Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance Michigan

HTD focuses on finding the cheap full coverage auto insurance in Michigan and explore that a lot of people are switching to cheap auto insurance.

Over $4000 amount is saved when people switch from expensive to cheap insurance. The prices of cheap full coverage auto insurance depend on the following factors, such as your location, your driving history, car’s condition, and much more. Therefore after a lot of struggle and searching, few companies are offering the cheap full coverage auto insurance in Michigan. Let’s explore the name and detail of those companies which are giving relief to the people.

List of companies:

The top listed companies, such as USAA and auto-owner insurance, are providing relief in this pandemic. Let’s dig into the detail of such companies.

No Name of Company Average Annual cost
1 Auto-owner $1485
2 Frankenmuth $1556
3 Progressive $1729
4 State Farm $2909
5 AAA $9771

Now, let’s explore some details of these companies.


Founded in 1916

Website URL:

It is the top-rated company that offers cheap auto insurance to the clients. It is best for people who want cheap insurance with good benefits. It is good for drivers who save money from the True driving app, and it is best for the drivers. It gives many benefits with few perks. So, you can get the detail on their site.


Founded in 1845

Website URL:

It is good for budget-conscious and good for the drivers having low wage people. If you are conscious about your home, auto, and life, then come to the Frankenmuth to get the better product at a reasonable price because Frankenmuth has experience of 150 years.


Founded in 1837

Website URL:

It was founded in 1837 by Jack Green & Joseph Lewis. Travelers are the one company who offers drive-in claims and premium payable installments to the clients. It provides insurance for business insurance for Auto vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Therefore, it is the first company that published an informational website. It is providing the amount of $1766 for car insurance.

State Farm:

Founded in 1922


The name explains the aim of the company; it is for the farmers and other civilians. In 1922, when the farming is not producing enough income, the Farmer created a State Farm. It gives the amount for the full coverage car insurance $1511, which is the cheapest among all.

This company provides insurance to the automobile of farmers. The owner expands its business in many aspects. They add millions of insurance policies to the company policy.


Founded in 1902


AAA is at last because of its high cost, but it provides durability and other things as well. You can clearly see the difference between the rates. However, its rate is high but less than the rates of the state. With 100 years of experience, AAA drivers are better than the other drivers. It will help you to find the best coverage of life insurance. Go and explore more things about the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Michigan?

There are a lot of companies that are as follows. Let’s get started without delay.

No Name of Company Average Annual cost
1 Safeco $368
2 SECURA insurance $1174
3 Geico $1229

How much the full coverage costs in Michigan?

Auto insurance in Michigan is very expensive because it is too costly. The average cost of full coverage is $2610. But you can get the lower insurance policy as well.

Who has the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?

Many companies offer the cheapest full coverage auto insurance is as follows.

No Name of Company Amount
1 Liberty Mutual $1778
2 Progressive $1766
3 USAA $1023
4 Geico $1198

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