Cheap full coverage auto insurance in Texas

Are you in Texas? Then you are in luck. Texas drivers who don’t compare insurance policies wouldn’t get cheap full coverage auto insurance in Texas. Before starting, you must know that what is cheap full coverage auto insurance?
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What is full coverage Car insurance?

You must know about what is cheap full coverage auto insurance? To know about the full coverage car insurance, you need full knowledge of data. So, for your convenience, we make a table as given below.

Full coverage insurance may include:

Coverage Type What you get? Required
Bodily injured Medical costs after accident Generally required
Property damage Repair cost for property Generally required
Uninsured motorist Medical expenses after accident Required in 20 states and Washington DC
Collision coverage Repair cost for your vehicle Optional
Comprehensive coverage Repair costs for an event that is out of your control Optional

Summary Getting the knowledge of Full coverage auto insurance, you now become aware of the companies’ policies.

So after getting full coverage car insurance, now moving towards companies offering cheap full coverage car insurance.

Cheap full coverage auto insurance in Texas:

Before diving into the details of the companies available in Texas, you must know the company’s name. Let’s get started without further delay.

No Name of Company Average annual premium
1 Fred Loya Insurance $979
2 State Farm $1458
3 Geico $2140
4 Chubb $2281
5 Nationwide $2481
6 USAA $1171
7 AAA $1458
8 Allstate $2140
9 Esurance $1055
10 Progressive $1132

Fred Loya Insurance

Founded in 1974

Website URL:

Fred Loya Insurance website uses cookies to provide better service to users. You can easily get a quote online and pay accordingly. But the customer service is so awful. Customers are not satisfied with this company due to a lack of communication.

Company Full coverage
Fred Loya Insurance $979

State Farm:

Founded in 1922


As you can observe in the name of state farm that this is for farmers. In 1922, when the farming is not producing enough income, the Farmer created a State Farm. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1511, which is the cheapest among all.

This company provides insurance to the automobile of farmers. The owner expands its business in many aspects. They add millions of insurance policies to the company policy.

Company Full coverage
State Farm $1511


Founded in 1936

Website URL:

Geico is created for Government employees, as discussed above, that the USAA is for military people. Geico is for the civilians so they can get benefits from this company. In 1956, the student invested in the Geico. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1198, which is the cheapest among all.
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The company focused on increasing the reach and increase the number of its users. This company also uses the famous slogan “15 minutes could save 15 percent or more.” This becomes more prominent and popular**.** This slogan means that life is important than anything else. After this step, the Geico became the second famous insurance company in the united states. It has the best customer service as compared to all and stood at the top of the list.

Company Full coverage
Geico $1198


Founded: 1882


Because of excellent customer service, its prices are high due to many reasons. It rarely offers any premium auto insurance discounts that will be awarded to the lucky person. Chubb offers many discounts to valuable customers.


Founded in 1925


Nationwide is providing insurance to rural farmers. The company first expanded to the west, then to the east and all over the world. It is also known as stock car racing. It is providing all the services to the client. Now, Nationwide is the largest company in financial status and providing services all across the world. It is providing services in cars, boats, motorcycles, and other economic issues.


Founded in 1922

Website URL:

USAA stands for the "United States Automobile Association" that gives cheap car insurance. It considers the customer as the member. To get the membership, you need to qualify for the membership. For membership, you must be an active member of the military, retired veteran, a member spouse, and son or daughter. So we can say that it is only for military personnel. It offers the full coverage car insurance $1023, which is the cheapest among all.

Company Minimum Coverage Full coverage
USAA $415 $1023


Founded in 1931

Website URL:

It was the first company that uses the age of the car to provide insurance. It aims to offer cheap car insurance to the people. People are pleased with its services because of its claim, but the company does not have the highest rank. It gives insurance to the people and other civilians instead of military people, just like the USAA. You can get a quote in a blink of an eye. Your data is in protected hands. In case of any sudden accident, you can get the amount to survive in that condition.


Founded in 1902


AAA is at last because of its high cost, but it provides durability and other things. You can clearly see the difference between the rates. However, its rate is high but less than the qualities of the state. With 100 years of experience,
Cheap Insurance in Texas
AAA drivers are better than the other drivers. It will help you to find the best coverage of life insurance. Go and explore more things about the company.


