Definition of Cracking:

  1. Excellent.

  2. Other petroleum products, such as heating oil, diesel fuel, and gasoline rely on cracking.

  3. Cracking is a technique used in oil refineries whereby large and complex hydrocarbon molecules are broken down into smaller and lighter components that are more useful for commercial or consumer use. Cracking is a critical stage in the process of refining crude oil.

  4. Deciphering of a code or encrypted data.

  5. Petroleum refinery process in which large heavy oil molecules are broken down into smaller ones. If conducted only with the application of heat, it is called thermal cracking. If a catalyst is also used, it is called catalytic cracking. If hydrogen is used in addition to heat and catalysts, it is called hydrocracking.

Synonyms of Cracking

Fine, Of high quality, Of a high standard, Quality, Superior

How to use Cracking in a sentence?

  1. Cracking is a process used in oil refineries in order to derive saleable byproducts from crude oil.
  2. Depending on factors such as the production rate of different petroleum byproducts, the relative value of commodities such as heating oil and gasoline can fluctuate over time—creating speculative or hedging opportunities for commodities traders.
  3. Some forms of oil, such as light sweet crude, require relatively limited refining in order to be sold.

Meaning of Cracking & Cracking Definition