The GAP insurance is a useful supplementary insurance for leasing vehicles. The GAP coverage also called differential comprehensive insurance, is an additional vehicle insurance for leased vehicles. GAP protection is taken out in conjunction with full or partial comprehensive insurance. The term insurance is Guaranteed Asset Protection.

Anyone who has ever had a leased vehicle has probably heard of it - but many do not know exactly what it actually is and what it is needed for. It is particularly recommended for vehicles from the upper middle class.

Difference coverage or GAP protection is important for anyone wanting to lease or finance a vehicle. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance generally covers the replacement value of leased or financed vehicles in the event of a total loss or theft. Often, however, this is lower than the outstanding leasing or credit installments. This difference must then be borne by the policyholder - unless he has GAP coverage. Because this secures exactly this “security gap” for the insured.

The replacement value is usually less than the remaining amount to be paid to the lessor. The GAP cover closes this financial gap and covers the difference between the replacement value and the remaining claim .

How much does GAP insurance cost?

If opted for GAP coverage when you took out your car insurance, GAP insurance is already included in your car insurance premium and does not have to be paid for separately.

When does the gap cover apply?

The GAP insurance comes into effect if you have a total loss with your leased vehicle or if it is stolen. All other damage is regulated by your comprehensive insurance.

What do I need GAP cover for?

Leasing contracts are regulated in such a way that the lessee must secure the leased car in an appropriate manner against damage and theft . In order for this to be the case, lessors usually require that at least one partial comprehensive insurance must be taken out. Some explicitly require GAP insurance to be taken out.

If the leasing vehicle is stolen or completely destroyed due to an accident , you will receive the replacement value without gap cover - but this is usually not sufficient to pay off the remaining leasing amount . This is where GAP insurance comes in.

When is GAP coverage worthwhile?

If you drive an upper mid-range car or luxury model , GAP coverage is highly recommended.

The reason: With new vehicles and especially with expensive vehicle models, the loss in value is particularly high in the first few months. If your car is then stolen or if you have a total loss, it can quickly become expensive.

But GAP coverage can also be worthwhile with a cheaper new car. Ultimately, it is a matter of arithmetic and the question of how well you want to protect yourself and how you assess the risk of a total write-off or car theft. Even if the additional protection has an impact on your insurance premium - if the worst comes to the worst, you don’t have to pay for the difference.

Sample calculation for GAP coverage

Imagine you have an accident with your fully insured leasing car. The result: economic total loss.

According to the report, the vehicle had a replacement value of $20,000 on the day of the damage. Your car insurance will reimburse you for this contribution. However, the remaining lease amount is $25,000
The difference of $5000 is covered by the gap insurance.

How long does GAP coverage make sense?

As a rule, leasing contracts have a duration of 36 months. GAP coverage is advisable for all lessees over the entire lease period. It is particularly useful if you do not have any new price compensation, because then you will only receive the amount for the replacement, not the new price of the car.

What does GAP insurance pay?

The GAP cover replaces the remaining leasing amount on the day of the claim minus the compensation from the comprehensive insurance, i.e. the replacement value as well as the remaining and old parts of your car and the deductible you have agreed. Lease payments that have already been paid are not included in the GAP cover .

How can I cancel GAP coverage?

Since GAP insurance is linked to leasing contracts, the protection automatically expires at the end of the leasing contract.

GAP coverage or new price compensation?

Gap coverage and compensation for new prices are not mutually exclusive, but can complement each other. This differs from case to case and has to be considered individually.

If you have agreed to compensation for the new price, the insurance will reimburse you for the entire purchase price within a period of up to 24 months . So you get more than just the replacement value ! Exception: Agreed deductibles and the residual value after a total loss are not reimbursed .

GAP coverage and reimbursement for new values ​​are a safe combination
If you want to be absolutely sure, you should arrange the GAP insurance and new price compensation right at the start of the leasing . The GAP cover always applies when the reimbursement no longer applies, for example when the period has expired. However, it can also happen that the lease amount is higher than the acquisition value due to unstable automobile prices and that a financial gap remains if necessary. This is where GAP insurance comes in again. Some licensors therefore also require comprehensive insurance with GAP coverage.

