Volcano roll

A Volcano roll is also called a sushi roll. What is a volcano? The name “Volcano” represents the vibrant topping it has. The roll has a filling of so many ingredients and has a separate list of ingredients used for topping.

Volcano roll
:small_orange_diamond:How do you make Sushi rolls? There are varieties in Volcano or Sushi rolls. Shrimp volcano roll is at the top of the list. Each of them tastes different because of the addition and subtraction of ingredients inside and outside it. These rolls take a minimum of 50 to 60 minutes to prepare.

:small_orange_diamond:Different pepper fillings make it spicy and yummy. The loaded filling gives an eruption sort of look. The upper side of the roll is baked with different combinations of Salad for example a crab salad that makes it look like Lava.

1. Ingredients Of Volcano roll or Sushi roll :stuffed_flatbread::

Basically, Sushi has a filling listing out below.

  • Seafood (Crab, etc).

  • Spicy Mayo.

  • Avacado.

  • Cucumber.

  • Japanese Sushi Rice (to give fluffy texture).

1) Sushi rice At Least 1 cup Completely cooked
2) Green Onion 5 to 6 for garnishing purpose Extra ingredients for garnishing.
3) Cucumber of any type (English or Normal) One fourth or one-third pieces of slice Must be Peeled and cut in slices
4) Creamy cheese Minimum 2 tablespoons For cheesy flavor which is optional
5) Sesame seeds At Least 1 tablespoon Also an optional ingredient
6) Sugar, salt, and vinegar Depends on taste Taste
7) Nori sheets -

2. Steps to cook Volcano roll:

:small_orange_diamond:Following are the steps to cook the rolls.

  1. At first you have to make your toaster/oven or microwave preheat to at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Now it’s time to cook the rice and add a sprinkle or quantity according to your need for salt, sugar, and vinegar.
  3. Now allow the rice to cool down.
  4. It’s time to move towards topping. So now ready veggies and all to prepare for the top part of the roll. Cut and chop all the vegetables including other chopping things like shrimp (raw), salmon, or scallops.
  5. Mix all the things together and ready sauce.
  6. For spicy volcano sauce, take mayonnaise (you can prepare it at home) or purchase it. Take at least 2 / 3 cups of it. Use Sriracha chili sauce (at least 2 tbsp). Mix them and heat them if needed.
  7. Finally, it’s time to bake the item. You have to bake until the seafood (raw fish) gets properly baked.
  8. Settled the sheet of nori on a plastic wrapper. Prepare cheese into thin layer strips and cut onion.
  9. Now it’s to do fillings of the sushi roll. First spread a good quantity of rice on the sheet, place all the veggies, cheese, etc.
  10. For the volcano sort of topping use jumbo shrimp (8 in quantity) it should be raw, cleaned and defrosted. Take salmon (must be raw) for at least 4 ounces. Also, take sea scallops or the raw bay for at least 4 ounces.
  11. Sprinkle the roll with sesame seeds. Add the topping over it. Volcano roll is ready to taste.
  12. Materials you might require during the preparation of Volcano roll are:
  • A mat (to make the roll of the item).
  • A Plastic wrap (because of the rice that can be stuck with the mat).
  • Aluminium foil (to put raw fish).
    Volcano roll

3. Volcano Sauces List For Rolls:

The best Volcano Sauces you must add to make Sushi 10 times tastier. Volcano sauces included:

Soy sauce (best and yet the most famous one). It will give the meal a taste in between sweet and salty.

Ginger and vinegar Pickle kind of sauce: The tiny slices of ginger and vinegar will give a unique taste to your mouth.

Wasabi: (could be second best so far). It is made up of Kudzu that tastes like mustard that adds a kick to the taste.

A ponzu sauce: It gives a taste of citrus as it is the citrus base. It proves to be a good partner to add tartry sort of flavor.

