Five guys delivery

Five guys delivery: Five guys is a fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1986 and opened in America. Five guys enterprise serves hot dogs, French fries, and hamburgers; the signature fast food they serve is widely famous among different countries and is now a very successful business worldwide.

Five guys deliver

Five guys history

It is headquartered in Lorton, Virginia, and an Unincorporated part of Fairfax country. Its first opening was in 1986, but by 2001, the restaurant branched out into five locations in Washington DC, specifically the metro area. And after branching out, it started getting its recognition, and that’s when it gained fame and branched out its business into different cities and then eventually different countries.

Its original slogan was five guys burgers and fries, but then, of course, the menu expanded, and they started adding different food items into the menu. It is a private food industry Known as fast food restaurant Founded by Janie Murrell And Jerry Murrell. The expansion of its branches was so significant that by 2016 it had 1500 locations where it had the restaurant was opened.

The Murrell family faced success after they decided to branch out their business. Its signature food quickly gained the response and feedback from people all over the country, which made it famous outside the country also.

Branching out to different countries

After getting such a positive response from the people, the founders of the five guys restaurant decided to start openings in different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. It also started having branches in the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Kuwait, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Singapore, Spain, UAE, UK, and the US.

When five guys branched out to different countries, it became a massive success of fast-food chain restaurants and had a signature style, especially hamburgers and fries.

Five guys restaurant franchising

At the beginning of 2003, the restaurant started franchising and sold permits For 300 locations. It was a period of rapid expansion for the five guys restaurant, and they took control and advantage from that era of their success. By 2016 the restaurant had over 1500 locations opened worldwide which was the fastest promotion in America.

Five guys had the best selling percentage from 2010 to 2011. The owner of the original restaurant, the Murrell family, have almost 15,000 employees under their influence.

Five guys restaurant foundation

In 1986, Janie and Jerry Murrell founded five guys restaurant alongside their four sons Chad, Jim, Matt, and Ben. These were the original people behind the five guys foundation. After the birth of their fifth son Tyler, it officially became the restaurant named after five brothers of the family two years later.

Today, the five guys are run by these five brothers, and each of them has different business fields. All the brothers handle different aspects of the business, which makes it more balanced, and the coordination is perfect among the Murrell family.

Traveling countries to visit stores

Two of the brothers, Matt and Jim, travel the country visiting stores for the quality product for their many restaurant branches. It is the most crucial task that needs to be dealt with to maintain the quality and signature flavour of fast food. Visiting stores and travelling can take most of the time if done authentically.

The best thing about the Murrell family and their business five guys is that they do everything professionally and have a unique presence of quality and flavour in their food, which makes it so appealing to the people who are fans of fast-food chain restaurants.

Selecting the franchise

Ben in the Murrell family is responsible for selecting and deciding the franchise locations for the five guys’ restaurant. After travelling and visiting stores to select the best quality for the restaurant, deciding and controlling the franchise locations is the second biggest task for the business.

Ben has done the best job so far In deciding what areas should be selected for the next franchise of the restaurant. That made the business grow on a different level by having a sense of excellent decision-making and knowledge of the country’s economy and location. Choosing a country or an area for the next franchise gives a different boost to the food industry and private restaurant business.

Training and employment

Chad, the third brother of the Murrell family, is responsible for training employees and all the staff involved in the leading franchise. It is also essential for the managers and employees and chefs to be professional and skilled in running a successful restaurant business.

Chad has done a remarkable job in maintaining the professional selection of the chefs and trained all the staff members to work in a way that benefits the customers and the restaurant itself. This business field is not to be ignored and taken seriously and responsibly as it can be the backbone of the business.

Five guys delivery

Running the bakery

The best part about the authenticity of the five guys restaurant is that they run their bakery to bake buns all the baked items used to make fast food in the restaurant. Tyler, the last member of the Murrell family, is responsible for running the bakeries.

The first five guys were located in Arlington Washington shopping centre, and the buns used to be baked in the exact centre. The selection of the bakeries has been changing due to other agreements, but they never fail to give the best quality of baked items and never lose their signature texture and flavour to the food.

Managers at the five guys restaurant

Being a manager at the five guys can be quite a challenge and a rewardable position that requires complete focus and determination to lead the crewmates and train them into one big family that works every day to satisfy the customers and maintain the quality of the restaurant.

The thing about five guys is that the managers there don’t work in the background but blend in with their crewmates, making an environment so heartwarming that they all work together without giving off bossy vibes, which usually demotivate the staff. But by working with the crew, the manager becomes the centre of motivation and determination to work a multi-tasking job.

Five guys deliver quality food and management by training employees to multi-task in the work area and have skills in all aspects of the job. All the people working as a team in the restaurant are led by the manager who also works with them and does tasks like serving the customers alongside their employees.

