Definition of Automobile:

  1. Four-wheeled ground vehicles typically run on internal combustion engines or electric vehicles and are capable of carrying very few people.

  2. The motor vehicle consists of four wheels and is powered by an internal engine. Cars are used to move people and goods from one place to another. After various years of construction, the inventors succeeded in creating an excellent design that the major car manufacturers use as the basis for their construction. Automobiles typically use their internal engines to power, but technological advances have led to the development of cars that use electricity and even water.

Synonyms of Automobile

Machine, Cabriolet, Buggy, Berlin, Headlight, Generator, Power steering, Motor car, Parking light, Exhaust, Camshaft, Roadster, Boat, Power brakes, Heap, Staff car, Tub, Cylinder head, Automobile, Shock absorber, Carburetor, Carryall, Auto, Valve, Gear, Ignition, Cylinder, Sports car, Motor, Clutch, Autocar, Limousine, Two-seater, Wrecker, Starter, Gearshift, Jeep, Connecting rod, Saloon, Spark plug, Windscreen, Piston, Convertible sedan, Horn, Motorcar, Tourer, Bucket seat, PCV valve, Hearse, Steamer, Command car, Touring coupe, Motor vehicle, Rocket car, Torpedo, Brake, Dragster, Phaeton, Fire engine, Radiator, Crate, Transmission, Flywheel, Crankshaft, Beach buggy, Differential, Bus, Seat belt, Ammeter, Muffler, Golf cart, Speedometer, Car, Fastback, Hot rod, Voiture, Double fueler, Headrest, Fender, Hood, Motorized vehicle, Springs, Intake, Exhaust pipe, Distributor, Crank, Rail, Camper, Dash, Convertible coupe, Rear-view mirror, Runabout, Machine, Wreck, Tractor, Jalopy, Fueler, Top, Cowl, Gocart, Windshield, Accelerator, Combat car, Bearings, Steering wheel, Brougham, Alternator, Racing car, Bumper, Wheels, Racer, Convertible, Landau, Dashboard, Hovercar, Crankcase, Choke, Gearbox, Fan, Race car, Sedan limousine, Coach, Convertible top, Armored car, Manifold, Coupe, Station wagon, Cutout, Ambulance, Universal, Bonnet, Boot, Sedan, Chassis, Motor

How to use Automobile in a sentence?

  1. Long after the invention of the car, horses and carriages became obsolete and soon became widely used by the Amish.
  2. Keeping your employees busy means they can attend an important meeting at the right time and when you need to.
  3. The internal combustor, along with the gun, is one of the largest personal freedom engines ever built.
  4. It was a very good car, with good paint and new wheels, and it worked very well.

Meaning of Automobile & Automobile Definition

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What is The Definition of Automobile?

  1. Automobile refers to Synonyms View important automotive terms View key motor vehicle terms

  2. Motor autod vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers intended for use on public roads, in addition to mobile devices

Meanings of Automobile

  1. Road vehicles, usually driven by four-wheel drive, internal combustion engines or electric motors, are capable of carrying very few people.

Sentences of Automobile

  1. The internal combustion engine car is by far the largest personal freedom machines, such as firearms.


What Does Automobile Mean?

Definition of Automobile: Synonyms see important automotive terms View motor vehicle key terms.

Meaning of Automobile: Motorized underground vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers intended for use on public roads, except for topographical instruments.

Synonyms of Automobile

clunker, rustbucket, Tin Lizzie, hooptie, lemon


Automobile Definition:

Synonyms View important automobile terms View motor vehicle key terms