Who is GAP coverage for?

GAP coverage is particularly worthwhile if you lease or finance a vehicle in the upper middle class or upper class - simply because the more expensive the vehicle, the greater the gap to be closed.

You can usually take out GAP cover directly with your comprehensive insurance. If you do not currently have GAP coverage in your policy, you can usually simply book it as well.

GAP protection - yes or no?

While it is obvious that GAP protection is worthwhile for very expensive vehicles, it is not always so easy to decide for vehicles in the lower middle class and also for small cars.

Of course, GAP coverage makes your insurance cover more expensive. Strictly speaking, you would have to calculate when the additional costs for GAP coverage would exceed the gap that actually arises and then weigh up accordingly. That is the purely economic approach.

However, there can be other good reasons for GAP protection. For many, for example, it is much easier to calculate a slightly higher insurance premium on a regular basis than to put $2,000, $3,000 or even more on the table all at once. GAP protection can help even with a tight budget.

Ultimately, however, it is always a question of individual security needs and personal financial planning.

Which types of insurance cannot be saved?

Auto insurance is divided into compulsory insurance and commercial insurance according to its nature, and commercial insurance is divided into basic insurance and additional insurance according to the scope of liability. Compulsory traffic insurance is a type of insurance that must be insured mandatory by the state. Basic commercial insurance can be insured by one or more, while additional commercial insurance cannot be insured independently.

With the increasing popularity of private cars, hidden traffic hazards have also increased. It is necessary to purchase necessary car insurance to protect your car and others. Below, is the data on which auto insurance cannot be saved:

1. " Car damage insurance " must be covered

Whether it is a new car or an old car that has been driven for two years, car damage insurance must be covered. Even if your driving skills are good, but the saying goes well, “Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, be afraid of accidents.” It may be touched or scratched one day. It will cost a lot of money to go to the repair shop for a little repair.

2. There are tips for car liability insurance.

If you often take family members in your car, and you and your family have already taken out accident insurance and accident medical insurance, then as a private car, there is no need to take out personal liability insurance on the car
. Because the coverage provided by accidental injury and accidental medical insurance basically covers the protection that can be provided by liability insurance for onboard personnel . However, if you often take different people in your car, it is best to insure the onboard personnel liability insurance.

3. Buy glass insurance , see the type of glass.

When buying glass insurance, you should pay attention to choosing imported glass insurance or domestic glass insurance. The difference in premiums between the two is large. Due to the high quality and low price of domestic automobile glass, it is completely comparable to foreign ones, so you can consider choosing domestic glass, which can save about half of the insurance premium .

Some car owners cherish their car very much, they just like the original one, so they should choose imported glass, but if they don’t pay attention to the type of glass insurance when insuring, and only knowing that the insurance is domestic glass insurance when you change the glass, it will give you a lot of trouble.

4. do not include deductible insurance to choose

It is recommended that you take out special insurance without deductible. According to statistics, car owners use car damage insurance and third party liability insurance when they are out of danger. By purchasing special insurance without deductible, you can get 100% compensation for the losses you should bear on these two types of insurance. Of course, for different insurance companies , not all of the additional insurance are not deductible, as well as to buy non-deductible insurance as well as the owners themselves also bear part of the cost of “absolute deductible” and therefore, insurance experts reminds owners in purchase to buy auto insurance.

Third-party liability insurance

What is third- party liability insurance? Third-party liability insurance means that in the event of an accident, the insurance company will compensate for the personal injury or death of other people, except the driver and passengers or direct damage to property. For example, if a car accidentally hits an electric car, the insurance company is responsible for the damage to the electric car and the compensation for the injury of the electric car driver.

What to pay attention to when buying auto insurance.

