Can you paint vinyl siding?

Can you paint vinyl sidings? Yes, you can most certainly paint vinyl siding, actually it is better than replacing them as it will cost less and your sidings will be as good as new ones after painting them the color of your choice.

Painting or replacing vinyl sidings

Painting vinyl siding instead of replacing them is a very good choice if the old sidings just look worn out, old or you are just tired of the same color then painting is a better option than replacing with new ones that replacing vinyl siding cost way more than the paint.

Painting your vinyl sidings will not only give them a fresh look but will also look according to the theme that you want to try. Painting your vinyl siding can give an entirely new look to your house. Before you decide to paint your vinyl sidings you should know that once you paint them there is no going back and that paint might be permanent so before you choose to open your can and paint the house there are some factors that you should consider before doing so, which are:

1. Be sure to check the warranty

some places sell vinyl sidings and do not show the exact manufacturing date. So the problem arises that is your sidings healthy enough to afford Paint making sure that they won’t get damaged and to make sure that your investment in painting does not get wasted.

And the other side of the story is that if the warranty has expired and you no longer can change the vinyl siding without them costing too much then painting is a better option as it costs way less and looks brand new again. but make sure that your siding is not damaged which can cause problems later if you don’t fix it before painting.

2.The costs planning

Whether you want to buy new vinyl sidings for your house or you want to paint it a new color for your better exterior appearance of the house, you need to plan the cost of all before you make a decision. because it all depends on what you choose for your own benefit.

An average new vinyl siding that has a guarantee of over 30 years will cost more than 16 to $18,000. well, there is a less expensive option of new sidings which can cost from 10 to $12,000. but if you choose to paint your sidings and that will cost you over $1500 to $3000 depending on how big your house is. Prices for white paint is mentioned below:

White Paint

1 Galon. White paint Plane Silk
Behr premium plus + primer PRO i100 $26 $32
Behr pro i100 $17 -
Behr marquee paint and primer $40 $50
Behr ultra paint and primer $33 $39

You can paint it yourself which will help you with the expenses by saving money. but don’t underestimate the exterior part of your house because you never know how much paint you will require and how much time it will take. make sure that you paint your vinyl siding properly so that it doesn’t start falling off after some time. The paint on your vinyl siding lasts for over five years but you will have to paint after every six years if you want to keep the Presentable appearance of your house.

3.Durability and protection

If you’re installing new vinyl sidings then the old ones will be removed that have the damage but if you’re planning on painting the old vinyl siding that has visible damage caused by moisture, sunlight, or any other extreme weather conditions then it will be a mistake to not fix those problems before you paint it. The vinyl siding of your house is the first contact that comes with the wind, rain, or any other conditions so make sure you check the Sidings and take care of the damage as soon as possible.

Painting over the damages would only worsen the condition and will cause nesting, Pests, and moisture that can destroy the insides of the sidings and other minor cracks can get worse if not taken care of before slathering the paint on it.

4. Choosing the right color

After deciding that you want to paint your vinyl sidings the next thing that you need to focus on is choosing the right color. What I mean by choosing the right color is that it should not be completely different From the color of your current siding because if you will choose a darker shade it will look very opaque and will over dominate the first shade. instead, choose a lighter shade from your current siding. any color of your choice or any lighter shade from the current siding will do.


If you will ever consider installing insulation under a layer of your siding then it probably is a better decision because insulation can provide a lot of energy-saving and it keeps the heat where it should be. but if you decide to paint your old vinyl sidings then you will lose the opportunity to install insulation. so this is one of the points that you should consider before painting the sidings. Painting them can be the best option for you if that’s what you want it does not have to be a hard decision just go with your instincts and be creative with the paint.

Can you paint vinyl siding?

Steps for painting vinyl sidings

Painting or reconstructing the exterior of your house is not an easy task of course and it requires a lot of time, attention, and money. but you have to get your hands dirty if you want to keep your house looking clean and fresh and painting the sidings is the most important thing that you can do to make your house look better from the outside.

