Definition of Corridor:

  1. A concept in universal life insurance. The corridor is the amount of pure insurance protection above the accumulation value to qualify as life insurance for tax purposes.

  2. A long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms.

Synonyms of Corridor

Access, Adit, Air lane, Air line, Air lock, Air route, Airspace, Airway, Aisle, Alley, Ambulatory, Aperture, Approach, Arcade, Area, Areaway, Artery, Avenue, Belt, Breezeway, Channel, Cloister, Colonnade, Communication, Conduit, Confines, Connection, Continental shelf, Couloir, Country, Covered way, Defile, Department, District, Division, Entrance, Entranceway, Entry, Entryway, Environs, Exit, Ferry, Ford, Gallery, Gangplank, Gangway, Ground, Hall, Hallway, Heartland, Hinterland, In, Ingress, Inlet, Intake, Interchange, Intersection, Junction, Land, Lane, Loggia, Means of access, Milieu, Neighborhood, Offshore rights, Opening, Outlet, Overpass, Part, Parts, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Path, Pergola, Peristyle, Place, Portico, Precincts, Premises, Purlieus, Quarter, Railroad tunnel, Region, Salient, Section, Soil, Space, Terrain, Territory, Three-mile limit, Traject, Trajet, Tunnel, Twelve-mile limit, Underpass, Vestibule, Vicinage, Vicinity, Way, Way in, Zone, Passage, Passageway, Aisle, Gangway, Hall, Hallway, Gallery, Arcade, Cloister

How to use Corridor in a sentence?

  1. His room lay at the very end of the corridor.

Meaning of Corridor & Corridor Definition