With the increase in the number of motor vehicles in the society, the insurance awareness of car owners has gradually increased. Many car owners have various problems in buying car insurance. Insurance experts remind that consumers should carefully read the auto insurance clauses and related regulations when purchasing auto insurance .

In order to save premiums , some car owners have insufficient insurance. In this way, policyholders can save a little premium, but if an accident causes vehicle damage, they will not be paid in full.

When buying auto insurance, compulsory traffic insurance must be bought. Experts suggest that in addition to compulsory traffic insurance, different car owners can increase insurance types according to their actual conditions.

If a veteran driver drives an old car, he needs the least car insurance. Generally, he only needs to buy three kinds of insurance, including car damage insurance, commercial third party liability insurance, and car personnel liability insurance.

Repair, so insuring car damage insurance is indispensable. Although a veteran driver has a wealth of driving experience, accidents may occur. In order to protect yourself, insuring car personnel liability insurance is also necessary.

When buying car insurance, these aspects needs to be honest.

Once a private car is insured, the effective insurance policy is a legally binding contract. As a party to the contract, the rights and obligations of the insurer and the insured are also equal. Therefore, consumers must fulfill the following truthful obligations after insuring and insuring:

1. Basic information about your car: license plate number, engine number, frame number, date of purchase, inspection status, etc.

2. Daily storage, maintenance and accident situations of your car.

3. About the driver of your car: whether it is fixed, gender, age and driving experience.

4. About your car’s past insurance status: insurance company, type of insurance , claim status, etc. Other things that insurance companies need to know.

You should answer the above according to the actual situation. If you deliberately conceal the above content, once an insurance accident occurs, you will not receive any insurance compensation, and it is impossible to withdraw the insurance such as insurance liability , exclusions, insurance amount, insurance period , claims handling, basic insurance and additional insurance in their respective areas as well as other matters.

Only by mastering the above content can we better protect our rights and obtain financial compensation.

Before you buy car insurance

First, read the car insurance clause carefully . Many car owners only know the names of auto insurance types and what they are insured. As everyone knows, each type of insurance is very knowledgeable. Only by reading the insurance clauses can the insured auto insurance play the best role.

Secondly, pay special attention to the exclusions of each insurance type. In many auto insurance cases, disputes are often caused by the car owners neglecting the exclusions when they apply for insurance .

When they are out of danger, they will buckle with the insurance company . If you understand the exclusions, you can know what to do and reduce the occurrence of disputes.

What must I buy for car insurance?

Compulsory traffic insurance mainly protects the risk of personal injury and property loss in the event of a traffic accident, while car damage insurance is responsible for compensation for damage to the vehicle due to an accident.

A new driver who has just bought a car will inevitably encounter some small scratches during the driving process, and every repair will waste a lot of money. If you purchase car damage insurance at this time, the insurance company can cover the cost.

In addition, third-party liability insurance is also a basic insurance type , suitable for novices who are just on the road. Third party liability insurance mainly covers the insured when there is an accident, which causes a third party’s personal injury or property damage. In the event of such an accident, the insurance company will be responsible for the payment.

Of course, the insurance amount also needs to be set according to the driving proficiency of the owner. Generally speaking, the insurance coverage for old drivers is generally lower than that for novices.

Car insurance is generally purchased once a year, but for car owners who buy a car with a loan, car damage insurance requires that it be purchased according to the length of the loan, and other insurances are still insured once a year.

Recommended types of auto insurance for new cars

Under the circumstances, commercial insurance , car damage insurance , theft and rescue insurance , glass insurance, etc. are recommended to the majority of car owners and consumers. If the quality of the new car is acceptable , spontaneous combustion insurance can be bought or not.

To purchase auto insurance for a new car , in addition to the major points described above, car owners and consumers must also make comprehensive judgments based on their actual driving environment and driving skills to construct a suitable insurance plan.

Important: The GAP coverage (coverage difference) is only valid for leased vehicles and not for credit-financed motor vehicles. Make sure that the leasing contract already includes GAP coverage.

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What Is GAP Insurance?