You might be thinking that you need to learn some techniques and learn some new information about painting the vinyl sidings then, fortunately, that’s not the case and all you have to do is have some experience in painting anything and just know some steps that are going to help you paint the sidings properly.

1. Work on painting friendly weather days

When you decide to start the vinyl siding painting project then you should first consider the condition of the weather and make sure the weather is not too hot, humid, or windy. sunny and humid weather is not only going to make it hard for you to stay under the sky working for too long but it also is harmful to the paint that you will put on the siding.

Make sure the sky is clear and check the weather forecast and if It tells you that it’s going to rain do not continue or start the project. it is best if you take these points under consideration because once you start painting the sidings you can’t stop halfway there because of the weather conditions so plan the project working on perfect days so that the painting does not go wrong.

If you decide to paint the sidings on a very sunny and hot day the paint might look fine to you right now but it will form cracks and damage after some time because the surface where you will put the paint will be too hot For the application.

2. Buying the proper paint

Painting on paper and painting the vinyl sidings are two very different things so make sure you buy the genuine product for your house. Choosing the proper paint means that the product that you are buying is 100 percent acrylic Paint or it should contain Urethane which accommodates the proper application for your sidings as they don’t damage or crack on expansion and contraction.

Another important thing about choosing the right paint is that don’t use very dark shades as it will only create problems in the maintenance later. Choose the same color or a lighter shade than the current one. Choose the products that have the formulas for exterior uses.

Cleaning the vinyl surface

If you want to achieve that professional paint looks on your vinyl siding then you should clean the surface of the panels before putting on the paint. just rinsing it with simple water will not do the job because to achieve a finished look you must clean the surface properly and get it rid of any mold, dust, and chalky buildup.

Some ingredients can be used for the proper cleaning and those are Laundry detergent, liquid laundry bleach, Powdered household cleaner, and water. using this formula With a soft-bristled brush or any washcloth and cleaning the surface will prepare the sliding for the paint. make sure you rinse off all the mixture used for cleaning the surface and before you apply the paint let the surface dry completely for best results.

Can you paint vinyl siding?

Primer and paint

Applying primer is not a compulsory step but it will only benefit you if your old paint on siding has completely worn out then you should consider applying primer before painting. OK now the best part comes where you paint the vinyl sidings finally, you can apply the paint with a spray or brush or any roller. You can use the brush For applying paint on the corners where the roller can not reach.

Apply a thin layer of paint in the first run because it is better to apply multiple coats than to apply a thick single Coat. Make sure the first layer is dry before you apply the second coat of paint and avoid putting more quantity of paint on one side as it will create bumps. after applying the second coat let it dry for at least 24 hours before you see and check if it needs a third coat.

Why do people paint vinyl siding?

If you have a vinyl siding on your house exterior then you would know that there comes a certain time when the siding starts to fade or looks worn out because of sunlight exposure, weather conditions, or just simply it has been long enough for it to either replace or paint it. painting the siding is a better option for those who cannot afford to replace it and they are in good condition but look faded and worn out so painting their vinyl siding is the best option. it saves a lot of money and also allows you to choose your favorite color or try a different look for the exterior of your house.

Benefits of painting Vinyl siding

After you decide that painting the siding of your house is your chosen option then there are some benefits of painting vinyl siding that you should know. Some of the relevant points are mentioned below.

  • Painting the vinyl siding can save you a lot of money almost 50% of the expense which would have been spent on replacing the sidings.

  • A freshly painted vinyl siding will give an aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your house. you can choose your own colors that compliment the style and appearance of your house.

  • The paint also works as a protective layer on the sidings. After some time the first layer starts to scrape away and painting it does the job of Coating it.

  • The appraiser might give you extra points for the fresh coats of paint On the House. The value of your house increases when you give a fresh and aesthetically pleasing look to your house by painting the vinyl siding.

