Definition of Facility:

  1. Bank: An agreement in which a bank or provider offers a profitable service to a customer (e.g., overdraft or deferred payment)

  2. Accommodation: Accommodation, bar, restaurant, meeting room and other important physical features of the hotel.

  3. General: permanent, semi-permanent or temporary commercial or industrial property, for example. B. Buildings, factories, or structures that are built, erected, or installed to perform one or more specific activities or duties.

  4. A natural skill, the ability to do or learn well and easily.

  5. A location, equipment, or device designed for a specific purpose.

Synonyms of Facility

Atelier, Deftness, Bent, Appurtenance, Capableness, Genius, Artistry, Motor, Butcher shop, Educability, Sequacity, Fitting, The goods, Machine, Utensils, Agency, Flexuousness, Flair, Plant, Beauty shop, Rigging, Comfort, Susceptibility, Coordination, Toilet, Teachability, Adroitness, Craft, Leaning, Fittings, Bendability, Convenience, Privy, Installation, Munition, Organization, Furniture, Flow, Easiness, Tackle, Tact, Responsiveness, Virtuosity, Skill, Fitness, Fixtures, Technical brilliance, Workhouse, Know-how, Artfulness, Armament, Engine, Beauty parlor, Stock-in-trade, Firm, Resourcefulness, Propensity, Motive power, Airmanship, Things, Paraphernalia, Accommodation, Bog, Savoir-faire, Company, Dexterousness, Fictility, Caliber, Solution, Turn, Limberness, Appliance, Mechanical aid, Loo, The stuff, Moldability, Efficacy, Means, Expertise, Teachableness, Loft, Agreeability, Ingeniousness, Pliancy, Elasticity, Dexterity, Equipment, Lightness, Barbershop, WC, Expertness, Materiel, Skill, Conveniences, Impedimenta, Appointments, Bent, Extensibility, Establishment, Provision, Servility, Willingness, Workmanship, Complex, Sensibility, Facilities, Springiness, System, Drive, Adaptability, Studio, Impressionability, Submissiveness, Flair, Aptitude, Appliances, Gracefulness, Amenity, Bravura, Tensility, Compliableness, Potential, Wizardry, Ableness, Tensileness, Efficiency, Timing, Workplace, Corporation, Equipage, Competence, Space, Quickness, Proficiency, Abandon, Poise, Seamanship, Munitions, Installations, Cleverness, Tactfulness, Mechanical device, Desk, Yieldingness, Workbench, Diplomacy, Elegance, Prerequisite, Extendibility, Spontaneity, Intelligence, Litheness, Motivation, Pliability, Willowiness, Finesse, Utility, Adequacy, Brilliance, Suppleness, Subservience, Parlor, Flexibility, Qualification, Mechanism, Mastership, Workroom, Gift, Unconstraint, Control, Ability, Skillfulness, Power plant, Dextrousness, Docility, Outfit, Institution, Ductibility, Flexility, Accouterments, Plumbing, Fluency, Workshop, Grip, Sensitiveness, Amenability, Resource, Equipment, Duffel, Swiftness, Alacrity, Speed, Receptivity, Genius, Tractability, Ductility, Savvy, Talent, Marksmanship, Smoothness, Concern, Talent, Prowess, Technique, Readiness, Command, Horsemanship, Cunning, Head, Aid, Give, Wit, Adeptness, Address, Capacity, Celerity, Worktable, Machinery, Knack, Lavatory, Faculty, Enginery, Brightness, Appurtenances, Craftsmanship, Bench, Advantage, Effortlessness, Malleability, Tractility, Artisanship, Formativeness, Rest room, Working space, Ease, Rig, Style, Sweatshop, Finesse, Aptitude, Kit, Plasticity, Apparatus, Handiness, Technical skill, Work site, Biddability, Work space, Shop, Ingenuity, Trainableness, Gear, Agreeableness, Masterfulness, Aptness, Practical ability, Furnishings, Technical mastery, John, Grace, Poetry, Structure, Mastery, Fixture, Receptiveness, House, Sufficiency, Power source, Capability, What it takes

How to use Facility in a sentence?

  1. She is fluent in the language.
  2. Help us keep your facilities clean by collecting any trash or food.
  3. I will have to go to the right center for my treatment or I will get lost or misbehave.
  4. The family loved Yosemite's journey and couldn't wait to see the new trailer camp.
  5. Kitchen utensils

Meaning of Facility & Facility Definition