To study more about gap insurance we need to know what gap insurance is. GAP is basically an abbreviation for Guaranteed Asset Protection and it was established in the North American financial industry. Gap insurance is basically used on new and used vehicles like cars and heavy trucks, also it is required by companies and financing companies.


There are precisely two types of ways of getting gap coverage.

-The first type is way easier as an insurance policy sold by a broker. It is regulated by the insurance industry, the coverage here as well as in the second type is the same and sold as a soft product through car dealership.

  • The second type is a waiver agreement sold by a Finance & Insurance Manager. This type is unregulated. Coverage is usually financed along with the lease/loan. Claims are subject to a total loss. The total loss is usually determined by the primary insurance company’s third-party.


Just like normal insurance varies with states and different areas the same way gap insurance also varies with states. Some exclusions include a maximum loss limit of $50,000 while others require a loan term of less than eighty four months. GAP is an optional purchase, however, many states in the US require that a car dealership offer GAP at the point of purchase. Although GAP is optional, some finance companies require GAP as a condition to obtaining a loan.


Walking to the past, In September 2015, the FCA changed the way that Gap Insurance are sold by car dealers in the UK.

Claims ratios for GAP insurance were just 10% between 2008 and 2012, meaning that just £10.00 was paid out for every £100.00 paid in premiums. The poor value for money being given to consumers prompted the FCA to require the following rules:

They have to ensure dealers make consumers aware of the fact that other suppliers exist.

the transaction may delay by 4 business days only.


Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance(also called GAPS).It was established in the financial industry in North America.It covers the amount on loan that’s the difference between the owed amount and the covered amount by other insurance policy.

A finance company offers gap insurance at the time of purchase.

What are the ways of getting gap insurance?

there are two ways.

1: Insurance sold by broker

2:any finance/Insurance manager solds waiver agreement

Insurance industry regulates the first one while the second one is unregulated.

Coverage is sold as a soft product and usually the same in either case.

What’s the Gap insurance update in the UK?

Claimed ratio sure was just 10% between 2008 and 2012.meaning out of every £100.00 just £10.00 were paid in premium.

What are the basic risks?

Hazards and risks are,as the primary insurer,who is considered as a purchaser of an index hedge and an insurance contract that covers the difference between actual loss and index hedge.

Results of risk:

Results suggest that combining insurance with that of index hegde may increase the possibility of selling and extend the efficiency gains.

Basically the results depend mainly on transaction costs linked with both instruments.

Do we need GAP Insurance?

Anyone who has bought an expensive new car,should definitely consider this type of insurance.and someone who’s leasing the car,should also have gap insurance.

Where is it available?

It’s available in most states but in big cities, e.g; NY,LA,VA,CT,VT and NH they don’t allow this insurance.

Most companies have this insurance as an option,but not all,so confirm before if you want such type of insured product.

How expensive gap insurance is?

It’s expensive but It’s worth it all in the end.

Purchasing a new car,then adding a car sticker price of about 5% for gap insurance, seems little too expensive.

You have a margin of 1 year, to buy insurance,after purchasing the new car.

Be aware of:

Be aware of the dealers who say you can only buy insurance on the day of the purchase of your vehicle,and only from them.

How does it work?

It’s basically in easy words is; the difference between the booked value of a car and what you owe on lease.

The minute you drive the car off the dealer’s lot,its value decreases in thousands.

So if you have an accident,it covers the difference between what the book value is and what you owe on the leased car.

What are the benefits?

It’s an optional insurance coverage that helps you to pay off the loans if your car is stolen and if it’s more than the car’s value.

How long is it valid?

It’s valid for almost 3 years (36 months).Although it’s value varies on the providers.

Do you get money back after cancelling the insurance?

Often you get the full refund, when cancelling within 30 to 90 days. But it also varies on individual providers.

If you cancel it after the time you were allowed to get a full refund, then you have to pay for the rest of payment because you haven’t paid for the portion you’re cancelling.


GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Project.