  • It is also a great opportunity if you wanted to change the look of your house and give it a trendy look by changing the color of paint on vinyl siding.

  • New and an extra layer of paint also works as protection And increases the lifespan of the siding. so painting your vinyl siding is a pretty good investment that will promise a long-lasting condition of the siding.

  • Painting your vinyl siding also saves time if you are trying to stay away from multi-day projects. because replacing the sidings can take multiple days and will require professional help which automatically means that you will have to spend a lot more money.

Reasons why you should not consider painting vinyl siding

Painting your vinyl siding might not be a better option every time considering your situation and Requirement. There are some reasons why you should not consider painting Your vinyl siding and instead go for replacing them.

  • If you replace the old sidings with new ones then they will last you for more than 10 years which is a catch if you are looking for something long-term with minimum maintenance then installing new sidings is a better option than painting them.

  • Painting over the panels that are cracked and damaged might worsen their condition. If that’s the case then installing new siding is a better option.

  • Choosing the wrong color can reverse the whole renewing process of the panels. If the color turns out darker than you intended it to then it will cause the siding to absorb more heat and the smoothness and straightness of the siding might get disturbed and deforming might occur in the vinyl sidings if you choose the wrong color.

  • If you have decided to paint your vinyl siding during the warranty time then it might Be a bad idea because painting them will make the warranty expires.

In the above-mentioned points, you have all the cons that can happen if you choose to paint rather than install new vinyl siding.

Tips for painting a house exterior

Every house owner comes to a point where he gets wary of the same color or the condition of the house worsens so you have to paint it a fresh color or replace it with new ones if the old ones get damaged. here are some tips and techniques that you might find helpful if you are planning to redecorate or paint your house exterior.

1. Selecting the proper time of the year

Painting the exterior of the house is a huge project and it needs time for the whole process of working and also needs proper time and condition to dry. if you choose the time of the year which has humidity, the possibility of rainfall, or any other extreme condition then the painting will not go perfectly and actually might worsen the condition of your house.

Heat and humidity can deform objects and affect the paint consistency and Might not stick properly on the surface. choose dry weather because it is the perfect weather condition for the painting project.

2.Choosing better quality

It is not a surprise that we all want to save money and buy cheaper paint than the expensive one because we have to cover the whole exterior of the house but if you choose a lower quality paint you will eventually have to spend more money in the long run because the lower quality paint will not be durable.

Choosing good quality over price can save you money in the long run because good Paints last longer and give a better-finished look. Expensive or good quality paints do not fade easily and you will have to paint fewer times over the years. They also provide better coverage and what else would you need if the paint gives you better coverage and protection with long-lasting effects.

3. Scrape before you paint

The key to getting the best results in painting vinyl siding or exterior of your house is that you clean the surface of any residue or dirt before you put on the paint. if the panels have any build-up dirt or flakes of old paint then the new paint will not be applied properly which can cause the new paint to scrape away or fade easily.

So make sure after cleaning it with water and detergent solutions, sand the surface after cleaning and let it dry before you paint the panels. The only way to get better results is to clean the surface as it is the most important part of the job.

4. Do not paint on the rotten siding

One cannot emphasize enough the fact that if you paint on damaged or rotten wood siding it will do you nothing good and will eventually cause more damage with time.

Because you cannot stop the rotting of the siding by painting it, as a matter of fact, it will only increase the process of damage. so make sure that you replace the rotting siding before you paint or maybe get them fixed if the damage is not too serious but the point does not put paint on the cracked or rotten siding.

5. Primer with paint

It is always a good idea to use a primer before applying paint because it will give the best-Finished look with every coat of paint.

But now that the pain technology has stepped up their game they now have paint that has primer in it so you don’t have to apply them separately which saves you time and it’s super convenient. These types of paint might cost more than the regular ones but think about the time that you will save and also the quality will be better too.

