How long does it take to become a massage therapist

How long does it take to become a massage therapist? Massage therapists to be licenced before they’ll observe their trade. The time to get the specified coaching for a licenced massage therapist varies per town and state. However, you’ll expect on the average to devote between 500 to 2000 hours; sometimes a minimum of regarding eight or nine months.

What is a massage therapist?

Massage therapists facilitate their clients get over injuries, improve their posture and/or unleash tension. They are doing this by using their hands, arms and elbows to massage the muscles either within the specific space perturbing the consumer or across the entire back, shoulders, arms and legs. A massage session generally lasts anyplace from 15 minutes to an hour thus glorious higher body strength and endurance ar necessary for this career. It conjointly needs coaching within the applicable techniques and instrumentation to use throughout a massage session.

Most massage therapists can focus on 2 or 3 strategies like sports massage, Swedish massage or deep-tissue massage. they’ll then adapt these to the distinctive wants of every consumer. as an example, a young, physically active consumer would need a a lot of vigorous deep-tissue or sports massage to treat muscles that ar used extensively. On the opposite hand, an aged client may need a gentler technique cantered on specific pain points.

How long will it go for become a massage therapist?

Different details embrace that the license itself may need a renewable fee. This suggests finishing a licensed massage therapy program then passing a nationally-recognized examination. Programs vary from 300 to 1,000 hours of in-class instruction and sensible coaching. This may translate to somewhere between a number of weeks and 2 years looking on the structure of the program you register in.

The length of your time depends on what number strategies you learn and the way abundant practical coaching is enclosed. If you propose to work regular, it’s value considering a extended program that has loads of coaching and prepares you for a wider sort of massage techniques and strategies. This can equip you with the talents necessary to satisfy the wants of a wider vary of clients.

Massage therapists skills learn in school

There are loads of coaching and education that goes into changing into a massage therapist. By the time you have got completed your degree or certificate program, you may be delicate during a type of massage techniques. the exact ones you learn can depend upon what your program offers however can doubtless embrace a number of the following:
1: Sports massage
2: Swedish massage
3: Deep tissue massage
4: Shiatsu massage
5: Prenatal massage
6: Geriatric massage
7: Thai massage
8: Acupressure and reflexology

In addition to learning totally different massage techniques, you may even be trained in alternative skills that are vital to providing a therapeutic massage session for shoppers. This includes correct hygiene and safety protocols, ethics and business procedures. These skills prepare you for the business aspect of massage therapy so you’ll build positive, moral consumer relationships and guarantee a secure and hygienically surroundings for massage. Many programs conjointly embrace some work in anatomy and physiology, pathology and contraindications and limitations. This prepares you to form educated assessments regarding the health and needs of your client so you’ll confirm the most effective technique and therefore the applicable level of pressure to use. It’ll conjointly assist you perceive the connections between muscle teams so you’ll higher find the supply of tension and pain.

How long can it go for complete your training?

Your massage school education is far and away the foremost crucial part of your career success as a massage expert. while not it you’ll haven’t any authority or believability while not some quite formal coaching and certification. So, you’ll have to be compelled to notice and enter during a massage school program. The great news is that the coaching to become a massage expert is extraordinarily affordable, significantly compared to several different professions managing health and well-being.

Massage therapy licensing is obtained through vocational school programs. Vocational education contains a additional restricted scope than traditional degrees and therefore the info focuses solely on the task and therefore the industry in question. This implies that rather than needing a four-year degree to start operating within the industry, you’ll simply have your certified coaching completed in as very little as five months if attending regular.


Massage therapy is essential for our body. Through massage therapy we can overcome our pain and injuries and it is a part of our education system. Generally one session of massage therapy last for 15 or one hour.

What will a massage therapist actually do?

A massage therapist may be a trained, authorised skilled that practices the manual, or hands-on, movement of sentimental body tissues. Soft body tissues including connective tissue, tendon, ligament and muscle. People request massage therapy for a range of reasons—including to reduce anxiety and stress relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and welfare. In fact, massage therapy may be a growing field at intervals health care. Be aware that academic programs vary in their stress on massage therapy as a sort of health care. At NWHSU, for instance, students are ready to be tending professionals who offer massage therapy as a part of an integrative health care team.

Working as a massage expert

Massage therapists add a variety of environments starting from hospitals and health clinics to non-public practices. Most have a large vary of duties that include:
Creating a peaceful atmosphere for purchaser
Determining the clients’ desires, whether or not it’s pain relief, symptom management, stress relief, etc.
Providing a massage that addresses the client’s problems.
Respecting every client’s privacy and luxury levels.
Monitoring the progress of purchasers over time.
Managing appointments and different duties related to the actual atmosphere you’re working in.

