How to make your voice deeper?

How to make your voice deeper? To make your voice deeper, hold your breath tightly. Please take a deep breath and start humming for as long as keeping it. This stretches our vocal chords, and the stretching of vocal cords always makes our sound deep and hard. How long we will hold breathe this make our voice significantly deeper. If you want to make your voice deeper, repeat this process. After you take deep breaths, point your chin towards the chest. This is the easiest way to make your voice deeper.

:boom: Deep voice

:small_blue_diamond: Some people have thin voices. The pitch of their voices is so sharp. The listener often gets irritated, so that person feels insecure about their voice. In that case, mostly people want to get a deeper voice, and they start trying to get a deep voice.

:small_blue_diamond: As we know, it is a natural thing. We can’t even change it, but for the results, we have some ways to get it for a small interval of time or temporary effect or then we have medicines for permanent voice deepening.

:small_blue_diamond: In addition, there are now hormonal injections and treatments which are widely practiced for the changing and modification of real voices from thin to thick and thick to thin.

:boom: What are vocal chords?

:small_blue_diamond: Vocal chords are the sound-producing part of our body. It is located in the neck area inside the throat and the trachea. Vocal chords are the only element in sound production and the vibrationVibration produced by our voices.

:small_blue_diamond: After some years of our age passed like 10, 14 and more often 16 our voices start changing. In females, not a huge change happens. A minor change occurs sometimes. It also may not, in many cases, in short woman’s voices stays the same as they are, but the voices of boys are changing as time passes. Their voices get deeper and deeper.

:small_blue_diamond: Voices are usually changed due to hormonal changes. A woman doesn’t have testosterones, so women’s voices stay the same, and if they change, then it changes in 40+ age. At the age of 14-16, boys’ voices start getting thick due to hormonal change, and the growth of hairs on their faces also begins as time passes. At the age of 18-20, they have a thick beard with thick deep voices.

:boom: Some tricks to deepen our voices

Some tricks to deepen our voices are following:

1- Practice your speech in front of a mirror

:small_blue_diamond: In front of a mirror, take a strong stance. In the mirror, take a good look at yourself. Listen to how your name sounds when you say it out loud. Afterwards, pick up a newspaper or a book and read an article. Take notice of your sound’s loudness, quality, breathiness, and, most importantly, the itching that comes with it.

2-Make your throat relax

:small_blue_diamond: Your voice is less likely to crack when you speak slower than normal. You have to relax your throat as much as possible; this does not tighten your vocal chords. Clear your throat before speaking, and hydrate your voice box.

3- Do reading exercises "

:small_blue_diamond: Take a chapter from a book or newspaper and read it aloud, paying attention to the variations in your voice and intonation. This should be read in a low and slow voice. Having trouble with your reading voice might happen if you read it too rapidly. Reread the sentence while keeping your chin up and inhaling into your abdomen.

4- Practice with mobile applications

:small_blue_diamond: There are varieties of applications these days working in this regard. This application helps you monitor your voices, and with the help of these applications, you set reasonable standards for yourself. Compare your voices with celebrities and practice, then note the resemblance and differences between your and their voices.

5- Do a little humming.

:small_blue_diamond: Hum from the base of your neck with your mouth open and your chin pointing toward your chest. Humming is the best way to get voice dirtier musicians and singers widely practice it. It is the best way to warm up before a speech. As well as, if anyone wants a deep voice, start practicing humming.

6- Try talking with your mouth

:small_blue_diamond: Try speaking with your lips open instead of your nose. Speaking using your mouth produces a richer, more masculine sound than speaking through your nose. The nasal character of the voice deepens, yet a deeper voice without a nasal quality sounds better.

7- Practice making your voice louder when you talk.

:small_blue_diamond: Figure out how to talk to yourself. Talk to yourself. Don’t be hesitant]( Talk and listen to yourself to work on your voice. If you want to learn this technique, don’t hold your stomach in. Use your diaphragm to take in air. You can feel your breath moving from your belly to your chest and out of your mouth.

8- Practice making modest alterations to your voice

:small_blue_diamond: Avoid using excessive effort to alter your voice. This might damage your voice chords. Start by working with your voice for a little length of time. Not the pitch of your sound. Gradually allow yourself to speak more and more, and your voice tone changes.

Some Affective postures

  • Keep your chin up

  • Swallow before speaking

  • Speak slowly

  • Avoid speaking with growling and raspy sound

  • Control your breath or breath naturally

  • Experiment with your breath

  • Use your diaphragm for breathing

Deeper voice


People who have a thin or deep voice often feel insecure about their pitch, so they try to get a deeper voice. Hormonal injections and treatments are widely practiced for the changing and modification of real voices from thin to thick and thick to thin. Humming is the best way to warm up before a speech. If anyone wants a deep voice, start humming.