Eel sauce: it gives a hot taste to the meal. This could be an amazing flavor combination.
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3. Nutrients present in Volcano roll or Sushi roll :cucumber: :cucumber::

:small_orange_diamond:A Japanese Western-style roll has a bunch of healthy items rich in minerals and vitamins. Following is a list of nutritional facts the meal carries:

  1. It has Carbs
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats
  4. Saturated
  5. Polyunsaturated
  6. Monounsaturated
  7. Dietary Fibers
  8. Sugar
  9. Protein
  10. Sodium
  11. Potassium
  12. Cholesterol
  13. Vitamin A, B, and C
  14. Calcium
  15. Iron
  16. Minerals
  17. Amino Acid
  18. Fiber

Volcano roll

:heavy_check_mark:Tips While Cooking Sushi Rice For The Role:

When it comes to cooking this special type of rice for volcano rolls as it is the main ingredient, you should go for short grains. Because then you will need a smaller quantity of water than normal rice. This is to keep the rice fluffy to get the best experience in texture. This rice sometimes gets stuck in your hands. Use a rice vinegar sort of item to get rid of it.


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:heavy_check_mark:Tip to make Rolls properly:

Making proper Japanese style volcano rolls requires well-structured rolls. For this, you need to clear yourself with the steps you would need to take in order to achieve this. First, unfold the sheet. Now spread the cooked rice over it. Now place all the fillings and roll it gently by using a kind of mat (that is a bamboo mat). After rolling, just take this to the board at which you can cut it into several pieces. You can cut 7 to 9 pieces and decorate them on a presentable plate.

:heavy_check_mark:Topping preparation for roll:

Topping makes the roll the real “Volcano”. As it adds color that is similar to the volcano or much more. Here Crab salad comes at the top of the list. The key facts of its recipe are, take Crab and Shrimp, cut them. Sprinkle the taste essentials like salt, mayo (spicy), or salt. Now mix the mixture and bake it. Spicy mayo is the key to adding spice to it.

Other Types Of Sushi Rolls:

:small_orange_diamond:Apart from volcano rolls, there are so many other Sushi Rolls that will give the best combinations of flavor to your mouth. Some of them are:

  1. Boston Rolls

  2. Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls

  3. Philadelphia Rolls

Boston Rolls:

It’s basically a California Roll with a few replacements from Volcano one. Everything is a mixture and cooked and fried inside it. Poached shrimp replacement here makes it more delicious yet healthy at the same time. To cook shrimp, boil a container of water with the addition of some salt, some parsley, and lemon juice. Once the water gets boiled add the bowl of shrimp into it. Let it cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Important tip: Use fresh, frozen, or thawed shrimp, peel them and choose small size for the better rolls.

These rolls have:

Cucumber (that adds crunch to it)

Shrimp (should be poached)

Avocado (creamy)

Sushi Rice


Masago (for garnishing)

Other Sushi Roll Recipes Without Raw Fish:

As this roll is made up of Raw fish, similarly there are other various types. The list is here:

Oshinko Rolls

Caterpillar Rolls

Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls

Sweet potato sushi rolls:

Like other sushis, this roll has the filling of sweet potatoes that are roasted, fluffy rice, avocado (as usual creamy), and of course a sheet to roll it. You can consider it as your meal option for the day, lunch, or even dinner. Basically, there is a special potato named tempura sweet potato, and make it deep fry with butter and then hot oil. You can also bake the potatoes to make them healthier. Now cook Avocado, Sushi Rice, potatoes, sesame seeds, etc.

Philadelphia rolls:

The specialty type of Sushi roll that Philadelphia rolls is, is filled with some quantity of smacked salmon, cucumber, plus cheese, rice (of course sushi rice), and sheets like other rolls.
Sushi Rolls

Frequently asked questions:

:heavy_check_mark:Volcano roll, which is a Japanese meal, is very famous in Western culture. There is an infinite list of Sushi Rolls and everyone has cravings for it at least once a week. Here are the answers to questions that people often ask regarding this meal.