What quite environment can I work in?

There are several choices once it involves working as a massage expert and you may select from one among the following:

1: Spas

Spas is a place wherever individuals move to have a soothing massage experience in a very comfy and restful house. The goal here is to form the client fully relaxed and build a lovely expertise.

2: Rehab clinics and hospitals

In a rehabilitation setting, you may be cantered on injuries that require healing and pain relief. Massage techniques will facilitate to relieve pain and restore quality.

3: Hotels

Many hotels and resorts have on-the-spot massage therapists who are offered to book for appointments throughout someone’s keep. this implies you may have a good type of clients however rarely any long-run patients.

4: Wellness Centres

Health and wellbeing centres have become a lot of and more well-liked and massage therapists play an enormous role in these. they’ll facilitate aid in something from muscle injuries to headaches to stress and mental state problems.

5: Private practice

About 67 % of all massage therapists add personal practice. this implies fixing your own business and dealing to accumulate a daily set of clients. You get to line your own hours and keep all of the profits.

What courses needed to become a massage therapist?

Course needs can vary from one school to a different. At NWHSU, the massage therapy programme includes four major components:

Classroom work in biological sciences. Subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology, and nutrition give students an outline of the chassis and the way it works.

Classroom work in topics associated with the observe of massage. Topics on law, ethics, communication, and management prepare students for skilled observe.

Lab courses for active assessment and treatment techniques. These courses instruct students on a way to tailor massage treatment for the distinctive needs of every client.

Hands-on clinical expertise Students have opportunities to observe massage in real-world settings. In fact, these opportunities are intensive at NWHSU because of each our own clinics and also the various partnerships we’ve with attention entities within the space.

Level of expertise

Depending on what your final goals are as a massage healer, there could also be an explicit level of expertise and time within the field necessary to attain those goals. for instance, you will have the ultimate goal of turning into the massage therapist to celebrities and athletes, however you may ought to gain expertise and build your name before you’ll hope to realize proximity to those clients.

Likewise, an explicit quantity of traditional spa expertise will facilitate get you on your feet as a general freelance massage therapist. It permits you to induce a plan of what you are doing and don’t like regarding numerous procedures and protocols inside the trade so you’ll create choices about what you would like to try and do along with your practice. It additionally provides you the chance to realize expertise with a large vary of clients while not having to fret concerning promotion. So, if your goal goes on the far side entry level massage therapy, you may doubtless would like a minimum of some expertise within the trade before that success are often achieved.


There are many options regarding massage therapy. Massage therapist work in different places like spas, clinic, hospital and hotels. And massage therapy contain different courses and it vary from one schools to different.

Personal Investment?

What you set into one thing usually determines what you get out of it. this is often additionally true once it involves your career as a massage therapist. The heights of your success are wide determined by the number of yourself you’re willing to place into your work. Sure, there are money investments like massage certification coaching and any further licensing and start-up provides you would possibly ought to begin your journey. However, compared to most alternative careers, these smallest investments are considerably a lot of manageable.

Because of this, it’s about to take effort and investment in several areas. you want to be willing to create smart plans and have the dedication to envision them through, regardless of what your definition of career success could be. you’ll have the most effective coaching and therefore the best opportunities on the market to a massage healer, however it won’t matter if you aren’t invested. within the finish it’ll be you who determines your success.

Path to a career massage therapy

Unlike several different careers that need years of schooling and coaching, the trail to turning into a massage expert is fairly fast. you’ve got to complete a educational program at a massage therapy faculty that qualifies you to follow within the location of your selection. Our program needs a complete of 750 program hours and takes 12 months to complete. Once you’ve got completed the massage therapy program, you’ll be ready to pass the MBLEX certification examination so as to become a licenced Massage expert. This is great as a result of it implies that you’ll embark upon a brand new career path and be working in barely over a year. You don’t ought to take off an intensive amount of work so as to travel back to high school.

In order to enter in AIAM, you’ll return to the varsity to receive a personal tour and interview with an admissions representative. You’ll got to submit proof of earned HS diploma or GED recognized by the Department of Education or a foreign equivalent. we tend to need an application and $100 enrolment fee, an entire physical health examination type and a gathering with assist workplace to discuss payment choices. For a lot of info on tuition prices and elective fees, check here.

Difference between a certified massage expert and licensed massage expert?

A certified massage expert and licensed massage expert are basically the same;
The most distinction depends on the terminology a given state chooses to use. They each have with success completed a certificate or programme from an licensed massage therapy school and have with success passed a state-sanctioned massage therapy test. Technically speaking, four states presently don’t need massage therapy licensure: Kansas, Wyoming, Minnesota and Vermont. Note, however, that there should still be licensing necessities at the county or municipal level. Also, there’s a growing push to need licensure in each state. In Minnesota, as an example, state legislators recently introduced a bill requiring massage therapists to be authorised.

