Definition of Land:

  1. Disembark (someone or someone else) from a boat

  2. To strike (hurt) someone.

  3. The distance between the ducts marked on the arms.

  4. General: Early inputs and production factors that are not used, but production is not possible without them. It is a resource that has no production cost and, although its use may be less profitable, its offer cannot be increased. What is meant by land are all the physical elements of a country's wealth which are rich by nature, such as climate, environment, fields, forests, minerals, mountains, lakes, rivers, seas and animals. As an asset, it includes everything above ground (such as buildings, plants, fences, trees, water), (2) above ground (air and space rights) and (3) underground (mining rights). included. In the center of the earth. Land is probably the oldest form of suicide and is very attractive to creditors because it cannot be destroyed, moved, stolen or wasted. What lenders need is the borrower's explicit property rights.

  5. Accounting: Land held for productive purposes is named after the property, plants and equipment (which, due to its non-value, does not need to be depreciated) and is called balance sheet equipment, Included in land and facilities. This is included in the legal and development costs (such as drilling, drainage, excavation, filling and grading) in addition to the purchase price. The land attached to the investment destination is also included in the investment. However, real estate agents can add it to their inventory. See also land development and improvement.

  6. It went up in the air and on the ground.

  7. Put someone in a difficult or unpleasant situation.

  8. Parts of the earth's surface that, unlike the sea or air, are not covered by water.

  9. Parents

Synonyms of Land

Real estate, Premises, Rope, Nation, Lands, Set down, Dock, Republic, Come to land, Deal, Real property, Environs, Cause to be in, Solid ground, Ensnare, Toft, Region, Toparchia, Parts, Unboat, Bag, Lot, Detrain, Disembark, Level off, Put into port, Nationality, Parcel, Reach land, Alight, Principate, Quarter, Seneschalty, Hinterland, Hook, Space, Sod, Puppet government, Downwind, Purlieus, Spear, Come in to land, Go ashore, Lots, Earldom, Crash-land, Grounds, Realm, Perch, Grand duchy, Dry land, Make land, Airspace, Estate, Sack, Body politic, Overshoot, Mandant, Precincts, Chieftainry, Vicinage, Department, Roost, Territory, Plat, Dismount, Messuage, Capture, Archduchy, Touch down, Continental shelf, Entrap, Sit, Dukedom, Place, Make port, Get, Motherland, Empire, Mandatory, Twelve-mile limit, Colony, Dirt, City-state, Secure, Mesh, Get down, Republic, Kingdom, Ally, Manor, Landed property, Mould, Entangle, Section, Realm, Acquire, Native land, Country, Ditch, Domain, Harpoon, Snag, Loam, Sovereign nation, Moor, Light, Possession, Touch down, Terra firma, Bring, Deplane, Snare, Nation, Nation state, Heartland, Domain, Lead, Praedium, Area, Acreage, Satellite, Nail, County, Fatherland, Area, Pancake, Deposit, Fatherland, Terra, Arrive, Acres, Vicinity, Territory, Division, State, Part, Belt, Take, Buffer state, Country, Honor, Homeland, Noose, Region, Come down, Empire, Alight, Dispense, Earth, Confines, Debus, Milieu, Archdukedom, Make a landfall, Puppet regime, Talk down, Motherland, Realty, Three-mile limit, Neighborhood, Climb down, Settle upon, Turf, Corridor, Berth, Terra firma, Administer, Kingdom, Dominion, Mandate, Lasso, Principality, Mandatee, Power, Net, Commonwealth, District, Soil, Tenements, Polis, Disemplane, Captive nation, Catch, Get off, Come down, Province, Quadrat, Settle, Inflict, Terrain, Polity, Chattels real, Tangle up with, Protectorate, Salient, Mete out, Trap, District, Offshore rights, Win, Sniggle, Give, Cause to arrive in, Settlement, Drive, Catch, Solid ground, Drop anchor, Demesne, Mandated territory, Sultanate, Deliver, Settle on, Enmesh, Homeland, Arrive, Tangle, Free city, Take captive, Upwind, State, Commonweal, Superpower, Foul, Chieftaincy, Come to rest, Commonwealth, Empery, Make a landing, Ground, Duchy, Province, Debark, Obtain, Put in, Descend, Zone, Settle down, Plot, Tie up, Toparchy, Come in, Unhorse, Property, Dry land

How to use Land in a sentence?

