But the more you items want to get insured more will be the amount of coverage and hence the premium too. Therefore if you have any expensive jewelry or any other valuable item than you better lookout for the money.

2. Location of your residency

If you have already rented an apartment then the amount of insurance would not be in your control because if the apartment is in some doubtful neighborhood or your area is more prone to natural disasters then you will have higher premiums. Switching the apartment would be the only option.

3. Deductible

Amount of deductible affects directly on the premium cost because if you choose to pay higher deductible then your premium cost would be low or vice versa. The deductible is the amount you pay before your coverage starts to work in.

4. Security features

This is very important to have security systems in your apartment, it can be a fire alarm, cameras, deadbolt lock, or any other things that can increase your security. This can help you to minimize the risk of being theft, or from fire too. The insurance will take it as a good point and will decrease the cost of your annual premium.

5. Bundle Policies

The last factor of bundling also plays a significant role in reducing the cost. It means that if you bundle up your renters insurance policy with cheap auto insurance then you can get a good discount on both of your policies.

Summary: Among these some factors can greatly reduce your premium cost like having security measures, bundle with other policies, etc whereas some can enhance your cost. Your location, for instance, can increase the annual premium easily.

How Much is Renters Insurance?

The answer to this typical question that how much is renters insurance? is quite complicated as it includes numbers of things in it. Upon consideration of every factor the renters insurance per month would be analyzed as $15 to $35 per month.
Renters insurance, to be very precise, is the method or process of showing respect to the property from both parties i.e. the landlord and the tenant. It also helps to maintain your rent too.

How Much is Renters Insurance in Florida?

Just like other expensive states of US, Florida is also included in top 10 of them. It may cost a tenant 16 dollars a month or you can say 192 dollars per year, which is much more in reference to the fact that renters insurance is considered cheaper. Therefore if you are thinking to live in a rented apartment there, then you should also anticipate that how much is the renters insurance in Florida?

Woman worried about renters insurance

How Much is Renters Insurance in Texas?

Oh Texas, another expensive state to live in because these states are more risky to the natural disasters like hurricanes, etc. You might wonder how much is the renters insurance in Texas?The answer is that insuring your rented apartment in Texas may cost you $228 a year which is more than Florida too. Therefore, think again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good price for renters insurance?

According to the survey and data collection of, considering one set of coverage including $40,000 for personal property, a $1,000 deductible and $100,000 of liability protection, the good price for this insurance would be $27 a month or $326 a year.

Do you have to get renters insurance for an apartment?

Renters insurance is not regarded by the law everywhere but this insurance is usually required by your landlord prior to the lease agreement. It is a legal insurance meant for your own safety.

Why do apartments require renters insurance?

Just like any other residency, an apartment also requires insurance. The apartment owner wants his tenants to have this policy to reduce the risk of damage, not only this the renters insurance also profits the renter by protecting their belongings.

How long does it take to get approved for renters insurance?

Unlike other insurance products, this is quite easy and very quickly to get. The time period depends upon the agency you are taking it from. Maximum time limit is 30 minutes whereas it would take minimum 5 minutes in some companies to give the insurance.


Therefore, ‘how much is renters insurance for an apartment’ should be the question which comes to your mind when you are about to rent an apartment. This should be done prior because after you have chosen the apartment there would be cost variation even because of the apartment’s location. Hence there is a wise saying;

                         "Think before you act."

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How much is home insurance?

How much is homeowner’s insurance?

Renters coverage provides monetary repayment to cover a tenant’s misplaced or damaged possessions due to fireplace, robbery, or vandalism. it additionally covers a tenant’s legal responsibility inside the event that a traveler is injured at the premises.

whether the renter’s insurance or the owner’s insurance will pay for the costs related to the injury will depend on the circumstances of the incident, the region on the premises wherein the injury occurs, and who is at fault.

Renters insurance can also provide repayment for alternative residing arrangements in the event that your condo unit or rented home becomes uninhabitable due to typhoon damage or a rental hearth.

How do renters insurance paint?

Renters insurance will assist in paying your expenses in case you suffer a loss, which includes a burglary. the amount of reimbursement you may get hold of relies upon at the kind of loss and the amount of insurance you have in place.

for instance, you may purchase “real coins value” (depreciated) insurance on your non-public property, or you could buy substitute cost coverage on your private possessions.

Sure items, together with jewelry, collectibles or different treasured items, can also have a value limit or require extra insurance coverage to offer full coverage for loss, theft or harm. You’ll also be answerable to a deductible, which is an out-of-pocket price.

within the occasion that a traveler to your home, rental or condo is seriously injured, that individual can file a claim together with your insurance organization, and your insurer will cope with the declaration.

##Is renters coverage vital?

Renter coverage is necessary in case you are renting a domestic or rental and need to make certain your precious possessions are included in the loss, theft or damage, and protect yourself in the event of legal responsibility claims as nicely.

you aren’t required to carry renters insurance using the law, however, a landlord can require renters coverage of your apartment agreement on your rent.

carrying renters coverage protects you and the owner via making sure that regardless of what takes place on the premises, either your renter’s coverage or the owner’s coverage will provide repayment.

for instance, what occurs if a neighboring tenant leaves cooking unattended and begins a condo fire that damages your unit and property?

it’s possible that a small mixture of the neighbor tenant’s renters insurance, the landlord’s assets coverage, and the personal property coverage in your renter’s policy will come into play to cowl the cost of upkeep.

why is renters insurance important?