Know local market regarding massage therapy

One of the a lot of practical points of success is knowing regarding the massage market in your space. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to try to tod do an in-depth analysis on your native client statistics. It merely suggests that having an inexpensive plan regarding what massage seems like in your space. for instance, some concepts you’ll think about the are:
1: When you search massage therapy, are there loads of spas?
What reasonably spas are they?
2: Can you consider a group of individuals who may gain advantage from massage that don’t have easy accessibility to it?
3: Are you hoping to attain an exclusive or elite client base?
4: If thus, what will your space supply in terms of these sorts of clients?
5: Is there a natural wellbeing collective which may be a good fit?
6: Are there different compatible services or products in your community which may offer you networking and referral access?

Knowing a little bit regarding wherever you’re can assist you build choices regarding everything from promoting strategy to wherever you wish to use, depending on your specific, personal career goals.


Massage therapy as a part of the foundation of your education, you’ll conjointly pursue specialised coaching in several areas like sports massage, myofascial release medical aid, prenatal massage, reflexology, infant massage, and plenty of additional.

What should you do after a massage

Things to do after a massage
Watch your diet
Stay hydrated
Schedule smartly
Pump down the volume
Dress the part
Invest in regular massage
Avoid strenuous activity
Extend your “me” time

Frequently asked question

There are few relevant questions regarding massage therapy are given below.

1: Is massage therapy a good career choice?

Some of the highest reasons why massage therapy may be a good career include: high demand for massage therapists, great financial gain potential, flexible hours, a spread of potential work settings, opportunities for growth, satisfying work, coaching is quick and reasonable, and it are often a fun and low-stress career.

2: Can massage assist you lose weight?

Deep tissue massage encourages bodily fluid flow and circulation, that aid in detoxification and weight loss in addition. Combined with a good exercise plan and a natural whole foods diet, massage will facilitate scale back excess fat and weight in your body.

3: Would I prefer being a massage therapist?

Massage therapy may be a satisfying career that permits you to relax and heal your clients. clients could return to you as a result of they have to unwind and relax, or they will be experiencing muscle tenderness and soreness. turning into a massage therapist permits you to assist your clients live a contented and healthy way.

4: How typically must you get a massage for knots?

How typically must you massage muscle knots? For the simplest results, you must massage every muscle cluster for up to six minutes every day. This is often entirely obsessed with every individual and the way unhealthy the muscle knot is. You’ll massage muscle knots each day, however do not over-do it as this might truly cause a lot of irritation.

5: Do massages facilitate muscle growth?

Massage therapy is thought to extend circulation further. This not solely helps with muscle growth however it helps you to recover and feel higher quicker. you’ll get a massage one to 3 times every week, relying upon your exertion routine to urge this profit.

6: How typically must you get massages?

For a lot of a general tune-up, or for stress-relief, each 4-6 weeks is that the average time-frame. though brogue says, ultimately, It depends on your desires, which might even be one or double each year. Another issue to contemplate is however typically you’re using your body.

7: Do massage therapists get arthritis?

Numerous occupations increase one’s risk of developing degenerative joint disease. Massage therapists swear heavily on their hands and accumulative hand strain injuries that occur while activity a massage could result in the event of osteoarthritic symptoms. Females are at larger risk of developing degenerative joint disease.

8: Is it good to massage once workout?

Receiving a massage once you’ve got finished working out helps scale back muscle soreness by reducing inflammation and reduces your recovery time by rushing up cell recovery. The key issue in contact in mind is that the massage ought to present itself as presently as attainable once physical exercise.

9: Do massage therapists hands hurt?

Due to the character of their work, massage therapists face the chance of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, significantly within the hands and wrists. during a survey of quite 500 registered massage therapists, the amount one flashpoints for pain once giving a massage were within the wrists and thumbs.

10: How do massage therapists keep their hands warm?

Chemical Heat Pack – These resourceful devices are inexpensive little packs that can be found in a sport or ski shop. When activated, they maintain heat for quite a few hours. You can keep the pack in a pocket and use it to warm your hands in between clients.


Massage therapy has compete a vital role in healing for thousands of years. Exploitation pressure, movement and touch to control the body’s muscles and soft tissues, therapists facilitate folks manage health conditions and maintain wellbeing. Completely different techniques called modalities reach different results, like injury recovery, pain management, relief and stress reduction from muscle tension. And there area unit a range of jobs and environments wherever you’ll be able to follow these skills, from modalities supported eastern medication and energy flow to intense muscle and body work like sport or medical massages.

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