Requirements to be a part of five guys crew members

The crewmates are the backbone of the whole industry and business. It is right to say that they are the secret ingredient to the quality and success of five guys. So the crew members of the five guys are considered a pillar of the restaurant.

Basic requirements

  • The critical ingredient of any successful Person or a place is to know how to have fun with what we do as a job. Enjoying yourself and making others enjoy the experience of being there and being a part of that moment makes all the worries go and makes everyone happy, which is the goal, in a five guy restaurant you will notice all the crewmates high fiving or complementing each other on completing a task which creates an environment of a big family working together and not a scheduled work time and employees in a typical restaurant. Five guys restaurant and their crewmates have their unique aura, which attracts the customers and gives off a very welcoming vibe.

  • Customer service is the critical priority for five guys. It is compulsory and a must-have quality in a Crewmate to provide the best customer service to all the customers that choose to visit. A proper greeting to the customers is essential, and the preparation of food efficiently and safely for the customers to have the best experience of food and environment. The open kitchen system in five guys restaurants is an example, and a gesture of authenticity that allows the customers to feel that they are in safe hands, and the employees can also have the opportunity to stand out by working confidently.

  • If you have the drive to grow and thrive, then five guys help their employees and crewmates to have growth in their career in any way possible because working at the five guys can give you so many opportunities to a greater extent. There is no limitation to a specific task for the employees of five guys restaurants; as we mentioned above, it’s a friendly environment and a family-like vibe between all the crew members. However, if you want your career to grow, five guys can help you reach that goal and train you to tackle different tasks that only improve your skills.


Five Guys crewmates are very dedicated to their work they enjoy their job and know how to work. They have a very high level of priority towards customer service, it is the main quality that is needed to work with Five Guy’s delivery. Working with Five Guys is definitely a big opportunity for anyone if you have friendly nature and can treat customers well then this place is for you.

Five guys restaurant menu

Five guys delivery of quality and Signature food is why the restaurant is so thriving. Here is the menu for the American fast-food chain restaurant that has won people’s hearts all over the world.

Menu Description
1. Burgers Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Bacon Burger, Bacon cheeseburger, Little hamburger, Little cheeseburger, Little bacon burger Little bacon, cheeseburger
2. Hot dogs Kosher style hotdog, Cheese dog, Bacon dog, Bacon cheese dog
3. Sandwiches veggie sandwich, Cheese veggie sandwich, Grilled cheese, BLT
4. Fries Cajun style, Five guys style
5. Milkshakes bacon Bananas, Strawberries, Chocolate, Malted milk, Oreo cookie pieces, Peanut butter, Salted caramel, vanilla
6. Free toppings mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled onions, Grilled mushrooms, Ketchup, mustard, Reddish, Onions, Jalapeno, Peppers, Green peppers, Barbeque sauce, hot sauce, A1 sauce

Five guys delivery

Five guys deliver ghost kitchens

Five guys have recently opened a ghost restaurant specially for takeaways without a dining area. They only cook food for takeaways, and you can only order it on the five guys website. They have started only the delivery process recently in the most fantastic franchise in the US.

Dark kitchens or ghost kitchens are services that focus on cooking food only for delivery and do not have a restaurant place of its own. The managers of the ghost kitchens of five guys guaranteed the quality and safety of food that has been delivered to the customers. The reviews for a five guys delivery food is that the quality has not changed, and they still deliver the food fresh and delicious as always.

Five guys’ ghost kitchens are located in Garland’s revolving kitchen facility. They rent out 25 commercial restaurants catering Services and kitchen services that need the space and facility for online orders from customers.

The Hidden facts about Five guys

We all know how successful and thriving five guys restaurant franchises and branches are; the flavour and quality of their food are undoubtedly remarkable and well known to all the people in the world. What makes them so unique and flavorful that customers are drawn to them? The founders of five guys do have some untold facts that might answer the questions we always had.

1 Perfect cook and no timers

One of the things that you might notice is when you look at the kitchen of five guys’ restaurant, as we all know, they have open kitchens, so it’s easier to notice things like that. You will see they don’t have any timers for cooking patties and burgers.

That seems like a dangerous thing to do as you can get distracted and burn a patty, but the founder of five guys Jerry Murrell says that a good chef knows when the burger is ready. Now, this alone proves how efficient and professional all the employees in the restaurant are.

Another fact about them is that they have thin burger patties and the explanation behind it is that when it’s being cooked on both sides, it doesn’t get dry on the other side before serving. Thin burgers are the reason behind the perfect texture and taste. Having a sense of quality and a sense of differentiation between what makes the food better is a perfect example of a successful food chain or restaurant.

2. Specifically designed buns

The buns used in five guys’ restaurants are on the squishy side, and people complained about it. But little do they know that they are specifically designed this way as they were favourites of the founder’s wife, Janie Murrell, who liked eggier and sweeter buns than the regular hamburger buns.

