Definition of Modification:

  1. The action of modifying something.

  2. Change that adapts, limits, qualifies, or restricts something to a new end or purpose. See also alteration.

Synonyms of Modification

Softening, Moderation, Tempering, Qualification, Restriction, Lessening, Reduction, Decrease, Diminishing, Lowering, Abatement, Mitigation, About-face, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Allophone, Allowance, Alteration, Alveolar, Amelioration, Analysis, Anatomization, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Apostasy, Articulation, Aspiration, Assimilation, Atomization, Betterment, Bilabial, Break, Cacuminal, Cerebral, Cession, Change, Change of heart, Changeableness, Check, Circumscription, Concession, Consonant, Constructive change, Continuant, Continuity, Conversion, Defection, Degeneration, Degenerative change, Demarcation, Dental, Desynonymization, Deterioration, Deviation, Difference, Differencing, Differentiation, Diphthong, Discontinuity, Discrimination, Disequalization, Disjunction, Dissimilation, Distinction, Distinguishment, Divergence, Diversification, Diversion, Diversity, Division, Epenthetic vowel, Exception, Exemption, Explosive, Extenuating circumstances, Fitting, Flip-flop, Glide, Glottal, Glottalization, Gradual change, Grain of salt, Grant, Guttural, Hedge, Hedging, Improvement, Individualization, Individuation, Labial, Labialization, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Laryngeal, Lateral, Limitation, Lingual, Liquid, Manner of articulation, Melioration, Mental reservation, Metamorphosis, Mitigation, Modulation, Monophthong, Morphophoneme, Mutation, Mute, Nasal, Occlusive, Overthrow, Palatal, Parasitic vowel, Particularization, Peak, Personalization, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealization, Phone, Phoneme, Plosive, Prothetic vowel, Qualification, Radical change, Re-creation, Realignment, Redesign, Reform, Reformation, Remaking, Renewal, Reservation, Reshaping, Restriction, Restructuring, Retroflex, Reversal, Revival, Revivification, Revolution, Salvo, Segmental phoneme, Segregation, Semivowel, Separation, Severalization, Severance, Shift, Sonant, Sonority, Special case, Special treatment, Specialization, Specialness, Specification, Speech sound, Stop, Sudden change, Surd, Switch, Syllabic nucleus, Syllabic peak, Syllable, Tempering, Total change, Transformation, Transition, Transition sound, Transmogrification, Triphthong, Turn, Turnabout, Upheaval, Variation, Variety, Velar, Violent change, Vocable, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voice, Voiced sound, Voiceless sound, Voicing, Vowel, Waiver, Worsening

How to use Modification in a sentence?

  1. You may need to make a modification to your product if you think that doing so will make it more marketable.
  2. Before we could put the item on the market, it had to undergo a bit of modification to ensure that it would be steady and durable.
  3. We had to make a modification to the home loan which pleased the buyers in the short term at least.
  4. The parts supplied should fit with little or no modification.

Meaning of Modification & Modification Definition