Deductible clause

Deductible clause,

Definition of Deductible clause:

  1. A contract clause in which money can be deducted.

Meaning of Deductible clause & Deductible clause Definition

Deductible Clause,

What Does Deductible Clause Mean?

  • A deductible clause is a clause in an insurance contract that states that the insured has to pay a certain amount before the insurance policy can take effect. Franchise clauses are used in many fields of insurance and vary widely in number.

Literal Meanings of Deductible Clause


Meanings of Deductible:
  1. This can be deducted primarily from taxable profits or taxable taxes

  2. (In the insurance policy) A certain amount that must be paid by the insured before the claim is paid to the insurer.

Sentences of Deductible
  1. Daycare vouchers are deductible for employers.


Meanings of Clause:
  1. The unit of grammatical organization is directly under continuous sentences and in traditional grammar, which consists of an article and a prediction.

  2. Special and exclusive articles, terms or reservations in a contract, law or agreement

Sentences of Clause
  1. In each of the above sentences, both sentences are included in order, without any components.

  2. Contracts usually choose the terms of the law that define the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

set phrase, heading, passage, paragraph, word group, turn of phrase, locution, clause, phrasal idiom, wording, note, idiom, construction, term, point, item, section, part, idiomatic expression, phrasal verb, group of words