GAP insurance protects you against financial loss if your vehicle proclaimed a total loss or write-off by your car insurance provider.

Is gap insurance worth it?

Gap insurance may be worth it if:

• if you made small payment on a new car or none at all.
• If you bought a car that depreciates more than average.
• If you drive a lot which reduces car value .
• If the car loan has a length of five years.
• If the loan has a high-Interest rate
• If you owe more on your car loan than the vehicle is worth.
• If you have little or no life insurance, than it worth it to you.
• And it is the most important point to know that the Gap insurance can help you pay your car finance if your car is written of or stolen

you might end up owing more than the value of your car:

• if you are paying the debt off slowly.
• If the initial loan term was short.
• the down payment for your finance deal was very small.
• It depends on which type or kind of car you have purchased, if it loses value quickly than it will be no longer worthy.
• If you are paying a lot of interest.

When to consider gap insurance?

  1. It is also a good option for following type of drivers:

drivers who owe more on their car loans than the car is worth. If you are making car loan payments , be very sure to calculate the loan balance and weight it against your car’s current cash. (This is totally different from the amount you paid for the car) If there is any gap you should consider gap insurance.

• Drivers whose car loan requires gap insurance. regardless of what you owe on your loan, some loan providers require gap insurance from the starting point of your loan.

• Drivers whose lease requires gap insurance . Many leases requires gap insurance as a protective measure.

  1. if you are making a down payment of more than 25 percent on your next vehicle, or if your insurance policy will replace your car if its proclaimed a little or more loss in the starting few years of ownership you have little use for gap insurance.

How to get gap insurance?

You don’t have to buy the gap insurance at car dealership because you can’t buy it any time. Some insurers require you to be the true owner of the vehicle.

You can buy a gap insurance through:
• Your car dealer may offer to sell you gap insurance on your new vehicle.
• however many car insurers also offer you to get it and they typically charge you less than the dealer.
• your auto insurance provider which can add the additional policy to your account.
• A company specializing in selling gap insurance.
• An independent insurance agent
however, it is usually best to avoid purchasing this insurance from the dealership where you purchased your car. Because they can quoted rate almost 4 times greater than the typical rates.

Can you get refund on gap insurance?

• You may cancel the gap insurance policy within the 30 days of policy purchase date and obtain a complete refund by contacting direct gap.

• A gap refund may be issued for any unearned portion of the coverage because a gap insurance is often paid upfront at the dealership or with your lender.

• However, if you pay coverage in monthly installments , you are not entitled to any refund.

• Be sure to get a refund:

• after a vehicle is paid off, any unearned premium is refunded to the the insured. For example, if a vehicle is financed for 24 months and it is only paid off in the 12 months, one year premium charges are due back to the insured as gap coverage is normally paid in advance

• gap insurance only applies to your loan length, once you pay off your loan , you no longer need this particular coverage.

• The premium for gap insurance is usually paid up front or financed into loan but remember if you sell the car before the term of your loan has expired, you should received a refund. Even though you paid your gap insurance premium up front,the amount is still prorated over the life time of the loan.

• If you are using your gap insurance to pay off your lender because of a total loss of accident, than you may be wondering if the rest of your gap coverage premiums maybe refundable

• you may be eligible for a gap insurance refund if you pay off your car early.

• Which companies offer gap insurance and at which cost?

Mostly car insurance companies offer gap insurance, though many have certain limitations on which they will insures vehicle.

There are so many companies offering the same gap insurance, while there are several criteria for rating providers of gap insurance coverage, those criteria that include price, confidence, qualityPreformatted text, customer service and availability of a variety of coverage options.