6.Boxing the paint

This is a step that will save you from the trouble of mixing paint and getting the same shade and quantity for the whole exterior of the house. it means that you mix multiple cans of paint into a bigger container so that you can apply the paint evenly on your vinyl siding.

7. Always work from top to bottom

Start painting the exterior of your house from the top because it is a good idea to work with gravity and not against it as it will only slow the process and cause mishaps and problems. Of course, you cannot control the dripping but working from top to bottom will minimize the trouble that you can have during painting.

8.Seal the paint

Do not forget to cover the lid of your paint can before it starts to dry out. it will be better if you hammer down the lid of the paint so that it completely seals it and stops it from getting dry. You can also wrap the opening of the can with a plastic sheet.

9.avoid messy painting

Before you start painting the vinyl siding make sure you cover the grass and other plants around your house to keep them from getting stained with paint.

If you have decided to paint your house exterior then you should keep some points in your mind to save yourself from any mishap. Before making this decision make sure you are painting your house in the right weather so that paint can fully dry with proper finishing because humidity or rain can ruin it. Another point is never to compromise on quality to get maximum benefits of the paint. Always scrape vinyl before painting it to get a smooth finish look. Never paint on rotten vinyl siding it can damage it more. Always use a primer with paint because it gives the best finish. Mix whole paint in one big container to get one shade everywhere. Start painting from top to bottom for ease. When not using color make sure to cover it tightly with a lid preventing from drying it. Cover your plants before painting vinyl to avoid staining.

Frequently Asked Question

Some related questions are answered below

1. What kind of paint do you use on vinyl siding?

Acrylic paint is the best choice to apply on vinyl sidings because it is light in weight and combines tightly with vinyl. It is best to use it with primer and apply 2 coats or apply it with spray.

2. How long will my vinyl siding last if I paint it?

Painting vinyl siding can be the best idea it is easy to paint or stain vinyl siding it can last for 20 years or maybe longer than that.

3. Is it cheaper to paint or replace vinyl siding?

Painting or replacing vinyl siding is cheap because it does not require much labor and material is also not very costly. So if you do it yourself or hire a professional both will not cost you much in fact painting vinyl siding will be cheaper than replacing a new one.

4. Can I paint vinyl siding with a brush?

Yes, you can use a paintbrush, roller, or spray to paint siding. But make sure you are using the paint specially made for vinyl siding because it contains a mixture of acrylic and urethane which helps to expands the paint easily on vinyl sidings.

5. How much does it cost to change the color of vinyl siding?

The price of vinyl siding paint scales between $2,650 to $6,100 depending on the size of the siding.

6. How do you clean vinyl siding before painting?

It has a normal cleaning process like:

  1. Wash it with pressure water first.

  2. Spray a detergent or bleach solution.

  3. Clean it with a scrub brush to remove visible molds.

  4. Rinse it again with the pressure water and it is ready to paint.

7. Is Behr paint good for vinyl siding?

Yes, Behr is a good option to paint vinyl siding because it is thick and can give good coverage to the siding. It is a cheap and good option for exterior paint.

8. How much does it cost to put vinyl siding on a 2000 sq ft house?

If your house is 2000 sq ft and it’s plain and has no eaves then it will cost around $10,000 to you and labor charges depend on the shape of the house.

9. How many days does it take to paint a house exterior?

An average house of 3 to 4 bedrooms will take 2 to 3 days with the help of 2 to 3 laborers. Whereas a big house of 2 to 3 stories can take 6 to 7 days.

10. Is pressure washing bad for vinyl siding?

Yes, pressure washing can damage the siding if it is done incorrectly way. Pressure washing can damage any soft surface.


If you ever decide to paint your vinyl siding and the question arises in your mind “can you paint vinyl siding? “ then yes you sure can and this article will provide you complete guidance and tips for the painting project of Your house exterior. The article covers all the possible information that can help you in painting your vinyl siding.

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