How Much is Renters Insurance in Texas

Living in Texas? And that without renter’s insurance? This might be sort of dangerous if you face any house-fire kinda accident. So search out how much is renter’s insurance in Texas and go get one. In this country the insurance may start from as low as $15 a month which is a good prove to know about the inexpensiveness of this type of insurance.

Protect your house with insurance

What is Renter’s Insurance?

This insurance is for the tenants living in a house or apartment. It helps to protect you, your personal property, an your living arrangements. The renters insurance provide some benefits same as homeowners insurance. Landlords also force for this insurance because they want to protect their property from any damage by the tenants. This can also be called as ‘Tenants insurance’.

How much is the Cost for Renter’s Insurance in Texas?

Renters insurance is a mandatory part of being a tenant because the house you are living in may be covered by the home insurance taken by the landlord but the personal properties and possession and all the furniture and arrangement present inside that house would require the renters insurance since they are renter’s property.


Therefore there are three different factors affecting the cost of renters insurance:

  1. Type of coverage

Except for the infra structure of the house, which is not covered in renters insurance, the other personal assets are covered within this insurance. And without it the loss of anything due to an incident would be covered by the tenant alone.
Generally there are three types of coverage included in renters insurance for the protection of financial loss:

  • Personal Property:
    As the name indicates, this type of coverage covers the cost to repair or replace your personal belongings lost due to due to fire, theft or any other disastrous events. But some insurance does not cover the loss due to earthquake or floods.
    If your loss is over the coverage limit than it can not be covered in this type.

  • Liability Protection:
    This protection is for the accidental damage caused by you to your rented property. Or it could also be done by renter’s family or pets. Plus if any of your guest gets injured on your property accidentally then this type of coverage will help you with it.
    But if the damage done is across the limit of liability protection then the coverage will not offer insurance.

  • Additional Living Expenses:
    The additional living expense is the most expensive since it covers your whole living for a certain time period. It is applicable when the rented property is temporarily being repaired and the tenant have to live somewhere else, then this coverage pays for all the expenses including hotel bills, meals or other things necessary.

  1. Type of carrier

This is one of the most important factor affecting the cost for renter’s insurance because just by switching between the companies can help you save a whole lot of money. There are so many different carriers offering renter’s insurance having different strategies. To select one you may want to tour around these carriers to know what is the best you can have.

Among all the other companies, three are considered as cheapest and are famous for different reasons:

  • Travelers
    The travelers insurance is famous for it’s coverage options costing up to only $18 per month.
  • Lemonade
    It has the best affordable coverage with the cheapest price of 18 dollars a month.
  • State Farm
    Best customer service is the quality of this insurance company, with rate of $25 per month.

Besides these three, there are various other companies ready to offer several other options in affordable prices:

Carriers Avg. Annual Premium
Lemonade $138
Allstate $310
Travelers $138
Liberty Mutual $124
State Farm $192
GEICO $246
State Average $192
Assurant $230
  1. Location of your property

Texas is a separate state in North America with a lot of different cities in it.

Fort Worth- A city of texas

The city to city analysis would also be beneficial for the people looking for renter’s insurance in Texas. The average costs required to be paid per month in some of the cities of Texas are:

Name of the City Average Cost / Month
Dallas $24
Houston $32
Pasadena $35
Beaumount $33
Austin $24
San Antonio $28
Irving $26
Plano $21
Brownsville $33
Abilene $25
Garland $26
Fort Worth $27

Summary: The cost of the insurance widely depends on these three factors. But increasing your coverage, living in a questionable neighborhood and the expensive company can make you wonder about the inexpensiveness of renters insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is renters insurance required in Texas?

Yes, the renters over in Texas also face the same issues with their properties. And also the landlord would also ask for the proof of renters insurance from the tenant.

Who offers cheap renters insurance?

The cheapest insurance policy by far, as opted by the customer reviews, is the State Farm renters insurance. It has the most reasonable prices and is available in many countries. It can also be accessed in person or by online services. The per month average cost required by the State Farm is $18.

What is a good price for renters insurance?

This is very difficult to estimate but according to the rate analysis of the average cost of insurance policy having the personal coverage of $40,000, deductible of $1,000 and liability protection of $100,000, would be 326 dollars annually or $27 a month.


Rental insurance is a kind which is necessary in the states like Texas because of their high risk factors. However upon increasing you coverage, you may have to pay $20 or may be more than that. This statement easily answers the question that how much is renters insurance in Texas.

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