How to Lose Weight Eating Delicious Fast Food

Everyone knows that losing weight to be fit and firm is Diet and exercise must be controlled regularly. Have a limited budget But want to be fit with him.

Choose the Right Food Quick Menu Is Also Clean

US-style fasts food restaurant If you choose to be and have the right proportion, it can be eaten during weight loss. Although not very clean But also helps to lose weight chill out Comfortable with the bag

Everyone knows that losing weight to be fit and firm is Diet and exercise must be controlled regularly. Search on the internet, look at the clean food menu of these net idols, the good life is interesting. But what to do when real life isn’t sprinkled with rose petals? Many people have duties Have an obligation to do There is a pile of chores to deal with. Have a limited budget But want to be fit with him, what to do.

It is true that cooking and preparing food by yourself It is the best choice during weight loss. Because it is more economical and can control the number of nutrients that we need But in case of not being skilled and not good at cooking I don’t like the kitchen work, and many people would ask that Deli Fast food, US-style Can you eat at home? The answer is yes, but you have to select a little food. And control the amount to be the right fit. We have a few tips for arranging simple street food to be suitable for the weight-loss period. Although not very clean But it makes it possible to lose weight comfortably, conveniently, quickly, and economically.

Remember How Much We Use One Day. and How Much Food Do You Need
This matter whether you buy food or In order to cook by yourself, you have to make it a habit. It is an estimate of income and expenditure of energy that the body really needs by calculating from the formula BMR, RMR, TDEE, or whatever you like. And estimate the expenditure first how much energy we really need (Can be calculated here) if you take it easy, average Of the common people in school-age and working is men 1800 - 2000 kcal/day, women 1200 - 1600 kcal/day, then the energy obtained. Divide the number of meals we eat three meals, the average male is 600 - 660 kcal, while the female is 400 - 530 kcal per meal.

Choose to Eat, Do Not See, Must Starve
When we have a rough idea How much you can eat in one meal Came to be a little more interested in nutrients Average intake of the right nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats by taking the benefits of food in a setting rather than controlling only energy. Eat all 5 food groups, be careful about sugar, sweetness, and oil first.

In addition, try to choose a meal rather than a dessert or dessert, do not skip or skip the main meal for a snack. Because in addition to not being full Sweets and bakery foods are also rich in fat, starch, and sugar, which are the direct causes of obesity. Therefore it is recommended to try and eat the main meal to be full Because we eat the main meal full will help reduce hunger outside the meal.


Drink Matters
For beverages, drink “plain water” is the best and try to drink plenty of water during the day (2-3 liters/day) because drinking water not only helps the body to be refreshed. Also helps to maintain the balance of various systems within the body as well For anyone who wants to eat some sweet water Try to eat syrup with a little sugar or if you want to increase the sweetness. A little fresh On a very hot day Or days of intense exercise It is also recommended to be fresh coconut water or ready to drink coconut water made from 100% real coconut water.

Because coconut water is known as the purest water that is second only to plain water. Nowadays, coconut water is very easy to find. They are sold in convenience stores everywhere. Who can not give up the young coconut meat to others? Try to buy ready-to-drink bottles, it looks good again.

Secretly whisper Personally, I especially like the brand because it tastes delicious. No sugar added No preservatives, the amount of 1 bottle is equivalent to drinking about one half of fresh coconut water to help refresh the meal. Energy is not that much, with only 1 bottle of 80 kcal.

Outside would like to eat with meals If any day a lot of cardio And did not prepare food how to lose weight fast with this banana Use it before or after your workout to help fuel your workout. Because coconut water has natural glucose That the body can absorb quickly Plus it’s high in potassium, which helps regulate the balance of water and minerals. Normalize the work of the heart In addition, coconut water is high in manganese, which helps regulate the activity of many enzymes in the body.

Tips for Choosing Food
Choosing food in each meal There are a few tricks that will help people who like hunger reduce their hunger between meals. Plus giving energy to each meal in moderation And get the full nutritional value.

When Breakfast Is an Important Meal of the Day
For breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the first meal of the body. Join 6-8 hours after fasting, should eat within 1 hour after waking up. Breakfast is a meal that the body needs energy. To be used for activities during the day So good breakfast Must contain protein foods And carbohydrates In moderation Because the rice flour will provide energy to use during the day. Protein and vegetables in addition to helping to keep you full. Been pregnant for longer Vegetables are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Example of a Fast Breakfast Meal

  1. Boiled pork blood without fried garlic and steamed rice (150 grams), energy is about 300 - 310 kcal.
  2. Clear Noodles with Fried Garlic Energy approx 225 kcal
  3. Soup with no fried garlic and steamed rice (150 g). Energy approximately 375 kcal.

Pork Congee with Egg Energy approx 232 kcal
A little sweet tofu Add the beans and grains, about 200 - 230 kcal.