They kept their commitment to those buns, and when the franchises spread around the world, they contracted with bakeries and produced more buns like that to keep the quality of the baked items for their restaurant. The bakery items are now managed by Tyler, the family’s youngest brother, and he managed to keep the quality maintained.

3. The secret formula of Five guys perfect French fries

According to Chad Murrell, five guys get all their potatoes for French fries from Ataho. This means they selectively get their quality of potatoes from specific areas, and they are known to hand-cut their potatoes and power wash them to get rid of any starch traces from the potatoes.

After that, they precook them for one to two minutes and then let them cool for a few minutes before frying them. The fries go into the fryer for two to three minutes before serving, and they strictly shake the fries 15 times after they get out of the fryer. They also use peanut oil to fry their potatoes as it is a healthier option. And that is how five guys serve their perfect French fries to the customers.

4. healthier options are also available

Five guys have a range of healthier options you can choose from, even when the fast-food restaurants are known for calorie-high unhealthy foods. You can order a small burger and skip the mayo and all the unhealthy sauces but instead get toppings like tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and jalapeno, which will reduce the calories. You can also order a veggie sandwich which is tasty and healthy. They grill those vegetables and serve them in a bun; you can select your favourite toppings, which gives you the option for selecting the healthier

5. Five guys strictly use peanut oil

Apart from the reports saying that many people have peanut allergies, which are only increasing, five guys are still refusing to change their oil as it will impact the brand that they have been putting out for so long. That is why they put out so many signs to warn the person who is allergic to peanuts. This is also one of the reasons why they don’t do takeaways and don’t allow the customers to take the peanuts outside the restaurant.

6 .The origin of Five guys

Many people don’t know that the Murrell family decided to start the restaurant after choosing not to go to college and pool the money saved for their higher education to use it on the restaurant. The sons of Jerry Murrell say that it was a straightforward choice to make, as the idea of starting a restaurant was mutual and had an excellent vision to give them the legacy and work together as a family.

Some exciting facts about Five guys

  • All Five guys restaurants use mystery bags instead of using advertising shoppers.

  • Five guys is the fastest food chain In the US, and their franchise was the most successful and widely spread in the shortest time.

  • You can order your burgers in more than 250,000 ways at Five guys restaurant. A vast number of combinations and toppings are available to your choice, which sounds very appealing to the people who like to have options.

  • The prices at Five guys can change according to the area of the franchise. Unlike other food chains, the owner of Five guys admitted that they change their product prices depending on the location of their restaurant.

  • The decision to add milkshakes to the menu was a very hard one. The family had a massive controversy for deciding whether they should have this massive addition to the menu. Like having a bacon-flavoured milkshake is something that you can only experience at Five Guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some related questions are answered below:

1. What company delivers five guys?

GrubHub is the delivery service partner with Five guys now. Their slogan is “we make it easy to enjoy the food you love.”

2. Do five guys do online orders?

Yes, five guys do deliver online orders. You can place your order at Five Guys. com or the Five guys app. You have to order a minimum of $15 without delivery charges. Third-party delivery providers provide orders.

3. Is Five guys on Uber eats?

Yes, Five guys do deliver through Uber eats. You can order food of your choice from your nearest Five Guys.

4. Why is Five guys so expensive?

Five guys is expensive because they use fresh ingredients in their food; they use fresh ingredients only to make their food exceptional they have to buy it at higher prices that make their food expensive.

5. Are Five guys burger double?

Five Guys Burgers is usually a double patty burger made of fresh beef. They do not have any freezers in their store. They only have coolers. If you find two patties are too much for a burger, you can make it one.

6. What do Five guys pay?

Five guys crew members’ salary is $11 per hour. Usually, their salary ranges from $8-$18 per hour.

7. Do you have to book a table at Five guys?

Five guys do not provide booking and reservations because they offer counter service only.

8. Are you supposed to throw peanut shells on the floor at Five guys?

Five guys use fresh patties for your meal that are not frozen and also ask you to select your toppings that take time. They give you peanuts while you wait and also let you throw shells on the floor.

9. Do Five guys still have peanuts in 2021?

They still have peanuts, but they don’t keep them in the public dining area anymore, but if you want it with your meal or want it while you wait for your order, you can ask for it.

10. Do Five guys have onion rings?

Five guys is a fast-food restaurant owned by five siblings. It doesn’t have onion rings. It only has burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and toppings.


Five guys have been very successful and recently have been franchising internationally with increasing revenue. Five guys don’t support the takeaway and delivery of their food because they think it reduces the quality. But now, recently, they have started their ghost kitchens based on food cooked only for delivery. Taking a step is the best time for a promotion and clearly shows the vision for expansion and success.

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