Definition of Maintenance:

  1. Provide financial support for rehabilitation costs or assistance to someone.

  2. Law: (1) Interfere with the parties to the dispute (without any real interest) and / or to the financial or other assistance of the party to the dispute. See also championship. () Provision of financial assistance or basic necessities from one party to another through a court order, for example, at the time of divorce or legal separation.

  3. Crime helps a party to take legal action without a good reason.

  4. The act of maintaining or maintaining the condition of someone or something or something.

  5. Necessary activities are required to maintain the original condition of an asset or resource as much as possible and while compensating for normal wear and tear.

  6. Engineering: The process required to bring a computer, machine, or system back to its original operating condition or to restore it to its maximum useful life. Includes corrective care and preventive rehabilitation.

  7. Accounting: Periodic expenses incurred in activities that maintain the operational status of an asset without extending its useful life. Restoration is an expense that, unlike an increase in capital (which prolongs the useful life of an asset) does not come into the capital.

Synonyms of Maintenance

Salvage, Diuturnity, Supportive relationship, Progress, Permanence, Backing, Durability, Preservation, Forest management, Survivance, Nourishment, Continuance, Perpetuation, Bottling up, Continualness, Abidingness, Forest conservation, Standing, Long standing, Contribution, Duration, Maintaining, Prolongation, Preservation, Sustentation, Lengthening, Subsidization, Sustenance, Wildlife conservation, Endowment, Life support, Keeping, Provision, Nurture, Economic support, Way, Age, Durableness, Suppression, Water conservation, Long-livedness, Retainment, Staying power, Perpetuity, Livelihood, Perpetuation, Retentivity, Price support, Sustainment, Locking in, Repetition, Upholding, Persistence, Inhibition, Long-lastingness, Continuity, Protection, Keeping up, Repression, Mothering, Continuation, Conservancy, Perseverance, Carriage, Retention, Prehension, Sustaining, Salt, Antiquity, Aid, Conservation, Daily bread, Support, Safekeeping, Defiance of time, Retentiveness, Holding, Salvation, Prolongation, Reliance, Soil conservation, Environmental conservation, Steadfastness, Protraction, Security blanket, Stability, Upkeep, Corking up, TLC, Perdurability, Conservation, Tender loving care, Allowance, Stipend, Longevity, Care, Tenacity, Psychological support, Carrying on, Continuity, Carrying, Wetlands conservation, Progression, Continuation, Extension, Saving, Lastingness, Keep, Conservationism, Supportive therapy, Continuance, Uninterrupted course, Survival, Standing treat, Meat, Constancy, Paying the bills, Feeding, Perennation, Unremittingness, Alimentation, Living, Treat, Sustained action, Preserval, Alimony, Endurance, Nurture, Straight course, Stream conservation, Moral support, Pursuance, Subsidy, Subsistence, Bread, Run, Subvention, Manna, Holding in, Defeat of time

How to use Maintenance in a sentence?

  1. Therefore, I am referring to the old general rules of barracks and maintenance and ownership.
  2. To maintain the condition of the vehicle for a long time, periodic maintenance is necessary, for example: oil change, tire pressure, tire profile, coolant level.
  3. Opportunity to study for payment of fees and paid allowance.
  4. Critical conditions for maintaining democratic rule.
  5. Buildings will only be clean if we keep them clean. To do this, we may need to hire rehabilitation workers.
  6. You must ensure that you maintain all your machines regularly to comply with the code.

Meaning of Maintenance & Maintenance Definition

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