Founded in 1999

Website URL:

Esurance is famous because of its financial ability to fulfill the auto insurance. At the same time, the complaint rate is above average. But it is offering cheap auto insurance in California. Esurance is better than many other insurance companies.


Founded in 1837

Website URL:

It was founded in 1837 by Jack Green & Joseph Lewis. Progressive is the one company who offers drive-in claims and premium payable installments to the clients. It provides insurance for business insurance for Auto vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Therefore, it is the first company that published an informational website.


Founded in 1897

**Website URL:

Travelers spend more than 160 years in auto insurance. It works on providing quality service to the people without any problem. You can get low-cost insurance from the company. It is the largest business provider that gives data and other services to the clients. It is operating in the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, and Belgium.

In the survey, people rate it **3.89/5, which shows that very few people are satisfied with their services. Only 55 percent of people are satisfied with filling claim service. Moreover, 16 percent of people are not satisfied with the status updates.

American Family:

Founded in 1927

Website URL:

This insurance is for the Farmer during the harsh winters. American Family offers insurance related to medical, homeowners and life insurance in the 1950s. Its 10,000 employees and 3000 people in the company, who are serving to the customers. It receives a lower score from the customers in terms of form filling, status updates, claim updates, and much more.

In the survey, 40 percent of people gave a high score in all terms. The customers say that the claim update is very slow. Ten percent of people are not satisfied with the customer’s service.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of the American Family.


Among best representation of rates.


  • No customer satisfaction.
  • Lowest customer satisfaction.


Founded in 1928

As its name shows that it is just for farmers. The agent went door to door to convince the poor Farmer. It is composed of 46 small companies. They are offering a wide variety of services and products. The Farmer provides many coverage options, such as liability options, collision coverage, accident coverage, and other insurance coverage types. They also offer multi-policy discounts to the farmers. Now, Farmer insurance is provided to 10 billion people.

In the survey, 66 percent of people like the Farmers, and the remaining will not agree on their services. To understand the reason behind a bad reputation. Let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of the Farmers.


Low to high mileage drivers get a discount.


  • Rate varies.


Founded in : 1868

Website URL:

Metlife is promoting equality among the people in the world. It also provides relief from Covid-19 issues. It provides the facilities for life insurance, automobile at low rates. It is part of the global community. It is the most famous company in the United States of America.


  • For all people
  • Provides auto acceptance
  • Online quoting tool
  • The customer complaint ratio is 0.13


  • Insurance is slim
  • Limited amount of information on MetLife

liberty mutual:

Founded: 1912

Website URL:

You can get the cheapest rate at buying any quote online. You can get the best customer services at liberty mutual. It is providing a wide rate of insurances such as automobiles, houses, and provides compensation. It also provides general liability, and much more.


  • 12% off on online quotation
  • All types of insurance
  • Better quality


  • Poor customer service.

Summary: we discussed the list of insurance companies in Texas offering services at cheap rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Texas?

There are many companies which are as follows.

No Name of Company Average Annual premium
1 Famers $789
2 USAA $854
3 State Farm $856
4 Geico $915
5 AAA $1010

Who has the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?

Many insurance companies are offering full coverage, but you must know who has the cheapest full coverage auto insurance in Texas?
Many companies offer the cheapest full coverage auto insurance is as follows.

No Name of Company Full coverage Amount
1 USAA $109
2 Erie $127
3 State Farm $145

Can I drop full coverage auto insurance?

Yes, you can drop full auto insurance if you think that full auto insurance is not suitable for your car. You can select the insurance, which fulfills your desires and requirements at a reasonable price.

How can I get cheap full coverage for cheap?

If you face a problem getting cheap full coverage for automobiles, you should try these tips given below. It may help you to get a better and cheap insurance policy for your car.

Step 1:

Select "Pay in Full" instead of "Pay monthly." By doing this, you will save the bundle of amount

Step 2:

Now, increase your deductible from $500 to $1000.

Step 3:

Click on “Talk to an Advisor” and ask what you can do to get cheap insurance for the car.

Now, you can easily get cheap car insurance for your car.


That’s it guys; we have discussed that what is the full coverage auto insurance and which companies are offering the cheap full coverage auto insurance in Texas. You must compare all the rates of the companies to get a reasonable full coverage auto insurance. I hope this article helps you to get the best insurance in Texas.

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