Insurer Does it offer gap insurance Limitations
State Farm YES Only vehicles financed through State Farm
USAA YES Only vehicles financed with USAA loans
Traveler YES New type of vehicles only
Allstate YES New type of vehicles only.
Progressive YES Upto 25 percent of cash value (lease or loan coverage).
Esurance YES Upto 25 percent of cash value (lease or loan coverage).
21 centry YES Only available in AZ, CO, ID,OR, NE, UT, TN, NM, MT, ■■, WA and WI
Nationwide YES ----
Farmers YES New type of vehicles only

Before you you got your car on a complete loan, did you ever wonder that for example you got involved in a serious automobile accident and the car got completely destroyed, how you will be able to pay the car dealer his complete money since your normal car insurance will only cover for about 89% of car price?. It is in this kind of situation that GAP insurance got you covered. GAP insurance, what is GAP insurance? One may ask.

What is GAP insurance

GAP is an acronym for guarantee asset protection. GAP insurance is an insurance protection https://howtodiscuss.com/t/business-liability-insurance/15786. that covers the difference between what you owe your car dealer and what your car insurance company will settle for in case of total destruction https://howtodiscuss.com/t/destruction/14090. to the car.

GAP insurance is an insurance protection that covers for the difference between what you owe the car dealer and what your car insurance is willing to settle for in case of total destruction to the car.

Why GAP insurance

Your normal car insurance company https://howtodiscuss.com/t/insurance-company/15562. doesn’t cover 100% the price the price you bought your car from your dealer https://howtodiscuss.com/t/dealer-cost/10131. It only covers for about 80%. If you have gotten the car completely on loan then you will need GAP insurance to cover for the remaining 20% in case of a total damage to the car maybe via an accident or anything. That’s why you need GAP insurance. YOU NEED GAP INSURANCE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR IS PURCHASED ON COMPLETE LOAN https://howtodiscuss.com/t/completion/16575. OR WHEN YOU OWE MORE THAN YOUR NORMAL CAR INSURANCE CAN COVER

You need GAP insurance if you purchased your car on a complete loan or if you owe more than your normal car insurance can cover.

Who shouldn’t get gap insurance

If you owe less than your car is worth then
Is gap insurance worth it?. you don’t need GAP insurance. For example you purchased a car https://howtodiscuss.com/t/purchase/13913. on loan for $25 but you’ve paid $15 from it already so you’re owing just $10, if that car is involved in a very terrible accident and the car is destroyed… what your normal car insurance
https://howtodiscuss.com/t/how-much-is-car-insurance/15885. is going to give should be able to cover for the $10 that is remaining, because you’ve already paid part of the car loan What Does Gap Insurance Cover. yourself before… IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION YOU DON’T NEED A GAP INSURANCE.
Those who owe less How Much Is Gap Insurance. than what their car is worth don’t need GAP coverage.

You don’t need GAP coverage if you owe less than your car is worth.

How much does GAP cost

How much GAP costs is dependent on the individual financial institution. Some financial institution charges more, others charges less…but lots of financial institutions charges the same amount for all types of vehicles WHAT IS GAP INSURANCE?. for example if a financial institution is charging $25000 for GAP, then it doesn’t matter if you want GAP for a truck or for a sport car…they are going to charge you just that $25000.

How much you pay in GAP insurance as charges in dependant on the financial institution you’re taking the GAP coverage with. But lots of financial institutions charges the same amount for all kinds of automobile.

https://howtodiscuss.com/t/pay/16746. FOR GAP

Most financial institutions https://howtodiscuss.com/t/financial-institution/14566. will give you two options. They will either tell you to;

  1. pay the GAP http://GAP. charges https://howtodiscuss.com/t/charge/11336. upfront or
  2. roll the GAP charges into the loan http://loan. itself.

So you decide on which of the modalities is good for you.

frequently asked questions

Is GAP insurance also dependant on my premium?
Your insurance premium is the the probability of something going wrong. Every insurance policy is built on premium, so to say.

I’ve paid over 30% of the loan for my car, do I still need GAP?
If you’ve paid over 30% of your loan payment then you don’t need GAP coverage, because in the case of total destruction to the car, your normal car insurance will cover for the remaining 70%.


GAP insurance is an insurance protection that covers for the difference between what you owe your car dealer and what your normal car insurance will settle for in case of total destruction to the car.

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