:boom: Effects of Different Drinks on Voices

:small_blue_diamond: Different drinks have different effects on our voices, and the following are some drinks that have an impact on voices:


:small_blue_diamond: Other than water, what come to mind are alcohols. Alcohols are mostly known as mind and muscles relaxants’. It takes tension off your vocal chords and deepens your voices. Water technically does this, too, as hydrated vocal cords are bigger than the dehydrated vocal chords, making them vibrate at very low frequency.


:small_blue_diamond: Juices are of many kinds. Many are soft fizzy drinks with carbonated gases; many are regular juices like mocha margarita and lemonade. Many are known as fruit juices. Simple fruits juices, with no carbonated gases. These all drinks have different effects on our vocal chords.

Plain regular water:

:small_blue_diamond: Plain regular water also has an effect on our voice. Normal water doesn’t cause any effect. Warm water makes our vocal chord smaller, so their frequency is high and sound vibrate at high frequency with the change in voice, but if water is cold, vocal chords get bigger, so the frequency is very low sound vibrates at low frequency and produces a voice with a clear difference.

Hot beverages:

:small_blue_diamond: All the hot beverages like tea, coffee, soup, etc., also affect our vocal chords. These also makes our vocal chords get smaller because they dehydrate them and when the sound passes, throw them due to very high frequency sounds starts vibrating and results in higher note ( as the string of guitar plucked and then released ).

:boom: Frequently asked questions

There are some frequently asked questions regarding how to make your voice deeper?:

Q1. Does drinking plenty of water deepen our voice?
Yes, it’s lower your voice. Because the depth of your voice depends upon the size and tension of the vocals chords. Hydrated vocal chords are bigger, so the voice is on a lower note.

Q2. Does the voice change after 18 or not?

Men’s vocals often deepen up to an octave, but women’s voices typically descend three tones. After adolescence and far into old age, the voices of some adults may alter, but not all. Women’s voices are often lower in pitch than men’s.

Q3. When the boy gets deepens voice?

During puberty, the larynx gets bigger, which causes the voices to get deeper and crack. For boys, the age 10 starts their voices change or max 15-16 their voices get change. It is because of puberty, the increase of testosterone, and the expansion of their voice box. The average age is 13 -16 for boys.

Q4. What type of hot beverage deepens our voices?

With a little honey and lemon, you may soothe your voice by sipping on green tea and herbal teas. Peppermint tea also has a natural energizing effect. Finally, chamomile tea has a calming impact on the body and mind. Mixing honey and lemon with warm water is a simple approach to hydrate and soothe your voice naturally. This has a long-term effect on the quality of your voice.

Q5. What is the effect of coffee on the deepening of voice?

Coffee dehydrates the body - especially our vocal chords. Little moisture on the vocal chords increases tension between them, shortening your vocal range and limiting your voice capabilities.

Q6. Is ice have any effect on our voice?

Ice affects negatively. Ice or ice cubes affects us negatively by impairing our chord’s flexibility so that they cannot work properly. To hit a high tone, the vocal chords need to stretch more as much as they can.

Q7. What is nasal voice?

The people who speak with the nose means that the voice comes from their nose when they speak. The mouth effect doesn’t have much impact on the sound. This is called a nasal voice. And the people called nasal voice people.

Q8. When is it possible to get a deep nasal voice?

Try talking with your mouth., not from your nose. It helps us get a deep voice, but it sounds more masculine if you speak through your mouth. To deepen your voice, you will need to try and lower your pitch.

Q9. Is there any medicine or treatment that deepens our voice?

Yes, many medicines and treatments are invented to deepen our voices temporarily or permanently. These days many medicines and treatments are in practice. Medicines include nutrifactor, tryception and the treatment includes hormonal replacement.

Q10. How can a woman get a deeper voice?
Hold your breath and hum as long as you can. Your voice will sound richer and fuller if you do this. In the following breath, lower your chin to the chest and relax.

:boom: Conclusion

:small_blue_diamond: So the simple methods for how we deepen our voices are described above. You can also do more practice, record your voices on a recorder, and then listen. Tea helps us for sound changing or deepening. As singers and musicians take ginger honey tea before their big performance, you Also start taking tea for a better voice.

:small_blue_diamond: It is not scientifically proven, but tea gives effects. It is true. If you afford but a recorder and practice daily and note your voice changes and the changes takes place in notes and pitches. Drink plenty of water for hydrating your vocal chords.

:small_blue_diamond: So if you want a good deep voice, speaks slowly and calmly. Don’t force your throat to speak harshly and hardly. Avoid speaking in a hard rough tone. This hurts your throat more possibly. Clear your throat from time to time. This must help you and makes your voice deepen.

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