Long Grass

Long Grass,

What Does Long Grass Mean?

  1. Throwing something on the grass is putting a hope in the hope that it will be ignored or forgotten.

Literal Meanings of Long Grass


Meanings of Long:
  1. For a long time.

  2. (Referring to the ball in the game) at a distance expected or greater than expected.

  3. Long intervals or periods.

  4. Long sounds like long Morse code or long head or long long words.

  5. Long-term bonds, especially gold.

  6. Take a long distance from one end to the other.

  7. Too long or too long.

  8. Relatively large scale.

  9. (Heads) are classified as long in terms of quality and length (as in standard English the sound of food is / / uː / long unless a short head / / is opposite to both).

  10. (Difficulty or luck) Reflecting or representing lesser chances.

  11. (Stocks, bonds or other assets) are acquired in anticipation of a price increase.

  12. Well provided.

Sentences of Long
  1. We haven't known him in a long time

  2. The defender retreats and throws the long ball

  3. will meet again

  4. Two long and one short

  5. When the dollar rallies, gold is under pressure and you may need to move to a weaker long position before resuming your advance.

  6. Long way

  7. Long and successful career

  8. Write a long report

  9. The biggest problem with long heads is that there are more than one way to spell the same sound.

  10. Win against many difficulties

  11. However, long-term bond yields increased in the mid-1970s.

  12. He wants a little more happiness

Synonyms of Long

pine, in the near future, overlong, yearn, in a minute, be desperate, drawn-out, ache, in a moment, in a short time, extended, would give one's eye teeth, presently, long-drawn-out, in a little while, hanker after, shortly, lingering, hanker for, be unable to wait, hunger, stretched out, seemingly endless, pant, protracted


Meanings of Grass:
  1. Cover with grass (a piece of land).

  2. Report any criminal activity or conspiracy to the police.

  3. Plants consist mainly of short plants with long, narrow leaves that are wild or grow in lawns and meadows and as fodder plants

  4. Mainly herbaceous plants that make grass, which pollutes the air with sticks and ears.

  5. Police informant

Sentences of Grass
  1. The shield is so narrow that it looks green

  2. The ground was almost bare with small grass, where no plants dared to grow.

  3. The plants that grow today include grass, clover, dandelion, all kinds of nuts, mustard leaves and small compounds.

Synonyms of Grass

hashish, marijuana, mole, tell, green, hemp, cannabis, charas, sod, bhang, grass over, cover with grass, inform, informer, lay grass on, kif, sinsemilla, kef, stool pigeon, greenery, ganja, turf