Definition of Refund:

  1. Pay back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought.

  2. A repayment of a sum of money, typically to a dissatisfied customer.

  3. Compensation paid to a customer for over-invoicing or for returned goods.

  4. Payment or retirement of a loan by arranging a new loan.

  5. Return by the taxation authorities of excess tax paid by an individual or a firm. Also called tax refund.

Synonyms of Refund

Repay, Give back, Return, Pay back, Restore, Repayment, Reimbursement, Restitution, Reparation, Abate, Abatement, Agio, Allow, Allowance, Amends, Atone, Atonement, Bank discount, Bate, Breakage, Cash discount, Chain discount, Charge off, Charge-off, Compensate, Compensation, Concession, Cut, Deduct, Deduction, Depreciate, Depreciation, Discount, Drawback, Give satisfaction, Indemnification, Indemnify, Kick back, Kickback, Make allowance, Make amends, Make good, Make reparation, Make restitution, Make up for, Make up to, Making good, Pay back, Pay damages, Pay in kind, Paying back, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Premium, Price reduction, Price-cut, Quit, Rebate, Rebatement, Recompense, Recoup, Recoupment, Redress, Reduce, Reduction, Refundment, Reimburse, Reimbursement, Reparation, Repay, Repayment, Requital, Requite, Restitution, Retribution, Return, Rollback, Salvage, Satisfaction, Setoff, Square, Squaring, Take a premium, Take off, Tare, Time discount, Trade discount, Tret, Underselling, Write off, Write-off

How to use Refund in a sentence?

  1. I was issued a refund for my meal because I found a hair in my soup and complained to the manager about it.
  2. The refund was issued to the customer despite the product never being sold from the store, this was great customer service.
  3. If youre not delighted with your purchase, we guarantee to refund your money in full.
  4. The customer bought two pairs of jeans without trying them on and when she got home she discovered they didnt fit so she returned them to the store and was issued a refund .
  5. You are entitled to reject it and insist on a refund.

Meaning of Refund & Refund Definition