Afternoon recharge lunch
For lunch, The ideal time to eat lunch is about 4 hours away from breakfast, with the same recipe as breakfast. Is to focus on protein But reduced the portion of the food a little from breakfast And increase the proportion of more vegetables Choose foods that are cooked by boiled, steamed, stewed, avoiding fried foods. And reduce the consumption of spicy food.

Sample Lunch
Two types of curry with rice, choose a type of stir-fried with vegetables or a dish that is not very greasy. And warned that not stirring water (Because most of the seasoning and oil are included in the stir fry) with 1 boiled egg, about 380 kcal of energy.

Whole Chicken Rice Replace rice with steamed rice (steamed rice, chicken), eat with a little dipping sauce, about 300 kcal.

Assorted Suki with Soup Eats with 1 cup of sauce, about 207 kcal.
Fresh vegetable chili paste, boiled vegetables with steamed rice, and boiled egg 326 kcal.

Weight loss, snacks can be eaten
After lunch, It is a period of time between long meals, about 6 hours to prevent heavy hunger at dinner. Between the afternoon and 3-4 hours if you are hungry Can add nutritious snacks Like fruits that are not high in sugar Improves freshness Contains vitamins and minerals Increasing dietary fiber helps to excrete Or it can be low-fat yogurt, soy milk, nuts, almonds, and roasted seeds.

Example of Useful Snacks

  1. 8 words watermelon, 58 kcal.
  2. 1 fruit, 53 kcal
  3. Cantaloupe 8 words 54 kcal
  4. Half a dragon fruit 118 kcal
  5. 1 almond provide 7 kcal of energy.
  6. One roasted peanut provides 5 kcal of energy.
  7. Low-fat yogurt with natural flavor provides 80 - 90 kcal of energy.
  8. Soy milk, smooth taste 250 ml 160 kcal.

Who is fat for dinner?
For dinner, try to arrange the right time. At the latest dinner, you should eat 2-3 hours before going to bed to reduce bloating, indigestion, or the occurrence of various digestive diseases. As for the food at this meal If not exercising or working hard To reduce the amount of rice flour down Or test for eating rice flour

By eating grains such as red beans, millet, edamame, sweet potato, pumpkin, and focus on eating fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Together with meat Do not cook food too spicy and should not starve or skip dinner. Because it will make the body lacking too much food Causing stress and insomnia

Example of a Quick Dinner

  1. 1 cup Tom Yum Chicken with Clear Mushroom Soup 80 - 100 kcal.
  2. 1 cup 115 kcal
  3. 1 dish of mixed salads 150-200 kcal
  4. 1 boiled egg salad (2 eggs) 210 kcal
  5. Clear Soup with Tofu and Minced Pork No fried garlic, 80 - 100 kcal
  6. Salad with ramen 150 g, 150 - 200 kcal.
  7. US sesame dressing (clear), 1 tablespoon 55 kcal.

You see, in fact, one day we can eat so much that is incredible We just choose to eat food that is nutritious, complete 3 meals, do not eat outside of the meal. Do not eat little snacks. I almost do not have to worry about obesity. Prepare to say goodbye to excess fat For anyone who still wants to eat fat snacks Let’s go back and read the full paragraph on the body’s income and energy expenditure and calculate how much we can eat per day. Whenever you want to eat fat, such as sweets, milk, butter, and fried food (emphasizing that you really want it), adjust the amount of food in other meals. To create a balance for eating each day But do not do it often until it becomes a habit Don’t reward success with fatty foods.

Another important thing that cannot be forgotten is Exercising regularly People who exercise will be able to control their fat intake. And the amount of energy burned during the day than people who do not exercise. This does not count towards the energy burned during exercise. Conclude the correct diet. And exercise regularly Just two simple things Will give us a new life new lifestyle That comes with complete health and strength.

Hello actually it is really easy to lose weight while eating a lot of Fast Food. what you have to do is run and that’s actually the key. Let me tell you from my personal experience. what my problem was is: I can’t stop eating and eating a lot! Meanwhile I also don’t want to gain the weight. I want to keep eating a lot of food specially fast food but don’t want to gain weight.

What I did was that I made a special schedule. What I use to practice is: I just don’t eat anything 2 hours before I run. So whether I am in office or in a fast food shop or at any other place, when I am planning to run, I just stop eating food 2 hours before. For example if I am planning to run around 10 o’clock, I just stop eating at 8 o’clock. Within that time the whole food in your stomach gets digested.

Now the real game starts! Whether you are tired sleepy or whatever you have to Run!! Run!Run!Run! at 10 o clock

And you have to run for at least half an hour. Just run the way you can weather fast, slow, jumping, running backwards but you have to keep running. This half an hour will change your life. you can eat whatever you want, you can enjoy whatever food you want in your life. Actually it’s a start of an healthy life. You will be enjoying a healthy life. Your muscles will feel a lot relaxed and you will be feeling energetic. It will also give you a motivation to run more and make your muscles. It is actually start of an ideal life :slight_smile: My friend just start this and you will really enjoy this.