What is Cross Street?

What is Cross Street? A cross street is a street that intersects another street. It is a short street that connects main streets. It is the closest and nearest street that crosses the street of the address of the delivery, It is a street nearest to the location that crosses the location street.

cross street address

What is a street?

Generally, a street is a public thoroughfare that has many houses and buildings along it on each side. Streets are commonly built in cities and towns. It is a public piece of land that has many buildings that are usually adjoined along one or both sides of it. Houses, lawns and trees constitute a very attractive street. Streets are generally built in the cities for the purpose of networking in all social, economical and physical activities of humans. Streets intersects another streets which is called cross street.

Importance of streets:

The streets provide space for transport, movement and access, and are very useful in a variety of activities. The streets are usually named as “Street Corridors” by some urban designers and engineers. Like hallways in every building, or house apartments, streets are the corridors between various buildings that are formed on each side of it. Though, the streets can make stuck in a busy traffic that can sometimes cause annoyance and displeasure for you, there are many streets around the world that are so insanely loved and are famous that they are considered as the top tourist spots. In short, we can say that the streets are the life-blood of the cities.

Discovery of streets:

The credit for building roads and streets goes to two Scottish engineers named Thomas Telford and John Loudon McAdam.

Street elements:

Streets are active and morally forced spaces that accommodate over time to support environmental maintenance, economic activities and cultural importance.
Streets are commonly shaped same as an outdoor room that has a number of planes. Like at the bottom the ground planes, at the sides the buildings and the roadbeds and the canopy plane like the ceiling of the room. Each plane of a street has many elements. The elements are the parts of a street that build up a whole street outline. Though the size and shape of every street is different but its basic elements are always the same in every type of streets. All of these elements are constructed for a specific purpose. The basic elements of a street are:

• On-street parking

• Side walk

• Roadbeds

• Transit facilities

• Service infrastructure

• Private space

• Street furniture

• Building edges

• Travel lanes

• Ancillary lanes

• Cycle facilities

• Plantings.

Street numbers:

Streets are very important in an address of a particular place. For finding an address, one important thing to note is a street number.

street number

A street number is generally a definite and exact location of a particular building or a house in a street. It is quite hard to find a house or a building without a proper street name and street number. The street names and street numbers are also important when you are giving your exact location to someone.
Sometimes, the street numbers are of more importance when you are looking for a delivery or even when you are calling an ambulance. So, the street numbers provide specific information about your exact locations.
However, it should be kept in mind that street numbers are only a part of the full address of your location. A proper address of a specific location contains much information that is required to reach a desired location.

What is a cross street?

A cross street is a type of street that intersects another street or connects two streets.
Cross Street cross a main passage or way, mainly at the right angles and it goes ahead on both sides of it. A cross street is an adjacent and direct street that crosses the street of the address of a delivery. A cross street can be an artery, a small street, or any other road. A cross street can also be known as 8 crossing, cross road, intersection or a junction.
cross street

Examples of a cross street:

• In simple words, let’s consider that you are walking along a particular street or an Avenue and you come across an intersection, the thing that is crossing your street or Avenue is a cross street. So, it is called a cross street because it crosses the particular street you are on.
• Or, we can also take another example. Let’s suppose if I live on a particular street, and the adjacent and closest street to my house that crosses it is Avenue B. So, Avenue B is the cross street as it has intersected the street on which I am.

How to find cross streets for an address:

It is not quite simple to find an address in a household area if it’s a bit far from the main road. For this purpose there are variety of maps that are used to find an address and expand a search to the cross streets in vicinity. Some common ways are as under:

  1. If you are looking for an address that is in rural area, use a detailed map. You can also use a county highway map.

  2. If the particular address you are searching for is in urban areas or suburban areas, you can use an atlas that has a page map for each community. Steps for finding cross street address in an atlas are:
    • Search for the particular street name in the index.
    • When you get in on the map, you can note the cross streets in neighborhood and locality.

  3. Another easy and simple way of finding cross streets for address is the mapping apps in the smartphones. Almost every smartphone contains a GPS or a map application. But if you can’t avail a smartphone you can use the online mapping sites on your tablet or PC. Google Maps and the MapQuest are the most popular map sites that will give you exact and up-to-date maps of any inhibited area in the world. You can find an appropriate address of the given area and also, you can zoom out the map page to search for the nearest cross streets. Steps for finding cross streets using online services are:

• Open any mapping service app.
• Enter the name of a particular location or community.
• Also, you can enter the name of the road you are searching for.
• A location will appear on the map page.
• Zoom the location and the map will become more detailed. The names of the nearest streets and familial roads will appear.
• Some sites also provide the aerial views. So, if you are known of the address, you can see the nearest cross streets.