  1. The valley is the most beautiful in the country.
  2. What's dramatic about Bareilly's design is that it has six equal straight slits and slits.
  3. Reptiles lay their eggs on the ground.
  4. The plane landed at two minutes per minute.
  5. Before the plane leaves, I have to wait for the plane to land on the runway, which will take about ten minutes.
  6. If you can transport your products by land instead of by ship, you will save a lot of shipping costs.
  7. Lifeboats bring survivors to safety.
  8. If you plan to move something in a few hours, it is best to do so on land and then by air.

Meaning of Land & Land Definition

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What is Land?

Definition of Land: Commercially owned land can be immovable and in the form of land, without buildings and equipment, marked with a fixed local boundary. Land ownership can give the owner rights over all natural resources within the boundaries of the land. The traditional economy says that land is an element of production in addition to capital and labor. Consequences of sale of capital or loss of land. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax laws, land is considered a capital asset rather than a short-term asset.

  • Land can refer to a property or land without a building or equipment, which is characteristic of a particular place.
  • The main economic benefit of this country is its lack.
  • The earth itself is a valuable resource, but when combined with other natural resources such as oil and gas, its value increases.
  • Investing in land for development can be expensive and risky.

You can define Land as, Of real estate.

Meanings of Land

  1. The distance between the drains marked on the arms.

  2. It went up in the air and fell to the ground.

  3. A state (in Germany or Austria).

Sentences of Land

  1. The main thing about Bareilly's design is that it has six straight and evenly spaced groove lines.

  2. The lifeboat landed safely from the victims

  3. The second school highlights the specific role of local government in the federal system, regardless of federal, provincial, republic, cantonment or state designation.


Land Definition:

  1. A simple definition of Land is: Land, in the business sense, can refer to land or land, minus buildings and equipment, which are characteristic of fixed space boundaries. The management of the land can give God the rights to all the natural resources that are within their land limits. Traditional economics says that land, along with capital and income, is a factor in auctions. The sale of land results in the loss of capital. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax laws, the country is not a single, valuable state and is considered permanent rather than another.

    • Land can refer to land or parcels of land without buildings and equipment, which are characteristic of fixed local boundaries.
    • The main economic benefit of this country is its lack.
    • The earth itself is a valuable resource, but its value increases when it is combined with other natural resources such as oil and gas.
    • Investing in building land can be expensive and risky.

Meanings of Land

  1. The part of the earth's surface that is not covered by water.

  2. A country or countries

  3. The space between the initial slots of the weapon.

  4. Bring (someone or something) to shore by boat.

  5. Swim in the air and rest on the floor or other surface.

  6. ■■■■■■ on someone (strike)

  7. Federal state of Germany or Austria.

Sentences of Land

  1. Reptiles lay eggs on the ground.

  2. The valley is one of the most beautiful in the country.

  3. He landed at Hastings.

  4. We'll be landing at Gatwick soon.

  5. I won the fight without a hit.

Synonyms of Land

bring down, put down, fetch, take down, coastline, coast


Land: What is the Meaning of Land?

  1. Land refers to James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of books on technical trade and commerce by John Willie & Sons and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

    • May refer to land or parcels of land without buildings, buildings and facilities, marked with fixed local boundaries.
    • The main economic benefit of this country is its scarcity.
    • Land in itself is a valuable resource, but when combined with other natural resources such as oil and gas, its value increases.
    • Investing in land can be expensive and risky.

Meanings of Land

  1. The space between the mirrors on the weapon.

  2. Swim in the air and relax on the floor or other surface.

  3. Killing someone (strike).

Sentences of Land

  1. Unload your troops at Hastings.

  2. We will land at Gatewick soon.

  3. I won the fight without a single hit