Q.1 What is a volcano roll made of?

Volcano roll has dual fillings so there is no specific item to consider before making these rolls. One for inside the roll and the other for outside looks and taste. Inner fillings include cucumber or tuna. The outer fillings have Shrimp and Basil oil.

Q.2 What is the sauce they put on top of sushi?

Shishi’s taste increases many times when added to sauces with it. The top sauce combinations for the item is “Soy Sauce” and “Wasabi”. Soy sauce gives rolls a mixture of the sweet and salty taste. This gives flavor to it. Another one is Wasabi which is made of an ingredient called Kudzu. It has a taste that will spice up your taste buds.

Q.3 What is in a dynamite sushi roll?

Dynamite sushi is the category of sushi rolls. It is basically a Western-style roll that contains avocado, radish sprouts, Masago, prawn, tempura, and cucumber. To increase the taste level take a dip of Japanese Mayonnaise as a pinch of sauce.

Q.4 How healthy is sushi?

Sushi / Volcano roll is healthy as it has below-given facts of ingredients.

These rolls have Omega 3 Fatty Acids as they are made up of Fish which is a good source for a healthy heart.

The meal is low in calories. It has no extra fats.

Q.5 What is a tiger roll?

Tiger Rolls:

It is a kind of roll that has Shrimp Tempura that is super crispy.

The food has a great crab, cucumber, and avocado combination.

Additional items included, wasabi, Soy Sauce, pickled ginger, and edamame.

Q.6 What do you eat with sushi rolls?

Following is the list of dishes you can enjoy with Sushi or Volcano rolls.

Green vegetables


Edamame beans


Shrimp Tempura.

Seaweed Salad

Miso Soup, etc.

Q.7 What is the red sauce on sushi?

Spicy mayonnaise gives a red color to the Sushi. Thus it is a red sauce of sushi. This could also be Sriracha Mayo sauce. These sauces always go well with the roll kind of meals.

Q.8 What’s in a spicy crunch roll?

Spicy crunch rolls can also be named Shrimp Tempura Rolls. It has ingredients including crab (that gives them a taste of spice), topping has tuna (which is another spicy element), and also jalapeno, mayo sauces.

Q.9 What are the crunchies on sushi?

Sushi rolls or volcanoes have an outer layer super crunchy and crispy. This is because of the addition of special bread crumbs which are above normal. These crumbs add a worthy texture to the rolls toppings.

11. What is fried sushi called?

There is a Sushi Roll type name as Tempura Rolls. This roll is basically fried deeply which is also called Uramaki Rolls. These rolls get fried in a mixture of water, flour, and egg. The western world loves this pattern of cooking food.

Q.12 Why is sushi bad for you?

Some people have lower immunity therefore sushi might not be the meal option for them as it is raw meat. Raw meat has some bacteria that could harm them.

People who should avoid Sushi include:

Older people

Pregnant women

Young kids

Q.13 What’s healthier, sushi or pizza?

It is obvious that sushi is much healthier than pizza. Because the sushi is even lighter than the raw fish. Other than this, the sauces we use to dip our rolls into including Wasabi or Gari that is too good at killing bacterias.


:small_orange_diamond:Is a volcano roll cooked? In Volcano roll, there is Maki Roll, wraps or seaweed (seafood), rice (special sushi rice), and various kinds of vegetables. This is an inner ingredient list. Now outer is baked with toppings like creamy salad (that makes the rolls Volcano).

:small_orange_diamond:So basically the seafood is raw and cooked slightly. But it’s loaded with items ready to give you an eruption feel inside your mouth. Spicy eruptions included so many veggies and sauces on top.

:small_orange_diamond:Volcano roll is a Japanese dish. These rolls would be available in Sushi Restaurants in many places. Through this article, you can easily get the home version of Volcano roll.