Renters insurance is vital due to the fact your possessions aren’t covered via the landlord’s coverage policy. Landlord coverage covers damage to the building but does not now protect your possessions.

any other suitable motive for having renters insurance is for safety towards legal responsibility claims. the liability part of your renter’s insurance will offer reimbursement if a traveler in your rented home is injured. if that man or woman files a lawsuit against you, your renter’s liability coverage will also assist to cowl the costs of your felony defense.

renters coverage also can cover temporary accommodation on the occasion that you need to stay somewhere else whilst your apartment is being repaired because of fire, smoke or water damage.

how much is renters coverage?

the value of renters insurance is commonly quite low-cost. you can usually assume to pay between $one hundred and $250 in line with 12 months on average, depending on where you stay and the coverage quantity you carry on the coverage policy. the national common rate for renters’ coverage is $15 to $30 per month.

the pleasant w

ay to find the renters insurance you need is to contact an independent agent from the Trusted Choice network to compare renters insurance costs and find an affordable policy that meets your needs.

Is Renters Insurance Tax Deductible?

Renters insurance is not tax deductible except in the following situations:

  • You use a part of your residence regularly and exclusively to operate a business. You then may deduct a portion or your renters insurance, based on the dimensions of the space where you operate your business relative to the total size of the premises.
  • You are an employee and work in both your employer’s office and your rented premises. In this case you can deduct a portion of your renters insurance in the same manner as a home office. Check with your accountant for complete details.

How Much Renters Insurance Should I Have?

When you choose a renters insurance policy, you will need to choose coverage amounts for three basic types of coverage:

  • Personal property: Typically a minimum of $2,500 worth of coverage
  • Liability: Amounts you choose, such as $100,000 of coverage for liability claims and legal defense
  • Additional riders: Coverage you may need for your collectibles, personal items of value such as jewelry, and outdoor toys such as snowmobiles, ATVs or personal watercrafts (PWCs)

Did you know that the average person has over $20,000 worth of personal belongings? When you consider the cost of electronic equipment, clothes, jewelry, tools, kitchen gadgets and other personal items, you probably have far more invested in your personal property than you realize.

The best way to determine how much insurance you should carry for your personal property is to create an itemized list of your belongings and their replacement costs.

It is important to determine how much it would cost to replace each item as brand new. This should give you a ballpark figure for the total amount of insurance coverage you should carry.

To choose the amount of liability coverage you need, consider the potential costs of a liability claim if you were sued for negligence or for another person’s loss.

An independent agent in our network can help you assess your needs and risks and choose the coverage amounts that are right for you.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Renters insurance covers fire and smoke damage after you pay your deductible. The amount of compensation you will receive in the event of fire damage depends upon several factors, including:

  • The amount of coverage you buy
  • Whether you choose actual cash value (depreciated) coverage or replacement cost coverage for your belongings
  • Your deductible amount

In the event of a fire, you will file a claim for the loss, pay the deductible for your policy, and then receive compensation for the remaining costs of your loss, up to the limits of your policy.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Theft?

Renters insurance covers your possessions from theft, after you pay your deductible amount. Renters policies typically cover your belongings, whether your rental home is burglarized, or the items are stolen from your car or while you are traveling.

Review the specifics of your policy to determine the circumstances under which you can file a renters insurance claim for theft.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Damage?

Your renters insurance will typically cover your belongings if they are stolen from your car, but would not cover damage to the car itself. For car damage, you will want to check your comprehensive automobile insurance policy.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Storage Units?

Whether your items are covered if they are damaged, stolen or destroyed while in your storage unit depends on the specifics of your renters policy.

Some insurance companies do not cover personal items in a self storage unit while other companies will extend limited coverage. You can buy additional insurance coverage through the storage facility, if it is offered, or through your insurance company.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Many renters insurance policies exclude certain pets. And some insurance companies will not provide coverage at all if you have a high risk breed such as a pit bull. You may need to get special insurance coverage that covers dog owners’ liability.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Bed Bugs?

Renters insurance policies typically exclude bug infestations of any kind, including bed bugs, ■■■■■■■■■■■ and other bugs as well as rodent infestations. You most likely are also not covered for any damage these pests cause, or for the costs to eliminate an infestation problem.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Flooding?

Most renters insurance policies do not cover damage caused by floods. Like home owners, renters must purchase flood insurance separately to be covered for damage from flooding.

However, you will likely be covered if there is a water leak within your rental unit that causes water damage to your belongings. Be sure to read your renters insurance policy carefully so you know what is and is not covered.

Will Renters Insurance Cover a Broken TV?

Whether or not damage to any of your personal electronics or other belongings is covered depends on the coverage you buy and the cause of the damage.

If you have replacement cost coverage for your personal belongings, and the damage to the television was caused by a covered peril such as fire, theft or vandalism, your TV will be most likely be covered. If it breaks from wear or misuse, your broken TV will not be covered.

Where Can I Get Renters Insurance?

The most common way to buy renters insurance is through an insurance agent. You can find a local independent agent in our network, right in your area.

Our agents have access to several different insurance companies, and can help you compare policies, get renters insurance quotes and find the right policy for your particular circumstances.

what does renters insurance cover in an apartment?

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? Renters insurance provides financial reimbursement to cover a tenant’s lost or damaged possessions as a result of fire, theft or vandalism. It also covers a tenant’s liability in the event that a visitor is injured on the premises.

Do I need renters insurance to rent an apartment?

If you are renting an apartment, you may be required to purchase a renters insurance policy. Many apartments require that you have a minimum of $100K in liability coverage. But, even if you don’t have to have it, you should still consider purchasing a renters insurance policy