Definition of Criteria:

  1. Plural form of quality.

  2. The principle or standard by which something can be decided or judged.

Synonyms of Criteria

Standard, Gauge, Norm, Indicator, Litmus test, Scale, Benchmark, Measure, Test, Formula, Barometer, Touchstone, Point of reference, Basis, Yardstick

How to use Criteria in a sentence?

  1. It doesn't meet my standards because it lacks most of the basic principles I seek in humans.
  2. When developing performance appraisal programs, employers need to develop standards of ideal, satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance.
  3. It doesn't meet my standards because it doesn't have most of the basic principles I look for in a man.
  4. They offer products that carry some green labels according to environmental standards.

Meaning of Criteria & Criteria Definition

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