  1. Beside these ways, you can also contact to your sector’s tax mapping property office. If you are failed in finding your address by online maps or hard copy maps, they will give you a list of the cross streets if you tell them the exact address.

Cross street listing:

Sometimes, when there are two or more cross streets intersecting each other at right angle, we might get confused in the listing of the cross streets that which street name should we list first and which should be the last in writing an address. To write an appropriate address, a proper sequence is provided when there is more than one street in an address. So, for the listing of these cross streets, some rules can be followed. These rules are as under:
• Cartesian coherence: In this rule, the vertical street is listed first and the horizontal one is listed after it.

• Geographic coherence: In this rule, the horizontal street is listed first and the vertical one is listed after it.

• Well known street first: In this rule, the street that is better known to you in any 2 streets intersecting each other, is listed first. However, it basically depends on how better you understand the area to use this rule successfully. If you don’t, you can use Google Maps for this purpose.

Other concepts:

Instead of these, another idea is to use an alphabetical order according to the street names. However, this rule is not that much helpful as it can create a conflict in case of the streets starting with the same alphabets.
In addition, it should be kept in mind that not all the cross streets are ranged in longitudinal or latitudinal lines. So, this shows conflicts in the first two rules in case, if the streets are not according to the X, Y plane.

A cross street is a street that crosses a main street or connects two main streets. Streets are the most important and useful aspects of the cities as they help in transportation and are very useful in reaching a desired destination as they are ordered with street numbers in every area or location. These street numbers are quite useful in finding an address of a specific location. The cross street address can be found out through online mapping services in smartphones or websites. The most common is Google Maps. Moreover, there are some rules applied to list the cross streets in a correct order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to see your location history in Google Maps?

To see your location history in Google Maps you need to follow the steps…

  1. On your phone open application of Google map.
  2. On the top of the screen tap the 3 horizontal lines.
  3. Tap your timeline.

2. Where is my nearest cross street?

Visit and open online services like Google Map or Yahoo. Enter the name of the road of your cross street you are searching for now locate it then it will be appeared on page.

3. How do you identify a cross street?

When you are going down a street and you find an intersection, The thing which is being intersected by the Street you are on is actually the cross street.


Streets are the most important part of urban life. They provide numerous benefits in transportation and other human lives activities. A cross street is generally a form of street that crosses the main street. It is the street nearest to the location of the main street. There is a proper method of finding the cross streets in the particular location.

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What does cross street mean?

A street that crosses another street or connects two streets.

Cross street map

To find the intersection between two roads, insert an ampersand ("&") between the two street names. Search “Broadway & E 14th St, New York, NY” to find the intersection between Broadway and East 14th Street in New York, for example. Click “Street View,” if the option appears, to view the area from street level.

Nearest cross street

The closest cross street would be the closest street that intersects the street on which the address is located, whether it is an artery or a small street or any other road.

Nearest cross road

The intersection of roads is where two or more roads meet and / or are the points of potential vehicle conflict. An interchange is a grade separation with connecting roads that allow road transfer between intersecting highways.

Closest cross street

It is a “cross street”. So if you live on Front Street and the closest street to your house or apartment that crosses Front Street is Main Street, Main Street is the closest cross street. The closest street that crosses the street from the delivery address.

How to find cross streets for an address?

Visit online mapping services like Mapquest, Google Maps, or Yahoo Maps. Enter the name of the community and / or road you are looking for and locate it on the map that appears on the page. As you zoom in to a location, the map becomes more detailed and the names of side streets and residential roads appear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What does the cross street mean on delivery?

It is a short street that connects the main streets. It is the closest and closest street that crosses the street of the delivery address, It is the closest street to the location that crosses the street of the location.

Q: What does the nearest cross street mean?

A cross street is the street closest to a location that intersects the street of the locations. If I live on First Street and the closest street to my house that intersects (intersects) is C Avenue, then C Avenue is the cross street.

Q: How do you write the cross streets?

The street is correct. Street first. Street, then avenue. This makes the most sense because there are a lot more streets than avenues, so start with the more specific aspect and then add the cross street.

Q: How do you find the side streets in New York?

The address of a building can tell you between which avenues it is located. For addresses on the west side, just add the first digit of the address (zero if the address is only two digits) to 5 for the lower crossing. For example, 225 W 37th St.

Q: What is NYC Wall Street’s famous cross street?

Broad Street

Broad Street is a north-south street in the financial district of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Originally the Broad Canal in New Amsterdam, it stretches from present-day South Street to Wall Street.

Q: What is the nearest intersection?

The selected point is the nearest intersection and this is what is used to mark a non-disclosure property on a map. The diagram below illustrates an intersection for a given property: Example of an intersection point for a given address.