Definition of Accumulation:

  1. Buying a commodity or security without selling it.

  2. Accumulation can take on a few different meanings in finance. Generally, to accumulate something is to increase the amount of it.

  3. In terms of trading, accumulation typically refers to a position size in an asset that increases over multiple transactions.

  4. Successive additions of a substance that stays within a body or environment, and is not biodegraded, excreted, or neutralized.

  5. Assigning profit to firms capital reserve instead of distributing it as dividends. See also retained earnings.

Synonyms of Accumulation

Abundance, Access, Accession, Accretion, Accrual, Accruement, Acervation, Addition, Advance, Agglomerate, Agglomeration, Aggrandizement, Aggregate, Aggregation, Amassing, Amassment, Amplification, Appreciation, Ascent, Assemblage, Assembling, Augmentation, Backlog, Ballooning, Bank, Bloating, Boom, Boost, Bringing together, Broadening, Budget, Buildup, Chunk, Collecting, Collection, Colluvies, Commissariat, Commissary, Congeries, Conglobation, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Cornucopia, Crescendo, Cumulation, Cumulus, Development, Dump, Edema, Elevation, Enlargement, Expansion, Extension, Flood, Gain, Gathering, Gleaning, Glomeration, Gob, Greatening, Growth, Gush, Heap, Hike, Hoard, Hunk, Increase, Increment, Inflation, Inventory, Jump, Larder, Leap, Lump, Mass, Material, Materials, Materiel, Mounting, Multiplication, Munitions, Pile, Piling, Plenitude, Plenty, Productiveness, Proliferation, Provisionment, Provisions, Raise, Rations, Repertoire, Repertory, Reserve, Rick, Rise, Snowball, Snowballing, Spread, Stack, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stockpile, Store, Stores, Supplies, Supply on hand, Surge, Swelling, Treasure, Treasury, Trove, Tumescence, Up, Upping, Upsurge, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Wad, Waxing, Widening

How to use Accumulation in a sentence?

  1. Accumulation means the amount of something is increasing over time.
  2. The accumulation phase in an annuity refers to the period where premiums are being paid or money is being put in.
  3. In finance, accumulation more specifically means increasing position size in one asset, increasing the number of assets owned/positions, or an overall increase in buying activity in an asset.

Meaning of Accumulation & Accumulation Definition


Accumulation Definition:

You can define Accumulation as, In non-life insurance, this refers to the combined amount of risk that can be associated with the same loss (with one or more insured risks).

Definition of Accumulation: In non-life insurance, the total amount of risk that can be attributed to a single claim (with one or more insured risks).

Accumulation means: Benefits that are not paid as profits, but are added to the company's share capital.

A simple definition of Accumulation is: This allows the policyholder to waive the profits received by the insurance company if the profits are subject to interest.

Meanings of Accumulation

  1. Gradual acquisition or accumulation of something.

Sentences of Accumulation

  1. Accumulating wealth