Definition of Vibration:

  1. Regular oscillatory or periodic motion which repeats itself after a definite interval.

  2. An instance of vibrating.

Synonyms of Vibration

Quiver, Quivering, Shake, Shaking, Shaking movement, Quaver, Quavering, Quake, Quaking, Tremble, Trembling, Tremor, Judder, Shiver, Shivering, Shudder, Shuddering, Ague, Bumpiness, Caring, Ceaselessness, Chattering, Chord, Chorea, Cold shivers, Concern, Constancy, Constant flow, Continualness, Continuity, Echo, Empathy, Fellow feeling, Fits and starts, Fluctuation, Frequency, Frequency band, Frequency spectrum, Harmonic motion, Identification, Incessancy, Involvement, Jactation, Jactitation, Jerkiness, Joltiness, Libration, Noninterruption, Nutation, Oscillation, Palsy, Pathos, Pendulation, Periodicity, Perpetuity, Pulsation, Quaking, Quavering, Quick fire, Quivering, Rapid fire, Rapid recurrence, Rapid succession, Rapidity, Regularity, Relating, Repetition, Resonance, Resonance frequency, Response, Responsiveness, Shakes, Shaking, Sharing, Shivering, Shivers, Shuddering, Spasms, Staccato, Steadiness, Stuttering, Succussion, Sustainment, Sympathetic chord, Sympathetic response, Sympathy, Tattoo, Trembling, Tremulousness, Unintermission, Uninterruption, Vacillation, Vibes, Vibrancy, Vibratility, Vibrations, Wavering

How to use Vibration in a sentence?

  1. Powerful vibrations from an earthquake.

Meaning of Vibration & Vibration Definition

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